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The Life of a Three-Way Marriage, Exploring Dark Desires (Pt. 2)

Getting Into the Swing of Things

Part 2

Chapter 5: Isabella's Submission

Coming in from a long day of fun, Isabella walked straight into the bathroom to have a 'quick' shower. Yes quick, her showers were never quick. She would spend close to 30 minutes holding the shower head on her clit, making herself orgasm continuously. She loved it, and so did we. When she finished, she would come out, hair dripping and hanging over her tits, pushing her pussy into my face as he watched. He always watched. Sometimes he couldn't resist and he would take her for himself, leaving me sitting there, with only my own hand for company. I didn't mind of course, but sometimes, maybe.

Tonight was swingers night at our local club, we decided to stay in, and send Isabella out for the night, making sure she took plenty of pictures. She had been living with us for a little over six months now, and things had been going well. Very well in fact. She had moved in and submitted to all of our needs and more; she became our little bitch. I don't know who got off on it more, us or her. We would often catch her watching us in bed, playing with herself in the middle of the night, or early morning. Her big tits bouncing as she squeezed them together, pushing her arms closer making her tits touch, one leg up on the bed, her hand violently rubbing her pussy, staring deep at us. She was almost hypnotizing. 

Although Isabella had moved in, she had only become part of our sex life, not our marriage. We planned to keep it this way, of course going over basic rules before she had even pulled her suitcase over the door. Some were often broke, for example, she would climb into bed with us in the middle of the night. But we never did mind this, especially whilst we were being woken by her hands, slowly flicking on my clit, or tugging at his dick. She would then leave the room to play with herself more, before returning to play over us in the morning. It was like she was obsessed, but it was just how we liked it. She had moved into the spare room, although often not used, we all agreed, we still needed our time as Husband and Wife. How long this would last, we never thought to think.

Isabella worked as an online cam girl, she also promoted for local swingers clubs and had occasionally taken a job as an escort, if one came up. But she had not, as far as we were aware, taken a job since moving in. Not that we would of minded. In fact, we would have encouraged her to bring her clients home, for some extra fun. This meant that we had her at our disposal, whenever we wished to play.

As the evening came closer, we sat down for a bite to eat and a glass of wine, looking forward to the night alone ahead; we never had much time recently,  but we were looking forward to what we had planned for Isabella tonight. She walked in, and instantly my pussy ached, I looked over to my husband as I heard his breathing change. I watched him gulp, and slowly lick his lips, lightly tugging on his dick, his eyes fixated on her.

Her hair glowed a deep shade of red, lightly curled, and hanging softly over shoulders. She had made her makeup dark and seductive, lips soft and rouge, as I looked, I imagined them wrapped around his cock. She accompanied her beauty with a little tight dress, black, and pushing up her already large breasts, finishing just under her heart-shaped ass. She noticed the looks and turned, only slightly bending forward to flash her perfect tight pussy. She was wearing no underwear, only a suspender belt, to hold up her seam line stockings. She finished off her seductive look with a pair of thigh high boots, wrapped tightly around her firm thighs. She looked so sexy, I wanted her legs around my neck, but I had to resist.

Fixated on Isabella, I hadn't noticed my Husband had got out his dick, he was stroking it staring deeply at her perfect body. He asked her to turn around and bend over, she replied with "Yes Sir" I watched his cock drip a little as she replied like this, he loved it. As he started rubbing his cock faster, he put his other hand on my pussy and told me to just sit, enjoy and watch. I listened. Telling her to come closer, My Husband suddenly pulled Isabella onto his face, burying his face in her ass, I could hear him rubbing at his cock faster, violently, touching every sensitive spot. His hand still on my pussy, he used his tongue to lick from her clit, up to her ass, before devouring all of it.

As he could feel our pussies tensing on his hands, he knew we wanted to squirt. We liked to squirt at the same time, we had got used to doing this over the months together. He suddenly pulled away, he grabbed Isabella by her hair, gently, but firmly tugging her down next to me. He ordered us to watch. Standing up, he made us touch each other as he told us to spit on his dick. With a hand on each other's pussy, fingers slowly sliding in and out of our cunts, he pushed his body forward, slapping his cock around our faces, moaning louder by the second. Telling us quickly to ask him to cum, we begged him to shoot all over our tits. He suddenly shot, the biggest load I had seen in a while, covering our faces as it dripped off onto our tits. He made us lick it off, we were more than happy to oblige. 

