The Runt That Got Rejected 1

Chapter 1

Why won’t you love me?

Amelia James' P.O.V

The music was so loud that I couldn't hear myself think at all. I watched my two best friends, Maggie Coral and Nikki Andrews, dance with some random guys. I stood by a keg, feeling not wanted because everyone looked at me like the runt since I was only 4'10" without my heels.

You're probably wondering why I'm at a party. Well, it's the future Alpha Elijah Roberts' eighteenth birthday party, and every pack member was invited. Even I was invited though he didn't really notice me but noticed my two best friends.

I hated myself for having feelings for him when he was the definition of a fuckboy. He would have sex with anything that had a vagina and boobs, and I was definitely not going to be on his list.

Maggie came over to me and held my hand while she said, "Come on, Mia. Dance with us."

"Maggie, let's get real. No one wants me here and cares for me at all," I implied quietly, looking around the room to see everyone dance up on each other. "I'm good right here, Magz."

She sighed softly and nodded as she said quietly, "Okay, Mia. Be safe."

"Okay, Mom," I joked before watching her leave me and go back into the dancing crowd.

I sighed to myself and grabbed a red solo cup filled with beer for myself. I walked over to the couch to sit down, but I bumped into something hard.

My wolf, Madison, woke up and howled the word "mate" to me as I looked up to see Elijah. I quickly bowed my head and whispered, "Alpha Elijah."

He placed his first two fingers under my chin and lifted my head up to look at me directly while he said, "It's just Elijah until next week, Princess." 

He slowly wrapped his hand around my solo cup, touching my fingers and sending shivers down my spine while he whispered, "Drink up, Princess. I want my mate to feel a little loose."

What?! He actually accepted me as his mate even though I'm the runt of the pack. I nodded my head quickly and placed my lips on the rim of the cup, taking small sips of the alcoholic drink.

He smirked darkly and whispered in my ear, "I wonder what those perfectly plump lips will feel around my dick."

I felt my knees become weak when he caressed my thigh, moving his hand up under my little black dress. I finished the beer, not feeling drunk as his warm lips sent me into a trance when they brushed over my ear. He whispered, "Let's get you another drink, Princess."


He lead me back to the keg and grabbed me a drink before I took the drink from him and downed the beer. I felt him rub my back through my dress, which formed goosebumps on my skin.


After 17 cups of beer, I was tipsy and grinding on my mate to the loud music. I could feel his dick poking me in my back as he pulled me closer, holding my hips and grinding in rhythm with me. I felt my spine shiver in pleasure when he growled the word "mine" in my ear.

I slowly turned around and ran my hands all over his torso, feeling his well-toned abs as I whispered seductively in his ear, "How about you show me that I'm yours?"

"I think I will," He replied quietly in my ear and threw me over his shoulder as I giggled drunkenly and watched him quickly head up the stairs, going to his bedroom.

Once we were in his bedroom, he slammed the door shut and ripped my panties off, leaving me only in my little black dress and black shiny six stiletto heels. He pressed me against the wall and kissed me passionately as I listened to him unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. We pulled away from the passionate kiss for me to see his pants and boxers were down as I gasped loudly when I saw how huge he was.

I jumped in his arms when he got a grip of my thighs and shivered when he nibbled on my earlobe as he whispered, "Why are you surprised, Princess? An Alpha always had a huge dick to satisfy his mate."

I wrapped my legs around his waist and tangled my fingers in his hair as I said quietly, "Then satisfy your mate, Alpha Elijah."

He didn't utter a single word after that as he thrust into me without any kind of warning. I cried out in pain and dug my nails in his shoulder blades as the fabric of my dress rode up under my breasts. Before I knew it, the pain turned into pleasure as I started moaning his name, feeling his lips make love bites on my neck and shoulder.

He pressed his hand on the wall and went even deeper inside of me, causing me to bite my bottom lip to hold back the moans that were forming in the back of my throat. He gripped my hips tightly and pounded harder into my core, causing me to cry his name out in pleasure and clawed his back through his shirt.

I didn't know what was going on, but my body was enjoying every second of it while he leaned forward and whispered in my ear, "I hope you're ready for the second round, Princess. And I don't want you to ever hold back your moans. I want to hear you scream my name, Princess."

I could see my vision becoming blurrier and blurrier as I cried out, "My muscles are tightening! Why are they doing that?"

