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The Road to Safer Sex

Having the proper accoutrements makes a difference.

It was our third date.

On our first date, we met at a popular bar on the beach. It was packed since an impending line of thunderstorms was about to pass through. On a more pleasant day, people would be buying drinks, walking down to the beach to soak up the sun, checking out the beach bodies and enjoying the water. But on this later afternoon, we were lucky to get two bar seats on the corner. We hit it off. She asked me to touch the tendon sticking up on the back of her neck and I took the opportunity to massage her neck and steady myself by touching her side. Her lean, petite body was very attractive. Her torn blue jean shorts showed off her tanned legs. And I could see the shape of her round breasts when I looked down the front of her loose, baggy shirt. When we left, she took my hand as I tried to shield her against the wind. And when we kissed goodbye, she left me in an excited state.

Note to guys out there: don’t lean against the bar and stick your butt out. Your butt is probably rubbing against a very nice lady, like my date. It’s rude and you are very inconsiderate. Turn your red baseball cap around and join your fellow knuckle dragging crowd in a cave.

On our second date, I took her to a nice restaurant attached to a big indoor/outdoor mall complex. We both dressed casually but smart. She wore a skirt and blouse and I could not stop looking at her legs. Afterward, we took a stroll to look at the shops and stopped by a lounge. We had a nice talk and I think she liked it when I kissed her hand. I walked her to her car and we had big, soft, luxurious kiss. Once again, she left me in an excited state.

For our third date, we went to dinner and a movie near my place. Yes, that was intentional but she did not object or raise any concerns. We held hands during the movie and I felt a little high whenever our fingertips adjusted their touch. I offered to buy her a drink afterward but she suggested we go to my place for the drink. Without looking overjoyed, I agreed. At my place, I asked if she ever had chartreuse. She hadn’t. I poured us two small chilled glasses. She was studying the bottle as I moved behind her and told her it was made by monks in France and was mentioned in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”. I rested my hands on her waist and leaned my face against her hair. I took in its fragrance and rubbed my head against hers. Then I put my hands on her shoulders and slowly ran my hands down her arms until my hands covered her hands and I held her there like that for a moment. Then I lifted one of hands so I could brush her back a bit and I softly kissed the side of her face. She turned around still close to me. We closed our eyes and the distance between our lips disappeared. I kissed her softly at first, afraid to spoil the moment, thinking she’d vanish like a mirage. But she did not evaporate. She stayed with me. I felt her arms around me. I pulled her to me and kissed her lips more passionately. I finally broke the kiss. I cradled her head in my hands and kissed her forehead, temple and cheeks. Then back to her warm, slightly parted lips.

I stepped back a little. I caressed her hair and looked into her eyes. My fingertips traced the contours of her lovely face. I moved closer to kiss her again. I moved a hand up to cup a breast and I felt her moan against my mouth. She pushed me away a little but I did not stop. In fact, I reached with both hands and massaged her tits in my hands. She stared at me but didn’t stop me. I moved in closer again. One hand holding her to me, the other stroking her body where I could. I could feel her breath on my face. We kissed again as I touched her leg, as best I could, and then rubbed her between her legs through her skirt. I reached down to gather her skirt and get access to the warmth between her legs. Once again she did not stop me as my fingers rubbed her pussy through her damp panties. I looked down to see my hand hidden by her skirt. Her hand reached out to hold my forearm as I touched her. Her eyes glazed over, then closed. Her head went back and she began to moan. I took the opportunity to kiss her neck and she moaned louder.

“Come to my bed,” I whispered hoarsely to her.

“Do you have protection?” she asked.

“Yes, I do.”

“Where’s your bathroom?” she asked and I showed her.

While she was in the bathroom I went to my bedroom. I have a jar that contains sea shells and blue LED battery powered lights. I turned that on. That would be sufficient, I thought. I went to my nightstand and opened the top drawer. I like to think I am always prepared.

The gold standard is a latex condom with a spermicidal lubricant. However, many women and men do not like the taste of spermicide. I do not blame them. I also keep a selection of flavored latex condoms. They are preferred for oral sex. Some people are sensitive to latex. I also keep condoms made from synthetic polyisprene. They also make sheepskin or lambskin condoms but these condoms are permeable and are not an effective deterrent to STDs. In addition, there are not vegan obviously.

