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The Mysterious Hole in the Back Room

A Satisfied Experience

Tristan was walking to work one day when he noticed that they were tearing down an old building in his neighborhood. He wondered as he walked what they were going to put in its place, but the thought soon left his mind as he entered the building where he worked.

Each day he walked and wondered as he began seeing a building being erected where the old one stood. He wondered all the way to work, and again, it left his mind as he entered his work building. Even when he walked home, he took another route, so he never passed by it to see it.

It was weeks later when the building was almost ready for business and it still showed no signs of what was going to be there. So, Tristan kept his everyday walk, wondering until one day when he finally had the chance to see a sign in the window.

It was the day before the grand opening and the sign read “Adults Only.” So, he tried to think what was going to be on the inside that would make it adults only? He had pretty much been sheltered all his life and was found to be very naïve.

He was a 28-year-old who had no children or any significant other in his life. It was just him living in a studio apartment, going to work everyday, and then back home. He found himself mainly with his face in books until he found the internet.

The next day, on his way to work, Tristan noticed that the business was open and upon observation, he noticed many men visiting the establishment and it brought up curiosity in what was so appealing to its customers?

He thought to himself that he would pay them a visit on his way home to check things out. He could not see inside the windows because they were blacked out and hiding what was inside. So, he went his merry way to work and at the end of the day, he walked back by the business on his way home.

Once he stepped up to the door, he still could not see what was inside, so he opened the door and went inside. Upon entering the building, he was almost bashful and embarrassed by what he saw. There were adult toys of every kind hanging on the walls and on shelves.

There were things he had never seen before and he was almost shy to touch anything. He walked around looking at everything and then found a room full of nothing but adult videos. When he entered the video room, he was amazed by the collection.

There were regular videos, fetish videos, gay and lesbian videos, and videos of things unimaginable. He was shocked by some of the things he saw but still managed to look around. Then, he noticed another back room where there were different little rooms called stalls.

He approached one as he walked by and flung the door open only to see a man watching a video and masturbating himself. Tristan looked at the ground as he apologized many times. It was so shocking to him to find such a place in his neighborhood.

As he walked around the back room, he noticed that the lighting was dimmed and you could hear different videos going and looking at the floor, Tristan saw napkins and used condoms. It was almost horrific for him to see, but he continues walking around until he found one stall that had a line outside of it.

He noticed that there were many stalls available, but why was everyone lined up at this one? Was there something special about the videos in this stall? So, Tristan stood in line to find out what was so special about this stall. He was the fifth one in line.

When the gentleman in front of him went inside the stall, Tristan waited outside the door and could hear the man moaning loudly and could tell when he ejaculated because he was very vocal about it. Tristan thought the video must be good for a man to be so vocal and it didn’t take the man long at all.

When the man came outside the stall, he was buttoning his pants back up and smiled at Tristan when he walked by him to leave the establishment. It was now Tristan’s turn to go inside and he did. When he got inside and locked the door, he looked around for a video screen and could not find one.

The only thing he could find was a hole in the wall that led to the stall next to him with a sign above it the read, “Insert Penis Here” with an arrow pointing to the hole in the wall. Tristan wasn’t sure about it and leaned down to look through the hole and saw nothing on the other side.

He figured he would do what the sign stated and pulled out his penis. He slid it into the hole and waited a few seconds before feeling something wet and warm surround it. It began sliding back and forth on his penis causing him to get an erection. It was feeling very erotic.

Then he felt something sucking on his penis forcing him to have an orgasm quickly. Once he finished having his orgasm, he pulled his penis out of the hole and cleaned it up with a napkin that he found sitting on a small shelf in the stall.

Once he buttoned his pants back up, he again leaned down to look inside the hole and again he saw nothing, but felt good, so he walked out of the stall for the next man to take his turn. It was a new experience for Tristan, and he left the establishment feeling satisfied and a bit fatigued.

He walked home still wondering about what happened and found himself wanting to go back. He went home and showered before going to bed because he had to work the next morning. Now, he found a reason to walk back home from work the same way he walked to work.

So, everyday after work, he paid a visit to the establishment and to that specific stall in the back room never knowing what was on the other side that caused him to orgasm. It was a very fulfilling moment and that was all he thought about.

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The Mysterious Hole in the Back Room
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