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The Bizarre World of Sasha Grey Fan Art

Ex-porn star Sasha Grey has inspired a bizarre world of fan art as eccentric as she is.

As Rolling Stones once put it, Sasha Grey is “the dirtiest girl in the world”, or she used to be. Now–by Grey’s own design–it’s unclear exactly what she is, but her wide cultural impact speaks for itself. Grey is hailed as a ‘hipster porn star,’ which is not so much a sub-genre as much as a categorization of a person whose body of work reflects no identifiable common thread.

The now ex-porn star entered the porn industry in 2006 at just 18 years old and quickly earned a reputation for doing very dirty things in extremely hardcore adult films. It wasn’t just the juxtaposition of a young, ‘real-looking’ girl starring in these hard-core porn scenes; she garnered the fascination of the general public for her intellect, interest in art, literature and philosophy, and her general demand to be taken seriously in everything she does.

Six years and multiple pornography award-wins later, she was done with porn and expected her fan base to adjust accordingly-and adjust they did. Sasha Grey’s activities since porn have run the gamut from mainstream film and television (most notably “Entourage”) to music (she started an industrial music band called aTelecine), to DJing and writing, authoring an erotic novel called The Juliette Society. Sometimes her work involves sex, sometimes it doesn’t, and that ongoing dichotomy is what keeps her fans invested and impatient to find out what she’ll do next.

Sasha doesn’t just produce art, she inspires it; there is a massive collection of Sasha Grey fan art created by fans and critics alike. Be it for her physical beauty or the complex ideology she embodies, Sasha continues to be the perfect muse. 





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The Bizarre World of Sasha Grey Fan Art
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