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The Proposition Finale

A Year in Review

It has been a full year since I had met Mr. Alexander in the subway. A year of great sex in compromising positions and public locations. A year of arriving places in private cars and watching my bank account climb to a comfortable place. A year of erotic memories and yet I know as much about Mr. Alexander now as I had a year ago. I did know, however, that I only felt about him what one would feel about their boss. There was absolutely no romantic connection at all. We fucked, screwed, got laid; we didn't make love. As the year had progressed, Mr. Alexander's tone did improve. He would often begin sentences with "if you're not too busy" or "if you don't mind" rather than barking out commands the way he had before. To wrap up our relationship, we were cordial when our clothes were on and sexual soulmates when they came off. I was unsure what the end of the year meant. Was I only on contract for a year or was it more permanent until he settled down into an actual relationship? I had been paying for my apartment while I stayed here just in case so I wasn't too worried but if I could keep this thing going for a little while longer I was going to do what I could. Me. Alexander thought it best that I stay the Thanksgiving holiday with my family to "maintain appearances." It was great spending a whole week with my parents and other family members but I would be lying if I said toward the end I wasn't more than happy to get back. My loins ached for him and I began having withdrawals from not cumming in such a long period of time. He had definitely been feeling the same; when I got back he fucked me so hard and for so long, I had to soak to take the swelling off of my sore pussy. So when I got back I agreed eagerly to spend the Christmas holiday with him. I didn't know how this thing worked. Not just because he hired me, but buying gifts for anyone in general. I was unsure if I was supposed to even give him a gift, I didn't even know if he would be getting me anything, but after some careful thought, I decided to go for it. He has changed my life completely around, that's gift enough. I go and wash up and get dressed and head for the store I've found on the internet that sells the type of gift I have in mind. 

A Few Days Later...

My ass is on fire. I look back at it and notice the visible reddening starting to occurs. He grabs a handful of my hair forcing my head back and smacks me again, hard, on my ass. I let out a yelp and bite my lip. I have grown very fond of being spanked. A contrast to the first time he struck me for misbehaving. Now, I enjoy the act entirely; the feeling of his hand coming down hard on my bare bottom, the way he always rubs it after, the way my body jolts, and the pure anticipation, is a surefire way to make me gush. He had found me on the balcony that night, taking in the view. Lights sparkled and twinkled all over the city and though it was cold outside, I couldn't pull myself away from the scene. I was so engrossed in the magic that I hadn't heard him calling me, a sign of disobedience. So here we were; I was getting punished and he was getting pleasured. He pushed my face deep into the chaise lounge on the balcony. It was cold on my face but soon enough my breaths of ecstasy had created a warm spot. The terrace was dark and isolated, no one could see us but I am certain they could hear us. With him, quite loudly, talking dirty to me and the shouts and moans coming from me, the neighbors were sure to know exactly what went on in the penthouse. He had my ass straight in the air as he rammed his swollen cock into it. Every time he would take it out I could feel the winter air. About 6 months back we had tried anal. It hurt like hell the first couple of times but now that I'm used to it, he can go as hard as he wants. Sometimes, when we are feeling particularly festive, he shoves a vibrator into my pussy while he fucks my ass; it makes for the wildest orgasms. Tonight was a regular anal night. He smacked my ass and fucked it hard to remind me who was in charge. After he had came, he led me into the bathroom to wash up, inspecting my ass as he watched me shower. 

"Does it hurt?" He is staring at the red, raised, handprints on my rear. 

"A little, but it doesn't last long," I tell him rubbing body was over my wound. He seems satisfied with my answer because he gets up and turns to exit the room. Before he does, he turns back to me. 

"You know you can leave at any time right? I'm not holding you here. But if you wanna be here, you can stay." I look at him perplexed. He seems to sense my confusion and changes the subject. "I will be at the office early tomorrow so I can get home before 6 o'clock. If you have any errands please get them done before I get home." He leaves the room without another word. He's so weird, I think, but continue bathing. I did have some presents to mail off and pick up tomorrow so I would have to leave early as well to beat him home. 

