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The First Time

Disclaimer: This contains content that is explicit in nature.

Xander sighed, a soft smile on his face as he placed down the final petal. It was perfect, just like the movies. And he still had some time to spare before Willow would be showing up. If she showed up? She would definitely show up. He was positive.

And if not well…then it just wasn’t the right time! And they’d just have to try again and again until it was the right time.

He sat on his chair and sipped his drink, waiting to see if she’d come.

As the time came, he was starting to wonder if he had put all this effort in to surprise her for no reason. Ten minutes passed, and finally there was a knock on the door. He jumped up and made his way over, opening it with a bright smile as he saw Willow standing there.

“Hey! I’m so glad you came! I was starting to get worried and then I thought maybe you just didn’t want to come hang out and….I’m talking too much, right? You’ve got that little cute glare on your face, that’s how I know haha.”

Willow just shook her head, a small laugh leaving her as he finished talking.

“It…It’s fine. Are you going to invite me in or were we just going to hang out in the hallway.”

“Oh! Right haha. Yeah, come in! I worked really really hard so I hope you like it. Or well, maybe not super hard. A little hard. It turned out super pretty though!”

He moved aside and let her walk in and…her jaw dropped a little. What was this? Weren’t they just hanging out? She looked from him to the room and back to him and…He had a look on his face that was practically begging her to give input on what he had done.

“T…That’s a lot of….of stuff.”

Was he expecting more than just hanging out?

“W…Well I really wanted our first time to be special so…”

Well now she just looked confused. What was he talking about? First ti….Oh man. Oh man that’s what he meant.

“Oh. Ohhh.”

Well now she was blushing. This was a thing that was happening apparently. And now she was just standing there, biting her lip as the silence seemed to grow.

“Are you okay, Willow? You’re blushing so much it’s so cute!”

“I uh…So you…you didn’t mean just…just hangin' out?”

She was gonna need a minute.

“We don’t have to do anything at all Willow. We can just hang out! If you want, I can put on some music? I’m really okay with anything as long as I get to spend time with you.”

She lowered her head, plopping it against his chest. Why did he have to be so cute? This was too much.

“I…It’s fine so….So we can….okay?”

A soft smile formed on his lips as he leaned forward, kissing the top of her head. He pulled back, gently taking her hand and leading her off to the bedroom.

“I don’t uh…haha. I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do so don’t hate me too much, okay?”

“I…I don’t know what to do either so…”

There it was again. The awkward silence. She gently squeezed his hand, though. If it was going to be with anyone, she wanted it to be with Xander.

So, she swallowed her pride a bit and took a deep breath, looking up at him. Grabbing onto his collar, she tugged hard, crashing their lips together. They’d at least done this much before, so the rest should fall into place after right?


He let out a surprised sort of noise, but let his hands slide to her hips, pulling her gently against him as her lips parted. He nibbled her lower lip as his hand wandered slightly. Would she kill him if he touched her ass? He wasn’t sure, and part of him didn’t really care. It would be a good way to die, in his eyes.

She pulled back a bit, a soft gasp leaving her lips as he groped her ass. She hid her face against him, not wanting to show him how embarrassed she was that he was hearing her in this light.

He paused a moment, raising his hand to lift her chin.

“Is this too much? We don’t have to con---“

He let out a muffled laugh as she cut him off, crushing her lips against his to shut him up. She wanted this. She just needed to get over how embarrassed she felt.

Without breaking the kiss, he guided her to the bed, laying her down. He broke the kiss long enough to take off his shirt before sliding over her, his arm pressing under her head to cradle her close as his thigh pressed between her legs, drawing a soft moan from her lips.

She tried to hide her face but he pressed his forehead to hers. Her skin was flushed and he really didn’t want to miss a single expression.

“Y…you’re really cute like this, Willow.”

He’d stuttered and she realized he was just as nervous as her. Shakily, her hands wrapped her arms around him, one hand pressing his head down so their lips could meet once more. He talked too much. And he was annoying and…

And she wanted to be entirely in his arms, in every way. And for some strange reason, he wanted her too.

