The Proposition Pt 3

A Brave New World

I slumped into the chair in my living room feeling very accomplished. I had finished all of my errands early and had nothing to do for the rest of the day before getting ready to go to work later on tonight. I was living a pretty comfortable life, not like some of the other hookers that lived five people to a room or had to give up what little self-worth they had to live with a pimp. My bills were always late and I had resorted to sucking my land lord's dick when I was short on the rent, but I was on my own. I had food to eat, lights, and even a few pieces of furniture; I was doing alright. I was beginning to doze when there was a knock on the door. I'm never expecting anyone, but I get up anyway to answer, "Hold on, hold on, I'm coming. Rico, if this is you, you're going to pay me! I wasn't short on rent and I don't give head for free." 

When I open the door it wasn't my pervy landlord but an older gentleman in a suit. He looked at me perplexed, shook his head, and began to speak. "Right, I am Cornelius. I drive and run errands for Mr. Alexander." My heart stopped. Through my busy day, I was able to forget about the conversation I had with Mr. Alexander. Cornelius continues, "He has asked me to collect you for your appointment then he wants you back at his home." He talks so uninterestedly as if he is reading off a to-do list. 

"Appointment? I don't have any appointments and I have to go to work soon." This man and the man he works for are clearly crazy. 

"Ms. Elizabeth, you do have an appointment. I scheduled it myself. You are going to the gynecologist and then yes, you will be escorted to Mr. Alexander's home so you" 

I guess this is it. I did agree to his terms today, he works fast. I decide against arguing with Cornelius and follow him to the car. After a 30 minute, wordless car ride, we arrive at the clinic. Everything goes really quickly. I am ushered into a room where I undress and lie on the butcher paper that lines the table. A young doctor comes in and begins the exam. After the better part of an hour she comes back and tells me that despite the chlamydia, I have an otherwise clean bill of health. She says she will send me home with antibiotics and after a few days, I will be good to go. I am relieved, and shocked, that I only have chlamydia; I was expecting much worse. I meet up with Cornelius waiting in the lobby and after grabbing my prescription, head out to the car. I have a knot of excitement in my belly and every time Cornelius slows down or turns a corner I feel a slight pull in my vagina. STD or not, she is ready for whatever Mr. Alexander had in store for her. 

Finally, we pull into a parking garage. I get out and follow Cornelius to an elevator. He pulls out a keycard and swipes it. The doors open and in seconds we are pulled up. When the doors open, Cornelius doesn't get out, rather signals me in. A wave of fear and joy wash over me. 

"Hello?" I call out. 

Mr. Alexander walks from around the corner and greets me. "You're filthy." 

I look down at my clothes. I suppose I could have gotten dressed. I have a pair of old sweatpants and a badly faded t-shirt on. I feel embarrassed but there is no time. Mr. Alexander grabs me by the arm and leads me to a very large bathroom. 

"Take your clothes off." 

He begins drawing up a bath. I step out of my sweatpants, pull my shirt over my head, and stand there naked. I pretend not to notice when he turns and looks me over before heading out of the bathroom. He comes back with towels and other toiletries in hand and places them on the counter. He then walks to the bathtub and turns off the water. I wait for him to leave so I can wash up, but when I see him kneel on a towel folded on the floor, I realize that is not happening. I walk over and he helps me in. 

"Let's get you cleaned up." His tone is a bit more passionate than when he was barking orders. 

He pours liquid soap into his hands and lathers them up. He begins at my shoulders, massaging the soap into my skin. He moves his hands down my arms, his forearm brushing against my erect nipples. I shudder and he smiles but keeps going. He comes back up to my chest, rubbing my neck, finally reaching my tits. He cups them for a moment, then continues to wash them. Bubbles form on my nipples. He rinses them off with clean water and begins washing my back. His hands feel so good on my skin. If I were not in the water I would still be soaked. 

He submerges his hands into the hot bath water, washing my legs. He goes agonizingly slow. This is a game. He's trying to make me suffer and it's working. I look up at him but his eyes are not on me. I am able to look at him for only a second. It was like looking into the sun. 

He finally reaches my pussy. My whole body tenses and he feels it. He slides his hand between my legs and pries them open. I let out a soft breath. He looks down at me and kisses the top of my head. "Are you ready?" 

I shake my head frantically. Please just make me cum! At that moment, he shoves two fingers into me, causing me to grab the sides of the tub. I fling open my legs and arch my back. He is unbothered. He just keeps finger fucking me under the water. I am moaning loudly now. I have been aching for this since the night we met. With his free hand, he cups my breast. He squeezes it and pulls on my nipples. When he does, it makes my whole body light up and I cum. He doesn't stop. In fact, he goes harder. The movement of his thrusting arm creates waves in the tub. Still holding my tit in his hand, he lowers his head and starts to lick around my nipple before putting the whole thing in his mouth. My hips start to grind and thrust and for a moment he just leaves his fingers inside me and lets me fuck them. 

"Do you like that? Do you like when Daddy cleans you?" His voice is so deep and soft in my ear. 


He smiles and starts finger fucking me again. "Don't cum again until I tell you to or I will stop, okay?" 

He cannot be serious. I am one second away from exploding. 

"Yes!" I scream. 

He takes his fingers out of me and puts them in my mouth before resubmerging them. He doesn't go back inside but opts to torture me by rubbing my clit. When I clench up, he stops. "Not yet, baby." 

I can't hold it anymore so I result to begging. "Please, let me cum. PLEASE!" 

He smiles and relents. "Alright, baby girl, cum. Cum for daddy!" 

I explode into a frenzy, my legs shake violently "Oh my God!" I splash water all over the floor and Mr. Alexander. He stands and pulls a towel off of the counter. His dick is rock hard and poking through his pants. He helps me out of the tub and dries me off. My legs are weak. After I am completely dry, he walks into the bedroom, calling casually over his shoulder, "Come on. Daddy needs to nut. I'm not done with you yet."

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