My day is done by 2 o'clock. I have paid a few bills, picked up some gifts and other items, and mailed presents to my parents. Cornelius drops me off at the condo and goes to fetch Mr. Alexander. I have about 20 minutes or so to wrap their gifts and clean up before he gets home. I spring into action wrapping, perfectly placing bows and writing a cute little message on each card. After I am done, I shower and change in just enough time to hear the elevator door chime. Daddy's home. I run and jump onto my bed, acting naturally, as if I hadn't been anticipating him all day. He comes into my room and sits on my bed. I sit up with him planting a kiss on his cheek. 

"How was work, Daddy?" He looks down at me. 

"It was fine. I want to have dinner with you tonight. We never usually eat together but I have gotten you something in the spirit of Christmas," he mockingly waves his arms around, displaying a playful side I had yet to see. "Be ready at 8." I smile and nod and he leaves the room. A gift. This should be very interesting. It was probably some handcuffs or another sex toy he could use on me. Nonetheless, I am intrigued and somewhat excited about our dinner. Hours tick by and soon enough I hear the heavy step of Cornelius marching pass my room. He and Mr. Alexander exchange a few muffled words and the elevator door chimed open. Now that we are alone, I hop off my bed and walk down the hall into Mr. Alexander's study. He is sitting at a hardwood desk like the one in his office at work. He looks up at me from the computer and quickly goes back to whatever is on his computer screen. 

"Will Cornelius be joining us for dinner?" I already know the answer, but it's all I can think of to start a conversation. He looks back up from his work and, to my surprise, laughs. The sound catches me off guard and I jump. 

"No, Elizabeth, Cornelius will not be joining us tonight. I have given him the next few days off to be with his family. I am ordering in so he doesn't have to drive us anywhere." I am unsure as to what to say next. We have had the place to ourselves on many occasion but that was because Mr. Alexander had given Cornelius some bogus errand to run so we could have a fuck sesh around the house. He had never sent him away for days, and with him planning dinner, the gift, and his weird behavior in the bathroom, I was beginning to become more nervous at what this all meant. We sat in silence for a few more moments before I excuse myself so I could go get ready. It is not every day that I get to go to dinner, so I decided to dress to the nines. When 8 o'clock comes around, I am dressed to kill. I wear a tight red bodycon dress with black stockings and red lingerie, my hair is tied back into a tight pony, and although we are inside, I wear black stilettos to tie the ensemble together. I walk out to the foyer to see Mr. Alexander and I are on the same page. He stands there in a casual dinner suit, looking out the window onto the city, glass of whiskey in hand. I can smell him from where I stand; his scent is intoxicating and without realizing, I bite my lip. "It is a very real possibility that we may not make it through dinner tonight with you looking like that, Elizabeth." His voice is husky, he wants me. 

"It is a very real possibility that we need to practice self-control tonight Mr. Alexander," I reply back slyly. He smirks and motions me to sit. As we eat we indulge in small talk about the weather, or his job, how I liked visiting my family, but nothing concrete. Without sex we are boring. "Will you tell me something?" I finally ask after the conversation had faded. "What's your name? Your first name?" He finishes the bite he is chewing and washes it down with a sip of whiskey. 

"Bryan, my name is Bryan. Don't make it a habit of calling me by my first name, though." I am just relieved that he answered the question so I nod back politely. "I have a question for you now." He doesn't wait for me to respond.  How do you feel about what we are doing here? You never ask any questions, you just go along with whatever I want. Are you confused in any way about our relationship? Do you want more?"  I am taken aback by the barrage of questions. He stares at me intently wanting me to answer. 

"Well, to answer your first question." His eyes narrow at me and I continue as if I don't notice. "I feel good about what we are doing here. I don't question anything because I have no questions. Also, you told me when I agreed to this, that I would be required to do whatever, whenever. I am just doing my job." He leans back in his chair and folds his arms together. "And no, I am not confused by our relationship, we are two adults who love to fuck and we happen to be very good at it together. As far as I am concerned we don't have a relationship, we have a business arrangement."  

He inhales as his brow furrows. "And the last question? Do you want more?" I am unsure of what he is asking or why. 

"Do you want more? I told you, I am just doing my job. But if you want more, we can discuss it." He looks at me silently for a long time. I begin to feel uncomfortable before he answers. 

