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The Big Dick Energy of Cliff Jensen

His offscreen antics add to his onscreen appeal.

Cliff Jensen is the very definition of big dick energy. The man knows that any gay man or straight woman would love to have his cock inside them, filling their holes with his cum. This, despite the fact, or perhaps because of his reputation as a bad boy when not onscreen.

When Cliff Jensen appears in a video clip two things are certain: His dick is going into a hole and orgasm will result, and the second thing is that he is playing some variation of a straight guy. Most of the clips viewed, for research purposes, of course, have him acting like a straight guy who is seduced by a gay man. One of the most seen has him shaving when a neighbor bursts into Cliff's house. After an argument about Cliff not being able to move the car that is blocking the neighbor in, the neighbor decides that he is owed Cliff's dick and pushes him into the bathtub and gives the "straight man" head. Yes, this amounts to rape, but Cliff seems into it, and it's obvious that it's a fantasy that is playing out across the screen. Another clip has Cliff demanding money from a producer who hasn't paid him yet. The producer says that Cliff has to fuck him before he gets the money. Of course, our hero obliges and they have hot sweaty sex.

Offscreen though, Cliff is not the passive straight guy. He has been arrested several times, including once for auto theft. After being paroled in Florida for the crime, he decided to go to California (no reason given as to why) and was promptly arrested and sent back to Florida to serve out the remainder of his sentence. This made him and his clips even more popular. This was a bad boy who was being forced to give in to his baser needs by men who knew what he wanted better than he did. It somehow upped the fantasy even more.

There are a lot of porn stars who take their clothes off for their movies, but stop doing that for free on Twitter and other social media outlets. Cliff Jensen knows that part of his appeal is his extra long cock, and he makes sure to show it off every chance he gets. There have been rumors that he sells himself to the highest bidder if a fan wants to experience what he's like in bed, but there is no proof of this happening. Maybe it's a fan's wish to have sex with the bad boy porn star. (Is that redundant?)

Being in prison is something that Cliff has prepared for. In one of his first clips (according to dates uploaded), he appears with Christian Wilde and twin blonde twinks in a scene set in a prison cell. After Christian and Cliff take turns blowing one another, they fuck (and swap) the twins. It's a scene that is hot and sure to fuel fantasies about Cliff doing this to the men he shared a cell with. And it's very possible that he did before he got out.

The first picture Cliff took after being released from jail was a naked selfie that he shared on his Twitter account. His body is not worse for being locked up, and he sprouts a semi-hardon to wet his fans appetite while he waits to book his next gig. At a time when many bisexual porn stars (Cliff does both straight and gay porn, but mostly leans toward M/M scenes) have trouble staying in demand, Cliff doesn't. Maybe it's his cock or perhaps his fanbase is abnormally large. No, it's his dick.

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The Big Dick Energy of Cliff Jensen
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