As we got ready to finish each other off, he just looked at us, slipping his cock back into his trousers and said "No." We moaned a little, but we knew why. He wanted to watch us squirt uncontrollably later, knowing we wouldn't be able to stop, after coming so close already. We hesitantly listened, as we gave each other that 'your pussy is mine later' look.

Isabella quickly went to change, my Husband told her not to wash. "I want them to taste my cum on you as they lick your tits" How could he expect me not to play with myself when he says shit like this? She of course listened, she always did.

Quickly rushing out the door, she was already running late. She was a promoter at this club, so needed to keep up appearances. I walked up to her, pulling at her arm as she went to leave. I licked her lips, I could taste his cum, it made me tingle. I whispered to her to bring me back a surprise. She looked at me with pure dirt in her eyes and simply replied "Yes mistress." I couldn't wait any longer, slowly closing the door behind her, I didn't even make it to the bedroom before I squirted all down my leg. He caught me, and now I was in trouble.


Chapter 6: A Long Night

It had been a few hours since he caught me playing. I said I was in trouble, and I wasn't wrong. He instantly looked at me and simply said: "I told you to WAIT!" I loved it when he got angry, I never could resist playing with myself when he did this or trying to play with him. It just made him angrier. It was a vicious circle, but I definitely came out on top. Eventually, he would always give in, sometimes he would simply relax his body as I moved my mouth down to his cock. Other times he would get rough and throw me around before fucking me from behind, or up a wall, my legs wrapped around his waist. 

Tonight was no different. As he bolted towards me, I felt myself get excited inside. He is going to take me is all I could think. Pulling me close, he lightly placed his hand around my throat before moving his hand down my tits, to my pussy and back up again. He rubbed his fingers over my lips lightly whispering "Taste." I loved the taste of pussy, even my own, so I quickly licked his fingers and told him "more." Pulling my legs apart, he lifted me up and carried me to the bedroom. Throwing me down on the bed, he told me to quickly get the rope. I knew what was coming. "Yes Sir" I watched his dick throb at my response. As I passed him the rope, he placed a blindfold over my eyes.

He first tied my arms together, before tying me to the bed. I could barely move, but he left my legs free, he liked to throw them over his shoulders. As he did just that, I heard him pulling out our play box, it was full of all of our favourite sex toys. Anything that vibrates was always my favourite and he loved them too, he knew my vibrators always made my pussy throb so quick, so easy. As he held my vibrator firmly on my clit, using his other hand to play with my pussy, sliding his fingers slowly in and out of my cunt, whilst licking my asshole fast and firm with his talented tongue, I could feel his body tensing. He started to push harder into my ass with his tongue, I could hear him grunting, "Oh fuck, oh fuck" After every fuck, he would push harder into my pussy, lick faster. I could feel myself ready to squirt, and just as I went to all over his face, he moved my blindfold, suddenly sat upright, looked down and shouted "WHAT THE FUCK? YES!" As he quickly moved towards me, I looked down too and saw his dick bouncing and exploding all over the bed. Cum dripped from the end of his cock, but he didn't touch it, he hadn't touched it once, his hands had been too busy.

I told him to rub the end of it slowly where it was sensitive, and as he did, it started to drip more. "Now faster" I eagerly told him. I wanted to see him shoot again and again. As he rubbed his cock fast, just the tip, he looked at me again, called me a filthy slut, a dirty bitch, the best fucking thing he could fuck, and he shot everywhere again. This time it didn't drip, it went all over me, covering my finally squirting pussy. His warm, dirty, tasty cum covered my body, I loved lying there with it all over me. Cleaning some up, I covered my lips in it, before slowly licking it off. He smirked, and simply walked to the shower. It had been a hot night so far, I wondered what Isabella had to offer when she returned.

It was about 1 AM by the time Isabella returned, I could hear her dirty giggle outside the door. My Husband had fallen asleep about half an hour before, I planned to wake him up, but before I could, she was through the door, and hanging off my body. "I missed your pussy, just us play," She whispered into my ear, as she starting licking up the side of my neck and rubbing herself. I told her, a quick play before bed, we had fucked a lot today. Not that I was complaining, I could of played with her 24/7, I just liked watching her beg. She always listened of course, she was our bitch. 

