The Edge of Ecstasy

Let go of yourself and join with another.

What started as gentle caressing has evolved into deep, passionate kissing. Our breathing and primal groaning dance together as our bodies grind against one another so desperately you would think our denim would start a friction fire. Your hands explore my body and I’m surprised by the feeling of them finding their way under my shirt. Not like a 7th grader groping but with the tender touch of a man who has earned his experience. A man who has learned the value of a woman putting her trust in him. 

Considering your shy nature I’m caught off guard when you roll on top of me. You kiss me deeply again and press your body to mine. My hips widen to accommodate you in the space where my root chakra is pulsing, urging me to join my body and spirit with yours, even if just for this time together. 

You pull my pants over my ankles and I pull my shirt up over my head.  You do the same for yourself and move to your knees, between mine, in front of the couch. Eyes staying on mine you lower your mouth to my bud shaped flower. Your tongue probes the the petals and I grab a handful of your hair. You explore this new space running up and down skipping playfully over my clitoris, teasing me mercilessly. I lean my head back, close my eyes, and move my hips against you. You reach under my thighs and take my wrists in your hands, effectively pinning me in place. This added tension makes me begin to moan as my body climbs towards its white hot summit. Closer and closer, my flower has opened to you and at once explodes, pulsing against your tongue buried deep within me. My body relaxes and you release my exhausted limbs. 

Endorphins are rushing through me and your pulse is pounding in your veins as you lay against me. Flesh to flesh now, you ease yourself within. Your hips press closer and closer to mine with each plunge. One arm under my left knee you lean back, stroking our meeting with the power of  your full staff. You grab a handful of the flesh at my hip enjoying the tactile pleasure my body presents. We fall into each other’s eyes and  breathe deeply together. 

A wicked smirk crawls across your face. You lick your thumb and part my supple lips, again. With every thrust of your hips you stroke up against my clitoris. I spill over the edge of ecstasy and lose myself fully to you, again. You let out a satisfied laugh and pull me on top of you. 

My sex still contracting, I press my chest against yours, our faces shrouded in my locks. The light glances off my skin and you are captured by the unexpected beauty. As a ride you, you run your fingers across my tan shoulders. I pull your face to mine and kiss you passionately. You wrap your arms tightly and hold me to you. You move like the ocean tide, rushing quickly into my shore and rolling slowly back out. Again and again, the cresting wave lifting us higher and higher into the atmosphere.

My body is a Fourth of July sparkler and I can’t contain myself any longer. I’m going to come, again. 

“Come with me,” I beg. 

You place your hand around the back of my neck and thrust harder inside of me. You bite at the mounds of soft flesh on my chest, breathing more heavily now. 

“Yes! Yes, that’s it!” 

We come together spectacularly. Dopamine and oxytocin flooding our brains, grasping desperately at each other’s earthly bodies.  

Exhausted, we collapse into the deep sofa cushions together. 

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The Edge of Ecstasy
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