"Because you're getting close."

"I'm getting close to what," I asked with confused eyes.

I don't know he just did, but I dug my nails deeper into his back and screamed out in pleasure. Then out of nowhere, something came out of my vagina as he said, "And there's your first orgasm…" He pulled me closer and thrust into me one more time, feeling him release something inside of me.

Nikki told me that guys will cum inside your vagina. I guess that is what he was doing right now. I whimpered a little when he pulled out and placed me down as he demanded me to strip my dress off but leave the heels on. I reach behind me and unzipped the zipper, removing the straps of my dress and letting the fabric falling down around my feet.

He licked his lips and moaned in delight while he said, "What an amazing sight." He removed his clothes and discarded them somewhere in his bedroom as he signaled for me to come over to him, which I obliged without any hesitation.

He picked me up and then threw me on the bed, hovering over me and kissing me passionately. He caressed my outer thighs and separated my legs as he murmured in my ear, "Get ready for round two."

He pinned my hands down on the bed and begun to thrust into me as I moaned softly in his ear and wrapped my legs around his waist. My wolf was coming out as my light brown eyes turned gold, and I rolled us over, looking down at my mate.

Madison ran my hands over his chest and whispered, "Mate."

Elijah smirked and gripped my ass tightly as he said quietly, "Yes, Princess. Zach and I are yours. You sexy little minx."


"Yes, you're mine, and I'm yours."

Madison took over my body, and I just sat back as she started riding him and placing his first three fingers in my mouth.

He watched Madison put three of his fingers into my mouth. "You're so sexy," He said moaning. He gripped my waist and thrust into me so but letting Madison do the rest. He reached up and grabbed one of my breasts with his free hand and massaged it and played with my nipple, causing me to moan with his fingers in my mouth.

I smirked softly and rested my hand on his torso as Madison continued to bounce up and down on him, but she started picking up the pace and threw my head back. Madison moved my hips in a circular motion and closed my eyes. She removed his fingers from my mouth and leaned back with my hand resting on his thigh as I filled the room with my loud moans. She gripped his hand that was massaging my breast and moaned, "Please don't stop!"

Madison was definitely showing our slutty side to Elijah as we cried out in pleasure when she hit my g-spot with his ten-inch cock.

He continued to play with my nipples making sure that they were nice and puffy. He gripped my hips as he thrust into me harder and faster and soon his moans filled the room. He moved his hand from my breast as he moved it down to my hips and quickly rubbed his thumb against my clit, teasing me a little bit.

I felt my vaginal walls closing around his throbbing cock and moaned loudly, digging my fingernails into his hand and shut my eyes close tightly. Madison has us swear loudly, not caring if his neighbors could hear us right now. We were way too in the moment, and she opened my dark lust-filled gold eyes and screamed out loudly, "Fuck! Keep playing with my clit, Daddy!" 

I didn't realize what Madison said because my brain was turning into mush as Madison ground in rhythm with his thumb and moaned, "OH! Come with me, Daddy!" I didn't know how longer we can make it as she cupped my breasts and pulled on my very aroused nipples.

"Okay, Princess." He said huskily. He did a couple more thrusts and soon came deep inside of me.

I screamed loudly and came all over him as well as a little on the sheets before I whimpered loudly when he continued to thrust into me. I collapsed on him and panted loudly as I slowly wrapped my arms around his neck.

He bit into my neck after saying, "Mine!"

I screamed loudly in pain again until I moaned softly and melted in his arms as the mate bond became stronger.


I groaned loudly when I felt movement on the bed and rolled over to feel a body next to me. I quickly sat up and pulled the covers over my breasts, feeling confused and dazed until I saw my mate fast asleep. I gently brushed a few strands of his hair and smiled softly when he opened his eyes.

He immediately sat up and looked at me with disgust while he moved away from my touch and said, "Get out."

"What?" I asked confused before saying, "But we're mates."

He climbed out of bed and said the words that broke my heart into millions of pieces, "I, Elijah Roberts, future Alpha of the Silver Feather Pack, reject you, Amelia James, as my mate and Luna of this pack."

Tears formed in my eyes as I scattered in the room and grabbed my clothes, putting my dress on and zipping it back up. I left the room without a single word and ran out of the house in tears.

I'm not mate-less and no longer a virgin.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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