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The Loner's Retreat: Part 1, Cassian & Lucia

Erotic Short Stories

Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash


Loner's Retreat. Four thousand square feet of beach land in Mexico, and it all belonged to Cassian Romano now. Or at least it will be, when he convinced the current owner, Lucia Johnson to sell it to him. According to his real estate developer, she was behind on a few payments and the bank was pressuring her to come up with the money soon, or she'd be out by the end of the month. The property had been in her family for generations but over the years, the maintenance on this place became expensive and business went down during a big storm last summer, when the gusty winds alone tore through this place like a tornado. Cassian would have it renovated with modern touches and sold at a higher price as soon as he got this Lucia out of the way. He'd never met her in person, but he had seen a few pictures of her on some promotional ads online for the retreat. Cassian would be lying if he told himself he didn't find her the least bit attractive. Her shoulder-length dark and wavy tresses and dark eyes were what caught his attention at first. Now that she was on her knees, pulling weeds out of the garden with her perfectly round ass sticking up in the air and sounds of her frustrated grunts filled his ears, Cassian felt his dick harden. 

He had to get it under control. Vivian Russo, his fiancé, was waiting for him to close this deal and get back to their villa in Venice. If he were being completely honest, he dreaded going back to the hours of wedding planning she promised upon his return. Although he adored the woman he'd known all his life, he grew weary of the fact that this wedding had lost its purpose. It was supposed to be a union, not a spectacle to impress their friends and family. 

Cassian placed any thoughts of his fiancé and their wedding aside so he could concentrate on making an offer Lucia couldn't refuse. 

"Excuse me, Bella. Are you Lucia Johnson?" Cassian used his Italian charm to gain her attention and it worked. Lucia had left her place bowing before the overgrown weeds to look at him. Dirt stuck to her knees and they reminded him of those dark eyes he'd seen in those pictures. The same ones that were staring him down now, making the humidity surrounding them grow thicker.

"I am. How can I help you?" she answered and her raspy but sexy voice stirred something in him his dick clearly appreciated. He cleared his throat as he ignored it and reached to kiss her hand. Once their fingers touched, electricity sparked their fingertips and they quickly pulled apart, avoiding each other's gazes. 

"I'm--" Cassian paused when the laughter of two naked women stumbling out of the opened front doors caught his attention.

"Ladies." Lucia greeted them with a smile and they both waved at her in return, making sure to eye him carefully as they continued their stroll. 

"You have renters here?" Cassian asked her and she nodded, covering her eyes with her hand as the sun beamed on both of them.

"First time I've been booked for the entire holiday season since the storm hit us. But if you're looking for a room, I can give you mine. I sleep in the shack out back most of the time anyway." Lucia offered him and her kindness made him smile for some reason. He'd grown up with so many serious people, he'd forgotten what it was like to cut back and let loose once in a while. Her smile reminded him of that, a calm breeze of comfort after a storm. 

"Actually I'm--," Cassian paused for a moment as an idea formed in his mind. What if he could enter the retreat as a guest, instead of an investor? Charming his way into her good graces didn't seem like a bad idea, considering she'd been giving the bank a hard enough time trying to keep the deed under family's name. 

"Yes," Cassian answered her, sending her his best smile as he nodded, "I'd like a room. But I couldn't imagine you giving up your room for me. I'd gladly take that shack you were talking about" he added and she waved it off as she took her gloves off and led him into the Spanish-style beach house through the opened front doors.

The house didn't look appealing from the outside but the interior of the house had surprised him. The hardwood floors looked brand new, although he suspected they were just sanded down and re-finished recently. The walls were all white with exposed wooden beams crossing the ceilings, giving the place a certain charm and history to it. So far, Cassian was impressed. 

The furniture however, could use an update, along with the kitchen. Ten grand would cover all of that easily. 

"You didn't bring any luggage." Lucia observed when they stopped in front of a room, with the number three carved into an iron sign in the high point of the door.

