The Pleasure and the Pain

A Nice Mix of Hurt and Heaven

Her slap left my cheek stinging.

"Fuck you, asshole!" she screamed. Then she spit in my face.

She slapped me again. And again. Hard.

The pain was mixed with the pleasure of my hard cock being inside her as she straddled me, sliding up and down.

My hands were tied above my head.

Another slap, and another. And another spit in the face.

Her fingers moved to my nipples. She grabbed hard, pinching, yanking, twisting. It hurt like hell. But, my cock was still in paradise and it felt wonderful there.

She kept riding me, grinding. Her legs and thighs were black with soft nylon stockings. She wore black lipstick and a black leather choker with chrome spikes. She had a black tattoo just above her right breast and another black tattoo on her calf. White hard wax candles were the only light in the room.

"Fuck you, I hate you!" she screamed at me as my face took another blow. 

Her hand reached around behind her and she grabbed my balls, squeezing, pinching. Her other hand went back to my sensitive and already hurting nipple. The pain was intense as it felt that she might actually rip it off. 

After she was done with that, she lowered down, pressing her breasts against my chest. Her mouth went to my neck, but there were no soft kisses. I could feel her sharp teeth dig into my skin. More pain. She sucked in as she bit, creating a strong suction that would surely leave a mark. She then did it on the other side of my neck. And then a little lower down. And then lower down again.

She moved her mouth down to my nipple. Her teeth dug in and it felt, again, like she would chew it off. It felt as though blood would soon come gushing out. The pain was still being mixed with the pleasure of me being inside her wet, hot pussy. 

Next up was a candle. She slowly and carefully pulled one down from the headboard behind me, making sure the melted wax didn't spill before she was able to use it. 

She moved it closer to my chest. I could feel the heat radiating from the flame and watched as she held the glowing object above me, knowing exactly what she was about to do. 

The wax hit my skin and it was instant pain. It was fleeting, but still painful. I could feel the hot liquid turn harder as it cooled. She drizzled it all over my chest, including on my already extremely tender nipples thanks to her abuse. My whole body tensed up and I winced in pain. It hurt, but only briefly in each place that the wax splashed down. My back arched with each drop. I wriggled with the glorious pain. And still, my cock was inside of her, and that felt incredible.

The wax dried up and solidified, and she began to peel it off bringing it's own kind of pain. She worked slowly, prolonging the discomfort, picking off the bits of wax, pulling hairs and pinching the skin.

Next up was her orgasm. 

She reached for her Hitachi, turning it to full power. She stopped sliding up and down on my cock and pushed down to drive me deep into her. She tilted back, balancing herself with one arm as she began to pleasure herself with the wand. She closed her eyes, moaning, biting her black covered bottom lip. Then she moved forward, putting her hand on my chest, putting her weight down as she balanced herself again, her other hand still keeping the wand tightly pressed against her pussy. 

She opened her eyes and looked into mine. Hers where glazed over. She was clearly enjoying the vibrations on her clit and I could see and feel that she was getting closer to exploding in orgasm. Her body convulsed more violently with each second, and her eyes looked like the devil had slid into her body. Then, boom, she exploded, and screamed, "Oh god! Fuck yes! FUCK! YES!" I could feel the shudders passing from her body to mine through my cock. Her chest heaved. Her hand gripped onto my shoulder. She spit in my face again and again as it seemed that her orgasm would last forever. Her body continued to shiver and shake until she eventually collapsed onto my chest. 

As she lay on top of me, her hips began to thrust up and down again as my cock slid in her pussy. She was still in her own little dream world, as I got closer to being in mine. Up and down she moved in an effort to draw the cum out of my cock and deep into her pussy. It didn't take long for her magical moves to do their trick. All of a sudden my own body began to heave and convulse, my pelvis thrusting up to go as deep inside of her as possible. I filled her up as much as I possibly could and I could feel both my cum and my energy drain into her completely. 

She continued to lay on my chest. I continued to lie there. My hands were still tied up. We were both exhausted. Satisfied. 

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The Pleasure and the Pain