Teacher's Petting

What is wrong can feel so right.

I don’t mean to take away a single thing from the #MeToo movement or diminish the pain that anyone has felt as the result of being sexually harassed or assaulted with what I am about to write. This story pertains to my own fantasies and desires only, and is not an endorsement of concerning, hurtful behaviour.

But, there are some cases where I feel like saying, WHY COULDN’T IT HAVE BEEN ME! As I’ve said in some of my other writing for Vocal, I had a veracious sexual appetite from a very young age. Now, I don’t think I would have enjoyed sexual attention from a male teacher too much, but I have seen a number of cases in the news of a female teacher being accused of sexual assault for having relations with one or more of their students. And then I look at the picture of the accused and I often see this beautiful woman and I cannot tell you how much I wish that had been my reality.

For example, I look at Alexandria Vera, a teacher from Texas. 

Image from Montgomery County SheriffsI Department

Oh my goodness. When I saw her picture, wow, I couldn’t help but think she was a wonderfully attractive woman who I would have loved to have been with. That’s not to say that when I was of school age that this particular woman would be interested in being with me in the slightest. Like I’ve also said, my self-esteem was low, I felt pretty darn ugly, I was socially awkward, etc. I wasn’t exactly someone that, assuredly, would be a target for this kind of thing. BUT, I can’t help but fantasize.

What if…WHAT IF…

What if, after school, my gorgeous teacher asked me to stay after class because she had something to talk to me about. Thinking it was probably going to be a conversation about homework, I would have stayed, not thinking twice.

Then I fantasize about the class emptying. She closes the door to the classroom, and, unbeknownst to me, locks it. It’s just me and her, and she sits near me, to talk.

As these things may start, a hand touches my knee every so often during our conversation. I notice that special glint in her eye but don’t think it’s possibly that it really is what I think it might be… desire, lust, interest. As our conversation continues, I notice her giggling a bit, almost as if she was the same age as me, a young school girl as opposed to a full grown, full chested woman. It is becoming clearer that there is something going on here, much to my amazement, shock, and great pleasure.

She gets a bit closer, and then a bit closer, and a bit closer still, and it isn’t long before she can’t get much closer without our lips meeting. Mine — trembling, nervous, young and inexperienced — coming into contact with her far more experienced, far steadier, beautifully painted, adult lips. Really? Seriously? This is happening? TO ME? An amazing, sexy woman is not only paying attention to me but also wants to kiss me! Wow. This was way better than talking about homework.

As our lips meet, I feel her warm, moist tongue protruding into my mouth, searching out and finding my own virgin tongue. It feels strange, but a good kind of strange… new and interesting, exciting, and inviting. Her hand has its own mission which is to find my bulging cock which at this point is ready to absolutely tear through my pants. I still can’t believe what is happening because this is like an absolute dream come true, but it is happening and now her hand is groping my cock through my pants and it’s an absolutely heavenly experience.

I feel rather taken aback by it all and have absolutely no clue what I’m really supposed to be doing here with this more experienced woman who clearly knows she what she is doing. But, I start fumbling my way through, bringing my trembling hand up to her chest, where I begin to massage and squeeze her right breast in a rather clumsy fashion. After years of fantasizing about touching a woman’s breast, here I was actually doing it. And to make it that much more illicit, it was my much older teacher’s breast.

Her moan suggests that she likes it, although assuredly I wasn’t doing it right. But I was doing it, and I think she is giving me an A for effort. And as I continue to figure out her chest, feeling such a glorious part of her body through her cotton shirt and bra, I feel the zipper on my pants come down, my underwear pushed to the side, and my cock brought out into the air, and quickly become engulfed by her red nailed hand. It’s like heaven. I’ve only had my cock in my own hand, and now it was in my teacher’s hand. I am so caught up in this all that I don’t even know what sounds I am making but I know I am making them. Groaning, moaning, something.

Of course, I’m young and I don’t last long. I wish it could last forever, but it lasts just minutes. The pleasure is just so intense and my excitement just too much to control. And before I know it, my white, warm cum is splashing onto her hand. I look down to see, for the first time, my own cum on someone else. And I shudder a bit from the intensity of the orgasm. And then watch, in amazement, as she lifts her hand off of my cock and towards her mouth. She licks as she stares directly into my eye with the dirtiest of looks, knowing that she is blowing my mind as she takes my cum into her mouth. She puts on a show of it, acting like this is the best things she has ever tasted, licking in each and every drop. I’m stunned and amazed and incredibly turned on by this.

With a bit of cum still on her lips, she leans in again to give me a kiss. I feel my cum, and then she once again thrusts her tongue into my mouth, and I taste even more of my own cum. It’s an odd taste. But it’s mine and I’m sharing it with her.

And that is when the bell rings. I must get myself together. I pull my cock back into my pants as I wonder if this will ever happen again, and how I’m going to manage to spend the rest of the year concentrating on a single thing that is said in her class. And I wonder if there will come a day when I will be able to touch her more, explore that warm, moist, soft spot between her legs, see her completely naked or have her teach me how to make love to a woman.

With a last kiss and a wide smile, I pick up my stuff and leave… headed to my next class, flushed in the face and my head in the clouds and I hope, I HOPE to have an intimate meeting with my teacher again. 

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