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The Forbidden Fruit

A New Dawn

Image: no copyright infringement is intended

I wake up before you, after a night of excitement still remembering our every movement down to the most minute detail. Seeing you still asleep, I kiss your forehead hoping to wake you up. Getting no response, I get out of bed, lifting the sheets. Catching a glimpse of you naked, thinking of how tight your dick was in my pussy just some hours before... Smiling to myself, I go down the stairs to the kitchen naked. 

Remembering how much you enjoyed the custard in the donut last night, I got a brilliant idea! Taking a good chunk of the leftover custard, I smother it on my pussy, coating it thoroughly. Going back to our room I find you still asleep. I climb on top, crawling up your body carefully making sure the icing doesn't make contact with your body. Seeing your mouth slightly open, I slide my tongue into your mouth. Beginning to kiss you harder and harder. Within a few seconds, I realize your tongue has become active and you’re kissing me back. Your hands beginning to slide down my neck and onto my boobs. They massage them, twisting my nipples gently, making them erect, making me moan. Feeling your dick harden and touch my leg, I spin swiftly like a ballerina. 

In an instant, my pussy is in your face. The custard beginning to melt as I grow warmer and wetter. While you take in the sight of me, I’m busy on the other end. Grabbing your dick, I pump it with one hand, and tickling the tip with the other, making you moan. Feeling you grow harder, I stroke you with my tongue, kissing the tip, tasting your warm, sticky pre-cum. Opening my mouth wider, I beginning sucking slowly, increasing the speed while juggling your balls in my hands… 

Meanwhile, you grab my bum with both hands, beginning to slowly lick the melting frosting off of me. As you clean up, your tongue finds itself at the lips of my damp, sticky pussy. You begin moving your tongue making me arch my back, moving one hand to my clit, you move your fingers in a circular motion to build up my climax. Wanting to taste my sweet cum, you enter me with utmost anticipation. Your tongue against the warm walls filled with cum. You wiggle your tongue getting most of it out. As you come out, the excess cum drips on your face. Just as you come out, I release you from my mouth, revealing your slippery hard dick covered with a natural lubricant of your cum and my saliva. Flipping me on to my back, you fall over me, burying your face in my boobs, landing multiple kisses. Your tongue traces my nipple once, and then you begin sucking hard making me moan loudly. Arching my back, I pull at your hair. Still moist and hard, you enter me slowly as you get deeper, the warmer I get. As you begin thrusting, your hands return to massaging my boobs, and our lips meet as we kiss passionately. You thrust faster and faster and the sound of me colliding with you adds a perfect beat to our moaning and heavy breathing. Our climax ends with you ejaculating in me. Letting your warm cum add to the internal temperature of my pussy... 

Realizing it is now past noon you exit me and carry me to the bathroom. We stand there brushing our teeth while letting the bathwater run. With toothbrush in one hand, I reach over grabbing your dick, stroking it with one hand, making you shiver and shake. Quickly spitting out your paste, you push me up against the wall. Toothbrush still in my mouth. One hand squeezing my boobs while the other slides lower and lower until it reaches your warm shaft. You flick my clit making me jump and shriek, your fingers quickly enter my pussy feeling that it's still sticky from before. I slide my hand on my clit, rotating my fingers around it. You begin fingering me hard, making me moan loudly and I bite your neck, using my other hand to pull you closer. My whole body shakes and I can feel my boobs shaking against your chest. Noticing that the tub is about to overflow, I rush to close the tap, leaving a trail of my cum for you to follow. Still dripping, I enter the tub grabbing your hand, pulling you in behind me. 

After you enter, I sit on your lap, wrapping my legs around your waist, pulling you closer and closer to me. We kiss passionately, my hands on your chest, and your hands on my boobs playing with them in the water like a little child. I begin grinding my pussy against your hard dick, causing the water to splash out of the tub. Sliding one hand underwater I grab you and insert you inside me while letting out a moan. I lift slightly giving you room to thrust inside of me. With every thrust, water splashes out of the tub, and the sound of our smashing parts intensifies due to the interference of the water. Wrapping your hands around my back, you pull me closer to you, my boobs now in your face. They bounce up and down hitting you in the face repeatedly. Trying to coordinate with their bouncing, you sneak in a few kisses and nibbles leaving red marks in the process. The water—filled a mixture of soap, cum, sweat, and saliva has an intoxicating aroma which fills the room.

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