"I know that I don't want to do... this, with anyone else. I know that I was right in my assumption that you didn't belong giving out $5 handjobs on the streets." I want to interject that I had never given a $5 handjob in my life, but this is the most he's spoken to me in a year, and I decide against interrupting him. "As far as wanting more, we don't have to go off and get married, or even change our status to in a relationship on social media, but I would like to do more as in, take you to dinner out of the condo sometimes, or the occasional business trip. I above all want to know that after the year is up that you won't go back to demeaning yourself or never speaking to me again." It is a lot to digest, so I sit there the way he had before, staring a hole into his head before I finally speak. 

"I was honestly thinking the same thing. The 'you kicking me out after a year' part. I am unsure where we will end up but I do know that I have no intentions of going anywhere if you will have me. Also, dinners out would be nice." I stand and cross the table to sit in his lap. "We have a really good thing going on here. Let's just see where it goes." He plants a kiss on my forehead and we end the conversation. "I have a gift for you." He says after some time and produces a large, unwrapped, black box. I pull off the top to reveal an assortment of different treasures. I pull out what he explains is the subway ticket he was forced to buy the night he found me, it was a sweet sentiment that makes us both laugh. I also pull out a pale pink and white corset with panties and stockings to match, I'm sure we will put those to good use, and lastly, at the very bottom sits a  small, turquoise box; A box I know right away. inside sits a beautiful Tiffany's necklace with my initials engraved on it. I love my gifts and after I am done admiring them all I stand up and run to my room to collect the gift I had bought. I kiss him again on the cheek and thank him before handing over his gift. Once it's open, he examines the present before looking up at me with a confused expression. "It's a fleshlight," I answer. 

"I know what it is, but why?" He is turning the toy around and looking at it closely. 

"I got you an exact replica of my pussy. I thought it would be a fun gift for you to have the times we are apart." I have piqued his interest. 

"An exact replica?" I laugh and nod my head, slowly walking over to sit beside him. 

"Yes, they took a cast of my pussy and made this for you. There is no other like this except for the real thing." I am now straddling him. He puts the toy down and pulls the zipper down my dress. I stand for a moment letting the dress fall at my feet. I am wearing my lingerie and my new necklace. I slowly fall to my knees and begin to crawl to him until I am at eye level with his crotch. I help him pull off his pants and boxers and in no time his hard cock is pulsating in my view. I grab it and place my mouth on the top of it. After I feel like it is moistened enough, I grab the toy off of the couch and place it over the head of his dick. His body tenses and he lets out a moan. I pump the toy up and down his dick with one hand while I tongue at his balls. He's getting into it, he has begun to clutch the fabric of the couch, his pelvis gyrating in sync with my strokes. 

"How does it feel, Daddy? Just like the real thing?" He breathes out heavily, 

"Yes, baby, just like the real thing." I keep stroking, "Do you want to feel the real thing, Daddy?"

He moans loudly "Yes, please, baby, let Daddy feel the real thing!" I remove the fleshlight and my panties and climb on top. He is unsure of what to do because I have not taken the usual step to put a condom on. "Tell me when you're about to cum." He shakes his head in agreement and I start the ride of his life. My titties are on his face, he has unhooked my bra so my nipples bounce perfectly in his face. I play with my nipples to get them really hard. Once they are ready to go he places his mouth around the closest one and begins to suck. I keep grinding until he wraps a strong arm around me and starts to bounce me up and down on his dick. He is hard as a rock now. He looks up at me and I smile sweetly. 

"I'm...Gonna...Cum," he says between breaths; at that moment I quickly slide my pussy off of his loaded cock and slam my ass down on it instead. My tight asshole clenches around his dick. He begins playing with my clit as he aggressively fucks my ass. In no time I am screaming with pleasure, slippery, cream rolling out of my pussy. My orgasm sends him over the edge and shortly after reaching my climax, he reaches his, too. I stay put, letting him dump his load in my ass. 

We lay on a rug in the middle of the living room floor catching our breaths. We look over at each other and just smile, neither of us really knowing what the future holds for us but just happy to be in this moment with each other. I would have never imagined my life being anything like this a year ago, under the large sweaty body of someone's lonely husband in the back of their van. Mr. Alexander, no matter how complex, had given me something more valuable than what he paid me. He had given me the gift of stability, of confidence in myself. I was this sexual being, powerful and dangerous. I may never know why he chose me that night, but I am glad he did. 



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