We wasn't playing with each other for long, before we both covered each others mouths in cum. She always performed to such a dirty standard, when I sometimes questioned our relationship, I would just think of that. Popping off to the shower, for my third of the day, I was knackered at this point, but still, I was always ready for more. I hadn't been in there long, when I thought I heard a moan. I listened a little longer. Nothing. As I finished my shower, I heard it again. Stepping out, I quickly dried off and slipped my silk gown on, hair still dripping wet down my tits. The noise was coming from my bedroom. Maybe he woke up and is playing with himself? I certainly hope so. Knackered or not, I always loved to watch.

I slowly started to creep towards my bedroom, and as I approached, I noticed the noises were female. Isabella? I looked around the door, and saw her lay in my bed playing herself, wearing my little red nighty and a wig that looked a lot like my own hair. I gave her a strange look, I was a little confused, but it soon disappeared when she said "role-play? I will be you" I was no longer tired, as I walked slowly towards her, I knew it was going to be a long night. Climbing into bed, I looked down at her as she said "So you're my bitch now" I didn't know if it was a question or an order, but I liked it. His eyes began to flicker, he watched us slowly move over to his cock, and just smirked. Yes, a very long night indeed.

Chapter7: Who Is Isabella?

Coming home from a long work out, I was exhausted and I had been stuck in traffic for a little over an hour. It was safe to say, my mood was not at its best. I walked in to see Isabella preparing something to eat. After several more months had passed, she had become so much more than our little plaything. Feelings had started to develop between the three of us, although more between her and my Husband, and she had started to cook and clean, acting as a second Wife. I enjoyed the company of another female, especially one as sexy as Isabella. She would often stick on a naughty maids outfit and tell me to sit and watch whilst she cleaned. She would tell me to rub my pussy until I couldn't resist any more, and I would squirt all over my hand as she bent over in front of me, ass pushed into my face. My husband would often walk in, cock instantly hard, no doubt feeling like the luckiest man alive, as he would walk over to us, jerking off, before sticking it in Isabella's ass or deep in my pussy.

Standing in the kitchen, she wore my black stockings, a lace garter belt and matching push up bra. She wore my clothes a lot recently, but she looked so good in them, so I dared not complain. Her hair was straight and shone as it fell effortlessly down her back. Her makeup natural and light, lips as voluptuous as her body, and eyes that stared into my sexual desires which such knowing. She looked over at me, grilling the sirloin I had picked up the night before, slightly parting her legs to give me a better view. How could she concentrate on cooking and still tease me like a little bitch? "Almost done," She said in a sexy voice, her one hand rubbing slowly up and down her leg. 

As I started to approach her, my bellyaching for food, but my pussy longing for her, I heard a noise come from the bathroom. "Is he home?"I asked, slightly confused; he was usually home later than this. "He's been here with me all day" She replied with a pleasing look on her face. I looked back at her and just stared, before making my way to the bathroom. Opening the door, I saw my Husband rubbing his cock so dirty. Spitting on the tip and rubbing it slowly, he was watching a video on his phone. As I approached, he tried to turn it off, I grabbed it quickly and he smirked. As I looked I saw it was a video of Isabella and him fucking. She was dressed like me, again, and he was calling her by my name. I started to feel angry, and a little confused. Isabella was supposed to add to our relationship, not replace me. But I said nothing, I simply smirked and asked him if he enjoyed his spontaneous day off. "Yes," He laughed, still stroking his cock, he suddenly pulled my head down to his cock, continuing to watch the video, before cumming all over my face.

I left the bathroom, after cleaning myself up, and returned to the kitchen to eat the food Isabella had prepared. My belly full of contempt and anger at her, but I didn't know how to approach the situation without exploding. As I was about to say something, she walked over to me, rubbing her hand up my leg, and pushing her face up close to mine. "I know you're angry, but I just find you so hot, I like to pretend to be you, I like to watch him get excited as he calls your name" She surprises me when she says this, I suddenly feel less anger, and more turned on, as I think of her rubbing herself dressed as me. She slowly goes onto her knees, pulling my gym trousers down, and my legs apart, she starts to play intensely with my pussy. As I sit back and start to give in, I feel myself getting wet, as I watch her tits bounce whilst she licks up from my asshole to my clit. He walks in just when I start to cum in her face, and simply walks past and gets his food, looking over and says "Looks fun" With a smirk on his face. As Isabella locked eyes with him, she rubbed at her pussy faster and suddenly squirted down her leg. I use to enjoy watching them get off over each other, but as time had gone by, I started to enjoy it less and less.

