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The Softball Stud (Pt. 2)

It's best to unwind in a jacuzzi after a long game...

The silent tension broke as he suddenly admitted, “I was jealous of my roommate for having you.” 

Empowered by his brashness, I cooly asked, “And why was that?”

He didn’t miss a beat, “I wanted you for myself. You’ve got it going on.”

I smiled because I knew I had him. He was attracted to me but lacked the confidence to act on it. I was curious to see how far I could push him before he broke, losing all self-control and erupting in passion. I live for that breaking point. That split second decision, where the tension is at its peak and he realizes it’s all or nothing. Be bold, act, and risk rejection or chicken out and have it all disappear in an instant. That silent moment when he decides is when I feel my most powerful and alive. It’s my favourite part of the whole game so I decided to cut the man some slack and take the pressure off.

After a short tour of the inn, I took him to the Manager’s suite and showed him the jacuzzi. At this point, the pizza had soaked up a good amount of the alcohol and my nervous/awkwardness was returning full force. 

I stood in the office, looked up at him, and felt more vulnerable than ever so I said, “Well that concludes our tour. What would you like to do now?”—a question that both allowed him an out to leave or finally do something. 

He stared at me in silence for a minute and I felt the last trace of my buzz wear off.

Suddenly, he blurts out, “We can get in the jacuzzi.”

This suggestion, despite everything I had done to get to get to this point, surprised me and I faltered. Nervous and deliciously exhilarated, I knew there was no way I was going to back down now. This beautiful man, whom I had been trying to spend time with all summer, wanted to get in a jacuzzi with me. Of course, I was going to do it!

He went in first and got the tub running for us. As he did, I stood in the bedroom and wondered if I really had the guts to do this. Sure, I’d been naked in a tub with a man before. But not one this handsome and not one that I’d put so much effort into. Jake snapped me out of this trance by calling from the bathroom that everything was ready. It was go time!

I proceeded cautiously and saw that he was happy and relaxed in one corner of the tub. The tables had turned and he was the chill one now. Fuck. I didn’t have it in me to just strip down right then and there so I defaulted to my humour and skills. I decided I was going to wash his gloriously tan, broad, muscular back first. He was perfectly fine with that idea and closed his eyes in bliss and I started to scrub. Unfortunately, even in such a sensual setting, I was unable to shake my health care background. I tried to slow my hand in a relaxing way but my washing more resembled sanding a wall than anything else. Oh, well! When I felt that I’d calmed my nerves enough, I stopped and said with cheerful finality, “Alrighty! Your back is all nice and clean now!” 

He smiled at me and said, “Does that mean you’re getting in?”

I said "okay," but asked him kindly to avert his eyes. It’s kind of a ridiculous request now that I think of it, but it felt absolutely necessary to me at the time. Surprisingly enough, he did without question. I sat across from him and submerged myself into the warm nipple-line high water. I was impressed with him for maintaining eye contact with me and selecting such a good Spotify playlist. It was probably the most sensual playlist I’d ever heard so I had to tease him a bit for that. He responded in an earnestness that he had no idea the songs would be so slow. We fell into easy conversation again. It was almost like sitting in a hot tub with a friend, except for the fact that we were naked, attracted to each other, and the nature of the bath was not friendly in the least.

Finally, he was ready to make his move, commenting, “Well, you’ve washed my back. It’s only fair that I wash yours.” 

Once again, I felt shy but my curiousness about what he’d do overpowered it. I said ok but didn’t move. Jake just looked at me again, waiting, and then a determined brightness lit up his face. I think he finally realized that although I am bold with my words, I’m still a bit timid to spring into action. In one swift motion, he reached forward and pulled me into his lap. I turned around and pulled my hair away from the nape of my neck, exposing my skin for him to massage. His rough hands were so tender. Unlike my goal-oriented washing, he was sensual as he caressed me. Every little movement felt like sex. I felt a rush of heat creep up my face and I knew it wasn’t because of the water. My mind was blank and relaxed but everywhere else was responding to his touch, craving more of it.

I arched my neck up onto his shoulder and lifted myself more out of the water to completely expose my breasts. I felt the warmth of his breath before he softly kissed my neck. His hands that had been massaging my shoulders slowly moved down, past the flat part of my chest, and grazed the outside of my boob. He was teasing me now and my self-control was wearing thin. I could feel his heart pounding and his breathing quicken. If he was going to tease me, I’d tease him too. I ran my hands up his legs and began massaging his upper thigh, careful not to touch anything else. As I curved my hands to massage his groin, he began massaging my breasts, thumbing my nipples and kissing my neck. I was in heaven. I let out a soft moan to let him know I was enjoying it and reached up behind me to intertwine my fingers into his hair. I felt him get hard behind my back and couldn’t hold myself back anymore. I turned around to straddle him, took his face in my hands, and kissed him passionately. There was an urgency in his kisses and I knew he needed more too but I couldn’t decide yet if more what was I really wanted. The sensual tub makeout was fantasy made reality and I would have been happy with that experience alone. It was steamy... in more ways than one.

It wasn’t until I realized we were sloshing water out of the tub that I pulled away. I slid back to my side of the jacuzzi and saw that his cheeks were flushed and the usual indifference in his eyes was replaced with an intense gaze. I pulled the plug to drain the tub and got out, wrapping myself in a towel and offering him one. Instead of putting my usual pajamas on, I opted for an oversized t-shirt and a sexy lace teal thong. I might as well showcase the only part of me that he didn’t really get a good view of! He went to the office room adjacent to the bedroom to retrieve his clothes but to my surprise, returned still wearing his towel. Jake laid down on the bed and said, “I suppose we can cuddle for a bit.”

Something about his feigned, downplayed interest set off a massive wave of confidence in me. The tables had turned again and this time, I was calling the shots. Bold and in charge, I decided we’d have a little game of cat and mouse.

I said in my most sultry and challenging voice, “Ya? You sure? I wouldn’t want you to feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to do?” before smirking and lifting a brow. 

He immediately caught on, but before he could answer, I lifted my oversized shirt just enough to reveal the little lace underwear as I strutted past him. He reached out to grab me but I was too fast. This would be on my terms now. No more fear or uncertainty. When I was satisfied I’d teased him enough, I laid down in the bed beside him. The intense black gaze he’d given me in the jacuzzi was replaced with one of red-hot fire. I wasn’t quite sure of what I’d done to him but I felt pretty smug with myself anyhow. This build-up was better than sex. It was incredibly satisfying. He was ready to pounce at any moment. I just had to give him the go-ahead. I tried to act demure by just letting him hold me and tracing my hands along his arms. But my self-control had worn thin. I pulled away from his embrace, stared back at him with all the intensity I had coursing through my veins, and roughly grabbed his ass. He immediately grabbed me saying, “you’re so fucking hot,” and ripped away the teal panties from my hips.

After that, it was a no holds barred experience. The months of tension manifested into hours and hours of animalistic passion. The sensual massaging caresses in the tub became an aggressive and self-assured handling in the bedroom. I couldn’t get enough but unfortunately, one steamy night is all I would get. 

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The Softball Stud (Pt. 2)
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