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The Guy Behind the Counter

And Our Encounter

I sat in the same booth as always, headphones in, music almost to full capacity. The world around me completely muted out, and a book spread open in front of me. Every time I came here, it was the same routine. Get food, read, and try to work up the courage to talk to the nerdy guy behind the counter. 

Tonight was no different. I stole glances at him as he worked, creating scenarios in my head of him sweeping me off my feet, all cheesy romance novel style. Well, what I would assume to be romance novel style. I've never actually read one myself. So more like their covers... Yet they never seemed to happen in real life. I always sat there, reading, eating, and being a creeper, (There's been a couple of times where I swear he's caught me staring) until closing. Were I awkwardly say sorry for staying so long, and walk out the door.

I went back to reading. 

Later he came around the counter and turned the 'Open' sign off. I coyly watched as he did this. To my surprise he did not go about his work as he usually did at this point in the night. Instead he sat in the seat opposite me. I put my book down so it lay splayed out on the table. Slowly I removed my headphones from my ears. The ambiance of the shop filled my ears. He didn't speak right away. After what seemed, to me, to be an ungodly long silence he spoke. 

"I've been trying to figure out if you're going to actually say something to me one of these nights or just sit and pretend like you're reading." 

"I read," I said awkwardly. His smirk returned, only this time slightly broader. "I do." 

"Anyways, tonight sit and read while I close." With that he was up and going about his business. 

I panicked! What do I do? Should I stay? I could just picture in my head how this is exactly how a Lifetime movie would start. Shit! I took so long to figure out what I should do that I lost my window of opportunity. So finally I gave up, put my headphones in, and went back to my book. About an hour later his coworker was gone and he was done. I joined him outside in the cool night as he locked us out of the little taco shop.

"Come with me," he smiled. Like an insane person, I went with him. We walked to his car. He unlocked and held the passenger side door open for me. I hesitated to get in. "I promise I'm not going to chop you in to little bits." 

"That's just what you'd say if you were going to chop me into bits," I smiled nervously

"True. But I'm really not going to. I'm going to pack us a bowl and I'd really rather smoke in my car than out here in the open," he said gesturing for me to get in. Finally I got in. We sat in silence as he packed a bowl. He offered me 'greens' and I took a deep long hit. He took his as I exhaled. Few more times. Aw, relaxation.

"You must think I'm such a creeper," I said finally breaking the silence, as I once again passed the pipe back. 

"Nope," was all he said before he took another lung full of smoke. Hold, Hold, Hold. Exhale. "Not at all. I've just been waiting for you to talk to me. It can be hard to tell if you're here for the food or something else." It was my turn to take a hit. 

"Well the food is pretty yummy." Inhale. Hold. Hold. Exhale. "But ..." before I could continue he was leaning over towards me. His lips on mine. His tongue slipped into my mouth within seconds. 

I pulled away, set the pipe down on the dash, and before either of us could speak was shifting in the seat to be able to climb over into his. His seat slid back away from the steering wheel to make room for me. 

I gripped his hair in both hands as I pressed my mouth to his. His hands caressed my back, my thighs, my ass, like he couldn't decide where to put them. I felt him harden underneath me, my hips involuntarily grinding against his hardness. Finally his hands settled on my hips right where my lower back meets my ass. They guided my hips as I ground mine into his.

He moved one hand finally and the seat reclined some. Then with both hands he lifted my shirt over my head and off. His lips found their way down my chest as best they could in the cramped car. His hands moved up my back to my bra. He fumbled at first but then I felt the release as my breasts bounded out of their harness. I pulled his shirt off over his head. As soon as he was free of it his mouth found my left nipple while his hand found my right. A small moan escaped my lips. I could feel my clit as it began to tingle with excitement. I could feel the moisture between my legs as I pressed against him. 

I slid back into the passenger seat and began unbuttoning my jeans. He got the hint and undid his too. His throbbing cock slid out, and as if it had a magnetic pull, my hand was on it. Feeling the warm stiffness of it as I stroked it. I leaned over to him and kissed him hard, my hand still moving in rhythmic motions. Slowly, my mouth found its way south. He moaned in ecstasy. 

I sucked on the tip like it was a pacifier, then took as much of his girth in my mouth as I could. His fingers weaved their way through my hair, gripping tighter and tighter with every flick of my tongue, pushing my head further and further down. Then, with an erotic fierceness he pulled me up by my hair to meet his lips. He kissed me hard and sloppily. 

I slid back on top of him. With little effort I felt him slide into me. His rock hard cock filling up my dripping little pussy. I grind my hips as hard as I could, feeling him slip deeper with each thrust. I moaned as his hands went up my back to my shoulders. My moans growing louder and louder as he gripped my shoulders and pulled down as he thrust up with his own hips. With each thrust, I could feel his cock rub against my clit. I tightened every muscle I could around his cock as it slid in and out, in and out. I could feel tingling spread throughout my entire body. It ached to be released. My hips grinding harder and faster with every second. My breathing became more rapid. And then, there it was. The release. The explosion of pleasure. I shrieked in ecstasy. He pulled down on my shoulders once more, digging his nails in as I came, driving himself in as deep as he could each time. My whole body convulsed and twitched with each orgasm. I collapsed into him, my head on his shoulder as finally I felt his body stiffen, followed by an explosion of warmth inside of me. He pumped and pumped as I felt him slowly soften inside me. We sat in the same position panting for a moment. I could feel both of us drip out of me. 

He stroked my back as we sat in each other's arms. He kissed me as gently as if I would break. Finally I gained enough control of myself to climb back into my seat. We sat there in the after glow for a few more minutes before I started to pull my shirt back on. He watched me as I did, smiling. After another moment we were both dressed and sitting in the fogged up car as if nothing had taken place. 

"I should probably get going," I said hesitantly. 

"Only if you come back tomorrow night and actually talk to me," he replied and smiled.  

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The Guy Behind the Counter
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