The Denigrating Effects of Pornography on Society

An Expose on What’s Perpuating Human Right Violations

We live in a society where women wear rape whistles and children are sold into slavery and raped for some sickos' pleasure. You can very well put this aside and say "Well, that's not happening to me or here. It has nothing to do with me." Well, let me ask you, how much porn do you watch? How much erotica do you read? How many nude photos do you look at? And how often do you masturbate to any of these?

Let's put this in a financial look. For every click onto a website, that website gets money whether from advertisements or sponsors or products sold on the website. So imagine if a website is really popular, how much money do you think it'd make? The answer is millions. Maybe even billions.

So imagine a porn website making that much. And you are contributing to it each time you visit a porn website. You might say what's the problem with watching porn or paying for porn? The people in these videos are paid for this. As described in the video above, this is not always the case. 

These women who get into the business willingly or unwillingly are mistreated and abused and the visiting of these websites, the buying of erotica, the buying of porn are all doing one thing whether you mean it or not: telling the people who mistreat these women that you approve of their actions because you are giving them money. 

The video above is about 1 hour long and it'll give you all of the facts. It may be a hard pill to swallow but it's the truth. And the truth is allowing this activity to go on is a Human Rights violation. No human should be treated this way. 

Even if just one person stops their pornographic activities because of this article then I'll be happy but it is not enough. We need to make everybody aware of this data. It's not normal to look at porn. It is something that has become more and more prevalent in our 21st century. It's the worst it has ever been in history. So I implore you to take a stand and let people know so we can together stop these women: our daughters, our sisters, our wives, our girlfriends from ever having to be abused in this way. 

I ,for one, was one of you. Unaware of what I was doing to contribute to the rape and sexual slavery of these women. It was only until I watched this video did I realize exactly how wrong watching porn was. It helps profit an entire machine of mistreated women and children. They are prone to get STDs way more often than the average human. Some are drugged to keep them from being aware of how bad a condition they are in. They get anal tears and vaginal tears and have to act like they're enjoying it. Sex is no longer enjoyable here. 

The worst part though is that if these women get themselves out of this life their chances of being able to pursue a decent relationship is almost ruined because no one wants to date a porn star or a stripper. 

Help end this machine and that will be a closer step to attaining a better world. You don't have to do much to help. Stop watching porn. Don't buy porn. Don't go to strip clubs. Don't buy erotica. Don't allow anyone to tolerate the idea that watching porn is alright.

Our intolerance of unethical activity has waned over the decades. That's whats killing society. We need to be more intolerant of these things that cause misery but even more than that we need to take responsibility. 

The only person that can make the right decision for you is you but I hope I have given you enough data and advice with this video and my article. 

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Chas C. Smith
Chas C. Smith

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The Denigrating Effects of Pornography on Society
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