I used to also keep finger protectors. Healthcare professionals use them like condoms only they cover an individual finger. They are made of latex. Consequently they are good to prevent transmission of STDs but not good if your partner is latex sensitive. I find they are too narrow for my fingers. In addition, these finger protectors are not as thin as condoms. Your partner might not feel the difference but I certainly do! You could use a condom instead. However I also keep some latex gloves and non-latex gloves for finger play.

I never understood why dental dams are not more readily available. You are supposed to use them to perform cunnilingus but try to find them. I make my own. How? I take a condom, I prefer the flavored latex kind. I unravel it and I cut off both ends. Then I cut it down the middle and I get a nice square of latex I can place over a woman’s pussy. Since it is a condom, it is thin and she feels every lick, swab and circle. The important part is to use a child’s school scissors, i.e. one with a rounded end. You do not want to turn around with a long pair of scissors in your hand and say “I have something special in mind for you!”

Ever use a vibrating ring around the base of your cock? They are great.  Especially if your woman likes to ride your cock. I keep them handy. You might not want to introduce one early in your relationship but eventually they are nice to have. But, please, one per woman. You do not want to pass it around woman to woman. Right? You can use it more than once but make sure you know who used what. Label them somehow!

When my date came out of the bathroom, she had taken off her skirt and blouse. She wore a bra and panties. To me, she looked like an angel. I sat on the edge of the bed and she came to me. I reached around and held her ass in my hands as pressed the side of my face against her stomach. I felt a hand hold me to her as she ran her fingers through my hair with her other hand. I kissed her stomach and she cooed her approval. I hooked my fingers into the elastic of per panties and slid them down her legs. She stepped out of them and kicked them away. The she reached behind herself, unhooked her bra. I reached up to pull the bra away. I tossed it to a chair, felt her breasts and played with her nipples with my thumbs. I guided her to the center of the bed. She lay in the middle with one leg crooked up. She ran her fingers up and down her body as she watched me strip. My cock stuck straight out as I crawled onto the bed. I lay down next to her. She turned to me and we kissed passionately as our hands explored each other’s bodies. I moved down and I kissed one breast then the other. Then I sucked on her nipples. I took plenty of time doing this since it pays off with a more responsive woman. I did this for a good fifteen minutes. Honestly, I get bored doing it but the women go crazy. By the time I am ready to go down on them, they are more than halfway there. She saw me get a cut condom and a latex glove. She was confused but too excited to ask too many questions. She figured it out when she felt my tongue through the latex and circling around her clitoris. When I massaged her g-spot with my latex finger and licked her clitoris at the same time, all I could hear was “Oh my God. Oh my God.” I did that for a long time too. Every guy thinks they know when a woman has an orgasm. I was not sure with this one. She certainly was excited. Her hips were gyrating, her hands were on my head and she was constantly moaning loudly. Sometime she shrieked. When I thought she had enough and I wanted some attention, I lay next to her.

I handed her a flavored latex condom. As she put it on my cock, she told me I made her cum hard. She was pleasantly surprised by the taste of the condom. But she did not pay too much attention to the piquant flavor of the condom. It wasn’t wine after all. But it didn’t taste nasty like lubricant or spermicide. It allowed her to think about nothing other than giving me as much pleasure as I gave her. I could feel her breasts against my legs as she went up and down my cock with her mouth furiously. I edged her ass closer to me and I inserted a latex finger in and out of her pussy as she sucked my cock. Personally, I would have preferred a more leisurely, loving blowjob but I guess I got her motor running. I asked her to go on her back. She complied. Without hesitation or invitation, I stuck my cock into her and fucked her like a machine. Her legs went back giving me greater access. I fucked her hard. She let out a little gasp with every down stroke. “Oh my God” she cried out again. I was an animal. I used her pussy and she liked it. She gave it up and I took it, pumping in and out, fast and hard until my cock jerked inside her and I could feel my warm cum all around my cock as my sperm filled the condom.

Safer sex all around! And still so much fun!                

Must haves in your nightstand.

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The Road to Safer Sex
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