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The Dream

Or was it?

Her lips came up over his bald scrotal sac like a sun rising over the desert. The wrinkled skin looked like wind-blown ripples in the sand as her tongue traced every one of them. That fleshy pink tongue and velvet red lips entranced him as he followed them with his eyes. He was paralyzed by her actions. Every nerve in Ricky’s body went into overload sending signals throughout to release his pleasure endorphins.

Ricky watched as her tongue wrapped around his shaft like a candy cane barber’s pole. He could see the saliva dripping from the corners of her mouth and she licked her way up his throbbing shaft. Her velvet red nails were clenching into his thighs causing a little pain, but all he could feel was the pleasure she was giving him.

In the distance, far back in his mind he could hear the alarm go off as it got louder and louder. Suddenly, she began fading into nothing. He was losing her but still could not move. Once she was gone, the alarm was at its loudest. Then, Ricky opened his eyes and realized he was all alone in his room and in his bed soaked with sweat.

That was the most intense of dreams he has ever had. He was disappointed that it ended so early and that he was left with a tent being pitched in his shorts. He now had to figure out how to make it go away before he can get up for work.

At that moment while he thought of how to make his erection go down, he heard his landlady’s voice right outside his door and instantly his tent collapsed, and he quietly muttered the words, “Thank you.”

Ricky was then able to get up out of bed and make himself ready for work. It would be a long day for him after having such an erotic dream. He really didn’t want it to end. His only hope was that work would go by fast and that he could get home to relax before bed and maybe go back into the same dream.

Ricky changed his clothes and brushed his hair and teeth before putting on his shoes to leave for work. He had to take the subway clear across town to his job and even that took an hour both ways. The only exciting thing in his life right now was that shaft hardening dream. He was single and basically just worked himself to death and didn’t seem to have time for anything else.

He went to work like a good little employee and did everything his boss commanded and when it got close to the end of the work day, his mind reverted back to the dream and how close he was to getting back to it. He worked long and hard until the shift bell rang, and he quickly clocked out and ran to the subway station to catch his ride home.

It was going to be a long ride home, but his anxiety would keep him sane until he got there. The first thing he wanted to do when he got home was grab a quick bite from the fridge and then get into a steamy hot shower to wash work off him.

He wanted to be clean and smelling good when he was to be with her again. Ricky almost made it sound like it was a virtual girlfriend but, in all honesty, that is probably who she was. He had no social life to speak of and pretty much stayed at home to himself listening to his old demented landlady yell and scream at everyone for their rent.

Once he made it home, he went into the kitchen opening the refrigerator and grabbing a slice of two-day-old pizza and shoveling it into his mouth as he walked towards his bedroom to get clean clothing for his shower. He grabbed his clothing and a clean towel from the linen closet before walking into the bathroom and closing the door.

He quickly took off his clothing and leaned over to turn on the shower water. He waited until it began steaming up the bathroom before stepping in. He grabbed the shower head with his hands and leaned forward allowing the water to drench his head and run down his back soothing all his muscles from the day’s work.

He began washing up and when he was ready to rinse off, he again leaned forward letting the water soak him from head to toe rinsing all the soap off. While his eyes were closed, he felt soft hands massaging his shoulders and started to enjoy it. Then, he felt a pair of nice breasts with perky nipples pressing against his back. He thought someone was actually in the shower with him.

Those hands that were massaging his shoulders seemed to disappear and then reappear, grabbing his waist and moving around until he felt them around his hardened shaft. They slowly began stroking him from the base up to the swollen helmet atop his shaft. Gentle squeezes made his legs quiver as the water ran down his body.

Ricky opened his eyes as the water began to turn colder and again found himself alone in the shower. He looked down at his shaft after turning off the water and saw a bit of his prejudice leaking from his helmet onto the shower floor. It felt so real, but then he realized that he had fallen asleep in the shower.

He stepped out and grabbed his towel drying himself off while thinking about what just happened. He took his towel once he was done drying off and wrapped it around his waist before opening the bathroom door and walking out.

He went into the living room and made himself comfortable on the couch and turned on the television. He figured he would watch a little television before going to bed. Ricky laid back on the couch and channel surfed a minute to find something interesting to watch. There wasn’t much on, so he put it on the news.

While he watched the news, his eyes began to burn like he was getting tired and kept blinking them. Each time he opened them, he saw a gorgeous woman completely naked walking across his living room over to him. With each blink, she got closer until she was standing next to the couch and reaching down opening his towel to expose his fleshy piece of meat laying there on his thigh.

Once his eyes focused, he saw that it was her. The girl from his first intense dream. He remembered those velvet red lips and nails. He watched as she again reached down and grabbed his manhood stroking it a bit before leaning over more and wrapping her lips around his helmet like a bow on a gift. His body tensed up as he watched her take it completely into her mouth.

He felt it hardening inside her hot wet mouth as those red nails caressed his scrotum. He laid his head back to enjoy it because soon after his body became paralyzed once again. All he could do was watch. Those red lips slid up and down like they were meant just for his shaft. She would stop every so often and tickle his helmet with her pink tongue tip, flicking it around it.

While she made herself comfortable with his shaft, he was able to see her naked bare bottom and that she was nicely trimmed around her pubic area. He only wished that he could taste of her as well. After a few minutes, she stood back up and walked up towards his head pushing her trimmed bush into his face. He tried so hard to stick out his tongue to get a taste that he just couldn’t.

She rubbed that sweet aromatic bush all over his face like she was taunting him knowing that he couldn’t move. He could feel her swollen clitoris rubbing across his lips as he heard faint moans from her red lips. He felt his body shutter with excitement as her vaginal juices were dripping over his lips and chin. It was amazing he thought, if only he could get the words out of his mouth.

After she was done, he watched her walk back down his body some before picking one leg up and straddling him there on the couch. He could see his shaft throbbing from excitement and some of his prejudice dripping down the sides as if it were a volcano ready to erupt.

She stood up over him on the couch giving him a glimpse of her vagina before squatting down and opening her lips to show just how pink it is on the inside. She lowered herself down on top of his shaft while he watched his swollen helmet disappear inside her and feeling the tightness as it grips him. Lower, she went down until every inch of his swollen manhood was inside her. She sat there for a minute flexing her internal muscles letting him know who was in charge and that she intended on milking him for every ounce.

Ricky threw his head back in ecstasy as she pumped herself up and down on his manhood, watching as her juices drenched his shaft and felt it on his scrotum. It was madness to him but so full of pleasure as he lay paralyzed while a sexy woman milks his throbbing shaft. He felt her clitoris rubbing his shaft and could only let out small low moans of excitement.

He felt the pressure build inside him as he was milked like cattle until an eruption occurred so strong that it caused Ricky to black out. He did not know how long he had been out, but when he opened his eyes, he found his hand wrapped around his shaft covered in his semen. Was it him the whole time making his shaft hard with just the thought of a woman? What do you think?

Brandi Payne
Brandi Payne

I'm a forty-eight-year-old woman who became a published author back in 2016. I write fiction and nonfiction in many different genre. I love to write and tell stories to the world and hope that everyone enjoys them.

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