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The Foxy Five (Must Read)

These sexy secrets will make everyone want to fuck you!

Seriously, who could refuse Leo? 

Do you want to seduce your crush? Do you want people to fantasize about sleeping with you? If you nodded your head, keep reading.

Like most, I always wanted to be SEXY... but I never thought I could be. I’ve been reflecting on my dry, awkward high school years. Even though my hormones were raging, I never attracted my hardcore crushes. Then, I remembered the charmers I lusted after. These sexy individuals had five things in common, though they were all from different cliques. They were able to laugh at themselves, and they often joked about their insecurities. Without cringing, they flattered their rivals—and that takes BALLS. Most of them were class clowns, and they made the entire room erupt with laughter. Disregarding fear, they opened up to people both physically and emotionally. Above all, their smiles were genuine, toothy, and panty-dropping.

After doing some research, I found the exact trait that my crushes effortlessly practiced: Charisma. Allow me to be a little academic. Charisma is defined by Merriam-Webster as, “A personal magic of leadership arousing special popular loyalty or enthusiasm for a public figure.” This trait, which the greatest leaders in history possessed, can make anyone SEXY. Let me share the importance of “The Foxy Five” of charisma.

The Foxy Five:

  1. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously
  2. Compliment Your Competition
  3. Make People Laugh
  4. Be Open
  5. Smile

These behaviors might not be easy for some, but they are VERY effective. If you want to be remembered, loosen up, unbutton your shirt, and follow these tips.

When a hater laughs at you, ROLL WITH IT. Turn those lemons into lemonade. Self-deprecation is a huge factor in being charismatic. When you humorously open up about your insecurities, your audience will believe that you’re actually self-confident. You publicly accept your faults, and people LOVE THAT. No one is perfect. If you try to display yourself as perfect, people won’t trust you. Perfection isn’t relatable. Making fun of your flaws establishes acceptance and TRUST. And it will show everyone how comfortable you are in your own skin. Not giving a fuck is attractive.

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” The competition is REAL. You might be at a campus party hoping to run into your crush. But several others are lustfully swarming around them. Don’t be afraid. Embrace it. Your rivals are your friends. By gushing about them, slapping them on the back, and dishing out the compliments, you’ll OUTSHINE them. Don’t make your competitors look bad. Make them look awesome, and you’ll appear even more AWESOME.

Laughter is the best drug. It floods the brain with serotonin. You don’t have to be a stand-up comedian to make people laugh. Even my cringe-worthy puns jokes made my crushes giggle. Those anacondas don’t want none unless you’ve got PUNS, hon! Even Dad-jokes can make people drool with desire. Practice your wit. Interrupt a boring class or conference with a sly comment. Brighten dull situations with humor, and all eyes will be undressing you RAVENOUSLY.

Be open, honest, and intimate. Pay attention to your body language. Are you closed-off, or are you waving your arms like an Italian when speaking? Choose the Italian movements! Express your excitement and passion with your hands. When you’re flirting with your crush, say their name. People ADORE the sound of their own names, and immediately be drawn to you. Also, honesty is really fucking hot. The more open you are about yourself, the more memorable you will be. So, tell your love interest an embarrassing story—like the time you stole a keg from a party in your underwear. Guaranteed, honesty will make people flock to you like moths fly to a flame.

Most importantly, SMILE. When you smile, mean it. Be genuine. If you’re dimples aren’t showing and your crow’s feet aren’t creasing, then you’re not doing it right. Open your mouth slightly. The wider your smile is, the more inviting you appear. Lastly, show your TEETH. Don’t be insecure about your pearly whites. I’ve been attracted to men with jacked-up teeth. But when they smiled the right way, I MELTED. Flaunt your canines, and your crushes will imagine you nibbling on their necks.

Charisma isn’t a gift. It CAN be taught. Once you start practicing these KEY behaviors, you will be ten-times sexier, and you’ll destroy the competition. Charisma is humor and understanding. It’s actively listening to every word when someone is speaking, and contributing something simple, yet profound. Charisma makes people feel good and allows you to be YOU. All of you have a unmatched personalities. Use them to your advantage, and attract your hardcore crushes. Just follow “The Foxy Five.”

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Ace Hessy
Ace Hessy

Hey, everyone! I'm here to offer advice, share my experiences, and engage readers. I hope you enjoy my work! I will be covering a wide variety of topics and relevant discussions in the media.

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The Foxy Five (Must Read)
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