Lying in bed later that night, I turned over to my Husband and asked him about his relationship with Isabella, and what he thought if she was to move out. He looked a little annoyed at this question but replied with a smirk on his face stating "You wouldn't cope without her pussy" "And neither would you" I quickly replied. He just laughed and kissed me before saying goodnight. I spent the night tossing and turning and falling in and out of sleep. I loved the sex with Isabella, alone and with all three of us involved, but I couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. I just didn't know what.

As I started to drift off again, I heard the floorboard in the hallway creek. Isabella was my first thought, but I was too tired and too confused to play this time. I lay still, pretending to be asleep, waiting for her to crawl in next to me like she always did, but after a few minutes, she hadn't entered the room. I continued to lie still, waiting for her to enter, now curious as to why she hadn't. After what felt like forever, she finally entered but crawled in next to my Husband. I started to hear murmurs, it sounded like she was whispering in his ear. I couldn't tell if he was awake, but as I was about to turn over and say something, I suddenly heard her say "I will be your Wife tonight, just the way you like it" I could feel my blood boiling as the words one by one left her mouth, but I couldn't seem to move. Lying there paralyzed to the words I had just heard, I waited for Isabella to leave so I could sit up and understand what she had just said. Eventually, after rubbing his cock under the blanket for several minutes, I heard him cum and her whisper again "I told you I was better" before she finally left the room.

I instantly sat up staring at him. He looked over, his smirk quickly disappearing from his face when he saw the anguish in mine. "Have fun did you with your Wife?" I snarled at him. He looked at me slightly confused and replied "What?" As I went to respond, I heard the floor creek again, followed by a giggle. Now I was pissed. "Nothing, goodnight" I snapped before I lay down. The anger was building quickly inside, but I would deal with it tomorrow. Laughing, at me? How dare she.


Chapter 8: Fun and Games

It had been several days since the incident in bed the other night, I was still very angry, but my confusion was twice as bad. Why had this woman; who we had welcomed into our home and more to the point, our relationship, started to play these silly mind games? What was she trying to achieve by becoming 'me'? I tried to look at it from every angle, it wasn't about looks, she was stunning. It wasn't about money, she had plenty of it. It wasn't about the company, she had plenty of friends and family around her. Was she becoming obsessed over me? Or did she want to become me in her own sick way, because she had become obsessed with my Husband? I had been driving myself crazy for days with theories and thoughts about her recent activities, then I realised it wasn't the first time this has happened. Not only had I seen her on a video the other day, being called by my name, I took myself back to an incident before, when I also caught her dressed in a wig that looked very much like my own hair. But of course, she had talked her way out of it, by claiming it to be part of 'role-play.'

I suddenly started to feel sick as every little thing popped into my mind. What was her plan? The end game surely wasn't going to be good? It was nearly 7 PM now and they would be home soon. I had noticed these last few weeks, how they had started to come back rather close in time with one another. I hadn't found it to be unusual until now, but of course, when something is playing on your mind you can't help but think of every negative link. I picked up my phone, ready to ring Isabella, I couldn't hold my tongue anymore, I felt as if I was going to explode, then suddenly as I did, she walked in through the door. On her own tonight. Fantastic is all I could think, now I can have it out with the little bitch. 

As I approached her, anger building up inside, I went to explode when she suddenly said "Don't bother" It stopped me in my tracks, who the hell did she think she was? This is my home, my Husband and she tells me not to bother! I look at her with disgust, this is not the woman I allowed into my home all of those months ago. Her whole demeanour had changed, her once soft, sexy features appeared arrogant and bitter. I wanted to slap her smug little face, instead of her round ass for once. I slowly walked towards her, my fists clenched, but I was determined to use my mouth, not my hands. As I started to talk, she suddenly interrupted, pushing her finger up against my lips. "I am here to stay, and there is nothing you can say or do, that is going to change that. You know you want me here too" I couldn't believe my ears, she had tested my patience one too many times, as I went to grab her to throw her out of the door, my Husband suddenly walked in.