She moved her hips slightly, grinding against his thigh as more muffled moans were drawn from her lips. She could feel his bulge growing as she continued, her own thigh rubbing against him. He was shaking a little as his hand slid down, his fingers attempting to mimic his thigh. He wanted to hear more of her but…

He was so nervous that he didn’t lower his hand enough, and his fingers were just lightly rubbing against her mound.

She was confused, at first, because she had expected to feel….more? And so she was forced to swallow her pride again. Closing her eyes, she slid her hand down and interlaced her fingers with his, guiding him to her clit.

“L….Like this.”

It was incredibly awkward but…he’d mentioned something about her communicating with him more about the things she liked and didn’t like…This counted right?

He nodded, lightly pressing his fingers against her as she bit her lip, muffling a noise. A smile formed on his face. That was the reaction he’d been hoping for, and he’d even gotten her to communicate a little, as well.

Light gasps and moans left her as his fingers slowly worked the swelling bead, her own hand starting to slide down. She was supposed to touch him too, right? Right. Problem, she’d never seen a dick in person before, let alone touched one. And so, as soon as her palm pressed against his bulge, she gasped out of embarrassment, pulling her hand back.

That. That was supposed to go in her? She was tiny, though! She wasn’t so sure about this anymore but he was being so gentle, so careful, pulling noises from her that she didn’t even know she could make. Surely he’d be gently with that part too, right?

“P…please….more…” The words came out in a rasp, and she was surprised. Because the words had come from her.

He nodded against her, slowly undressing her as his lips pressed against every inch of her scarred flesh sending shivers through her entire body. Who gave him the right to be this sweet? This caring? Who gave him the right to make her fall so hard?

They were pointless questions, and she bit her lip as she watched him fumble with the remainder of his own clothes. She had never seen a naked boy before, and her cheeks felt like they were fire.

He slid over her, reaching for the condom he’d placed under the pillow and shakily working the package open. Her hand reached up, caressing his cheek. She needed him to be less nervous if this was going to work at all. She needed him to be the brave one because lord knew she was terrified.

His head turned, kissing her palm as he finally got the package open and slid the condom on.

“S…still sure?”


His smile grew and he pressed his forehead to hers once more, one arm balancing him over her as the other hand guided him to her soaked entrance. Carefully, he pressed in, pausing when he saw the slight wince on her face.

“It…it’s okay. I’ll g-go slow.”

She nodded and reached for his free hand, interlacing their fingers together as he slowly thrusted in, pausing every few moments to give her time to get used to the feeling. Her fingers gripped his, an attempt to calm herself.

After a few moments, she moved her hips slightly, a soft gasp of his name leaving her. He pressed his lips to her cheek, kissing down to her neck as his own hips slowly began to thrust in and out of her. The noises she made were amazing and he couldn’t believe he was the one who got to hear them. He was the one who got to be this close, this intimate with her.

He was the only one who’d ever get to see this side of her.

He lightly nipped her neck as his hips started to pick up the pace, his body finding it easier to do so with every thrust. Soft moans of his name were leaving her lips and he could feel her tightening around him, her body building up with every thrust and rub of his.

His slid his free hand down, his nails digging into her hips slightly, trying to keep her close. His lips trailed from her neck to her collar bone, and each spot they touched made her feel hotter.

Her nails dug into his back. She didn’t know how to handle this feeling at all. It was embarrassing and exciting and all too much as she lifted her head, burying her face into his shoulder to muffle the cry that left her lips.

His arm wrapped around her, holding her close as his hips pressed into hers, a low moan leaving his lips as she felt him pulse inside her.

He held her like that for a few moments, pepper soft kisses on the top of her head before he pulled out. Rolling onto his back, he pulled her close, forcing her head onto his chest on softly playing with her hair.

She nuzzled his chest a bit, her body still shaking slightly as a light yawn left her lips. And, before she could stop herself, the words were falling from her lips.

“I….I love you.”

Xander couldn’t wipe the grin off if he tried.

“I love you too.”

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The First Time
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