The Streetwalker

A Once in a Lifetime Encounter with Perfection

She was tall and absolutely gorgeous, with curly blonde hair and the longest, sexiest legs a woman could possibly have. Her tight, tight skirt emphasized a her curves. She was splendid indeed! I hadn't seen her before. She was new. I wondered where she came from? Who was this new, mysterious woman? 

I passed her a few times as I cruised the street in search of the perfect girl to spend some time with. And she, indeed, fit that bill. After the third go around, she was still on the sidewalk in search of some cash. So, I pulled over. She hopped into the passenger seat and I drove off. We exchanged names, which doesn't mean anything. No one uses their real names out here. Anonymity was key. 

Back in those days, I was more set up than I really should have been for my little hobby. I had a minivan with the seats taken out and a mattress put in the back. I used it for camping and travel mostly. But it came in awfully handy in cases like this. It was a moving hotel room. And she guided my little love grotto to a quiet, dark spot.

I didn't have a lot of cash so I was expecting to get a nice blowjob from her. It's what I thought I could afford. But she surprised me. She delivered far more than I was even hoping for. 

We climbed into the back of the van and she lay down on the mattress and began to take off her clothes. Oh man, her silky white skin, those perfect breasts, and her long locks made for such a lovely sight. She had a kind, warm smile that made me feel like I was with a friend with benefits as opposed to someone I just picked up on the street. 

I told her that she was beautiful. She was. There was no doubt about it, and I couldn't believe I was actually with her. This was wonderful. She said thank you in the sweetest way and seemed to genuinely appreciate the sentiment. My heart melted a bit. What a special person this was. I just wanted to curl up next to her and cuddle. But that wasn't why we were here and I knew my time with her wouldn't be near as long as I would like. 

So, I took off my pants. She put a condom on my achingly hard cock to prepare me. Then it was time to penetrate. Oh god, oh god, how good did that feel when my cock just slid into her quite tight pussy which enveloped me. I held onto her raised leg, hugging it, enjoying the soft smoothness as I pushed deep into her and started to go back and forth getting into a rhythm. I looked down at her perfect face and loved watching her as she moved her head back and forth slowly, her eyes closing, and a smile on her face. She actually, genuinely seemed to be enjoying being with me... being fucked by me. Wow, this was truly a wonderful experience. 

I could feel my cock get harder as I got closer and closer to cumming inside this gorgeous stranger's pussy. I did not want this to end, but I also knew it couldn't last forever and at some point I would have to cum. So, I let go. I let the dam burst, and I could feel my hot cum fill up the condom inside of her. Oh man, what an orgasm she gave me. It took a short bit while my cock convulsed and my body shivered until I was completely empty and fully satisfied.

I collapsed down over her, and I got an unexpected but much appreciated kiss on the lips. Being so close to her face I could appreciate her sheer beauty even that much more. Wow. I was smitten. And she was still smiling. It was such an innocent smile. Sweet, lovely and innocent.

Unfortunately, because of my deeply satisfying orgasm, our time was over. We dressed and I took her back to where I dropped her off on the dark street. I was truly sad to see her go as she hopped back out and into the night. This truly was one of the better experiences I had had on that street, and I have to admit that she grabbed a bit of my heart.

I never did see her again. I have no clue where she came from. I have no clue where she ended up. I only saw her that night. And I feel grateful that I was able to spend that time with such a special woman. 

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The Streetwalker