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The Oral Fixation That I Have

Do I still have it?

One night as I was walking to a dance, a guy I knew from the neighborhood stopped me and asked me to come inside for a beer. I didn't really drink being that I was under the age of eighteen. He coerced me into coming in anyway.

Once we were inside his house and he went to the fridge for a beer, he came over and sat down next to me. I don't think he could've got any closer without being on my lap. We were talking for a bit before he started trying to touch me everywhere. He was making me feel very uncomfortable.

When I tried to get up to leave, he grabbed me and pulled me back down onto the couch while he stood up in front of me. I watched as he unzipped his zipper and pulled out a piece of meat that was unknown to me. He stood there with his cock in his hands trying to rub it against my lips before trying to push it inside my mouth.

I kept trying to tell him "No," but it wasn't working for him so he kept on trying to push it inside. I was not about to let this guy take advantage of me, so I gave in and allowed it into my mouth only to bite down really hard and make him yell.

While he grabbed it and was hollering, I made my way outside and down the street. After that night, I never saw him again but rumors spread around town how he got some from me, but I quickly corrected the story which made him look like an asshole.

Now that night was the first time I had ever seen a cock and his looked deformed from what I saw in magazines and videos, but after that I didn't want to ever put one in my mouth. Boy, was I ever wrong.

About a year later, as I was walking home from a friend's house one evening, a man pulled up next to me on the street and asked if I wanted to make some money? Who doesn't these days? Well, I asked him what I had to do and he told me that he wanted a blowjob. I was still too young to know what that was, but money was what I was looking forward to, so I got inside his car.

We rode for a bit and pulled into a parking garage that was dark even though it was still daylight outside. He turned to me and handed me a good amount of money and then pulled his cock out of his pants. I hesitated at first because of what happened last time.

The man looked at me and could tell that I had never done anything like that before. He was very polite and stated that he would teach me. He was very gentle and after I was finished, I looked at the man and thought to myself that I liked that. It was easy and I actually enjoyed myself because he was so gentle and nice.

After that night, I became addicted to oral sex. That was all that I wanted to do with guys. Even in relationships, it seemed that I couldn't care less if I was penetrated or not. I wanted it in my mouth and threw a fit if I wasn't allowed to. Don't get me wrong, the guys loved it, but were disappointed a lot because instead of just getting them hard with my mouth I went all the way until they finished.

I did this most of my life and when I finally stayed away from guys for awhile because I was losing my independence, it was hard and I got through withdrawals. 

I am now in my third marriage to my soulmate and even he loves what I do with my mouth. We have been married now for five years and ever since the beginning, it was almost an everyday or every other day thing. He always cracks the remark that I raped him and everyone just laughs.

I know some of the guys around here are a little jealous by the way they act. My husband and I always make sexual remarks to each other and that is how we are together. It breaks up the monotony in our relationship.

Now after five years, I am still trying to take it from him, but it is not as often anymore. I keep thinking that as I grow older sex doesn't matter anymore and we have it whenever. That is a lie that my mind keeps telling myself.

I am still addicted to using my mouth and my oral fixation has gotten better over the years because I have taken it and created an art with it. It is more like I make love to his cock with my mouth. I take my time and spend it doing things slowly and adding a little teasing to it.

I love my husband, but I also love his cock and I can have it whenever I want it with no complaints except when it is empty and I cannot get my protein shake, but that is okay too. Even if he can't finish, I still love tasting it and making him feel good as well.

So, I guess you can say that I am still addicted and I have my oral fixation attached. I get it wherever I want like the bedroom, living-room, kitchen, and even in my office when he comes and stands next to me while I am sitting down. He loves it and so do I.

Brandi Payne
Brandi Payne

I'm a forty-eight-year-old woman who became a published author back in 2016. I write fiction and nonfiction in many different genre. I love to write and tell stories to the world and hope that everyone enjoys them.

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The Oral Fixation That I Have
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