He was in a very good mood, which was extremely rare, I must admit, it calmed me down a little, but I was still raved up and ready to explode. Before I had the opportunity to tell him what had just happened, he semi skipped over to us both, grabbed us both by the ass and said "We are off to Rome for the weekend" Isabella suddenly jumped for joy, kissing his cheek and pulling me close "A dirty weekend" She whispered to me, with a dirty look all over her face. I didn't know how to react, I was even more confused now than I had been before. Is she crazy? Does she not remember that I was about to fling her out of the door by her hair a few minutes ago? But there was something about her face, that had once again changed, she seemed sexy again, and I became pissed at myself for not feeling angry anymore. Plus, the look on my Husbands face, just filled me with joy. A weekend in Rome then, what could possibly go wrong?

Arriving in the Italian Capital, we made our way to the hotel. It was beautiful, located in the middle of central Rome. We had the best room, of course, the mini bar fully stacked, massages for the weekend booked and a beautiful spa and sauna, where a lot of 'play' was sure to happen. I suddenly felt more relaxed, I had begun to forget about the affairs of the previous nights, or should I say convince myself I had blown them out of proportion. Maybe I had been reading Isabella's face wrong because I was already quite annoyed? Maybe I should be taking her recent activities as huge compliments and not threats? After all, my Husband had not lost any interest in me, both romantically or sexually. In fact, I would say we had become closer.

After I had finished getting ready for our first night out together, I made my way into the living area, where Isabella was patiently waiting for me. My Husband had already gone on ahead, getting a good table and no doubt his spot at the bar. I started thinking about when I first met Isabella, how much I wanted her, I still did, but I wanted the old feeling back again. With those thoughts in my mind, I walked into the living room and pulled her close. I stared into her sexy come to bed eyes and she smirked back at me, simply saying "Hello You" I kissed her sexy lips, and slowly took her to bed. As we rolled around together, hands touching each other so soft, I slipped my hand into her lace panties and started to rub. It didn't take long for her to cum, it never did. She continued to touch me, before deciding it was the time to tie me up. I told her we would be late but she simply replied "So?" How could I argue with that? I lay down, and for once, spontaneously submitted to her. First, she tied up my hands, kissing up my arms she did, she made it extra tight tonight. Next, she tied up my ankles, making sure my legs were far enough apart for her to play when she wanted too. Then came the blindfold, extra secure as always "No peeking" She murmured. Tonight she also decided to add a gag, we had used one once or twice before, but she never used to jump at the chance. I was beginning to see even more of this girls personality, and I was starting to like it.

After securing me to the bed and playing with me a little, Isabella whispered "Be right back" in my ear, before slipping off and putting some music on. "Adds to the mood," she said. I definitely agreed. Lying there, horny as fuck, listening to a mixture of sexy and cheesy music, I began to get bored. It felt like I had been lay here for at least half an hour now, and my mouth was starting to ache from the gag. Which of course also made it impossible for me to make any noticeable sounds, other than the odd grunt. Half an hour turned into an hour, which turned into two, and then what must of been three to four hours later, over the top of the music, I heard faint giggling and a door being closed. At this point, I was once again very pissed off and very confused. What the fuck had happened?

As I was about to attempt to scream under the gag, my blindfold was suddenly lifted and I was greeted by my Husbands drunken smile. I loved that smile. The smell of whiskey on his breath. Most women would despise this, but not me. He turned the music down and started to say how much he loved my dirty ideas. I was really confused, and as I went to ask him what he was talking about, he went on to explain how Isabella had joined him at the restaurant and told him my plan to stay home, bound and gagged ready for when they return. I didn't know how to respond, but I was starting to feel like I was going crazy. What is she playing at? I was about to say that it wasn't exactly my idea when she suddenly appeared behind the door. Standing there looking sexy as ever, I didn't know if I wanted to rip her face off or her clothes. She approached us both and starting rubbing herself "You are full of dirty ideas aren't you mistress?" She stared at me as the words rolled off her dirty tongue. It seems she was a game player. I didn't like games, not unless I was the one in control. So it was time to take control. "Yes, I am" I replied, eager and ready for the weekend to unfold.

Kayleigh Taylor
Kayleigh Taylor

I am an aspiring writer, with a love for writing the raw reality of love, romance, depression, marriage and sex. Both fact and fiction.

I like to write articles about taboo subjects, that leave a gateway for an open civilised debate.

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