"I travel light. I have a bag in my car." Cassian answered quickly as she opened the door for him and stepped aside to let him in. Of course, he gestured for her to enter first and she nodded in agreement, brushing passed him with her scent of grass and sweat and something that resembled rosewater. It made his mouth water instantly, wondering if she tasted just as good as she smelled. 

"It's not much but it's the best I can do on short notice. I'll have some fresh towels brought to you once you settle in." Lucia explained as she took a few photographs and a bottle of pills in her hands from the side tables. Cassian wondered what the pills were for but figured her life was none of his business. Unless it would help him get this place sooner rather than later.

"Here." Cassian offered a few hundred dollar bills to her but she shook her head in response, confusing him further.

"Pay me when you decide to check out." Lucia added and it made him doubt her sanity. No wonder she was behind on payments. 

"Not a very smart business move, Ms. Johnson. I could take up space for another up front paying customer" he warned and the twinkle in her eyes only made her smirk sexier.

"You don't strike me as a man who would take advantage of people in their most vulnerable states." Lucia replied confidently, handing him the spare keys to the room.

"You barely know me." Cassian reminded her and her naive nature was annoying him to be honest. How could she trust him so freely? 

"I know enough." Lucia responded with that infectious smile of hers again, before she left him in the room by himself, pondering what he'd gotten himself into. 

By the time dinner rolled around, he'd gotten acquainted with the other housemates, Angelina and Julie, the two naked women he'd seen when he first arrived earlier and a newly-wed couple, Jonas and Santana. Both couples were friendly, with a good sense of humor and decent conversational skills. Even the cook, Dylan Lopez was also someone he could see himself grabbing a beer with down by the beach. He was already fond of all of them, Cassian realized as he took his empty dinner plates to the kitchen and started washing the soaking dishes in the sink. 

"You never told me your name." Lucia's voice had interrupted his thoughts, and his calm cock apparently, making it jerk slightly at the sound of her suspicious tone. 

"I apologize. It's Cass." Cassian informed her as he wiped his wet hands into a paper towel and reached to shake her hand again. The sparks were still at their fingertips and they pulled away again, both of them chuckling at the coincidence. 

"Well Cass, my guests aren't allowed to do the dishes. Mind stepping away from them now?" Lucia ordered but Cassian grinned at her bossy persistence, dipping his hands back into the water to reach for the sponge. 

"Where I'm from, we don't allow the women to cook and do the dishes. I'm happy to help." he countered and watched her walk over to him, the hem of her white sundress brushing her tanned thighs as her hips swayed, slightly hypnotizing him into pulling his hands out from the soapy water. 

"You don't like taking orders, do you?" Lucia teased as he stepped aside and gathered his thoughts. He was losing it. And it was all Lucia's fault. 

"I'm not very fond of them." Cassian answered honestly. Its what caused him to defy his family's wishes against marrying Vivian to begin with. They didn't deem her worthy of their last name. He gave them the biggest middle finger he could give them and asked Vivian to marry him right in front of their horrified faces. It brought him joy to see them rotting with disapproval yet they wouldn't dare disown their only son, the heir to the Romano empire. 

"I can see that. You can go ahead and relax with the others." Lucia suggested and Cassian swallowed hard as he braced himself against the island in the kitchen and enjoyed watching her scrub the plates in her hands. He could see her breasts bounce from this angle, and as far as he could tell, they would fit perfectly against his big hands. If only he had Vivian here to quench the thirst Lucia provoked in him....

Midnight came around soon enough, but sleep was the farthest thing from Cassian's mind. He wanted to know more about his host, learn what he could about her. To get her to sign over the deed to him of course. So far, she'd been nice to him, gracious and a bit bossy. The last part is what had him stroking himself in the heat of night, while his windows were wide open and the moon illuminated his room. Once his thumb brushed over the tip of his cock, he bit his bottom lip and stroked faster, thoughts not of his beautiful fiance taking him into her mouth plagued his mind, but the idea of fucking Lucia until he could hear her screaming into the night was what made him come into his hand. 

He needed to have her. And that was going to cause more trouble than he could afford to get into. 

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The Loner's Retreat: Part 1, Cassian & Lucia
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