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Taken by the Biker Gang 2: Initiation (Pt. 6)

Part Six

The roar of the motorcycles started up and I opened my eyes. Did I really have to ride again so soon? It would hurt, especially on the slave bike.

But Liam didn’t make any move toward the bike, nor did he stop holding me. After the last motorcycle roared out of sight, I looked up at him. “What’s going on?” I couldn’t stop the quaver in my voice. After all, if he wanted to murder me, this would be the ideal location.

“Making you ride after tonight would be cruel. I have no desire to hurt you, Lyla. I have a cabin that’s a short distance away. We’ll spend the night there.” He picked me up, his arms supporting my back and legs. I leaned into him.

“Thank you so much,” I said. “Really.”

“I should be thanking you, Lyla. You were fucking amazing tonight.”

“I didn’t do anything except sit there.”

“Bullshit.” He carried me down a narrow path in the forest, the headlight from the motorcycle lighting our way. As the light behind us got dimmer, a light in front of us came into view. There was a small, rugged cabin that looked built for utility. But as long as there was a bed and a change of clothes, I couldn’t care less.

Liam carried me inside and set me down on a linoleum tiled floor. He turned on the light and I looked around at the combined living room and kitchen. Blackout curtains covered all the windows, not letting an inch of light escape the cabin. There was a gun rack taking up a wall above worn couches and chairs and in the kitchen was a monitor displaying camera feeds from at least ten security cameras placed around the cabin. “What is this place?” I asked.

“This is a safe house. We stay here when we have an emergency.”

I shivered slightly. I didn’t want to think about what that type of emergency entailed.

“The bedroom and bathroom is right through that door,” Liam said, pointing to a door straight ahead. “Why don’t you go clean up while I put the bike away? Then I’ll make us some dinner.”

I nodded. That sounded like heaven. “Thank you.”

He gently pulled me to him and kissed my temple. The tenderness of the movement made me smile.

The bedroom and bathroom were just as sparse, but clean. The bathroom was small, with a single-person shower that was barely big enough for me to move around in, but it cleaned the sweat and cum off me well enough. It felt like it was the best shower of my life when I was finally clean and I got out. I toweled off and went into the bedroom. A pair of fuzzy blue pajama pants and a cotton t-shirt were folded up on the queen-sized bed. I smiled. Those had to be for me because I couldn’t picture Liam wearing anything fuzzy even if his life depended on it. I put them on and felt a lot better. This was probably the most clothing I had worn for the last couple of days and it felt so cozy.

Liam came in as soon as I was dressed with a bowl of ramen noodles and a cup of herbal tea. “The kitchen is stocked for quickness and long shelf life, not for food quality. Sorry.”

“I don’t care. I’m starving.” I grabbed the noodles and took a bite, closing my eyes in bliss.

Liam smiled. “I’m glad you like it.” He set the tea down on a nightstand near the bed and knelt down to pull a duffel bag from under the bed.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Bedding for the couch.” He smiled at me. “I figured you wouldn’t want to share after tonight and you deserve to have a good night’s sleep.”

“I want you to stay. Please.” I grabbed his hand. “Please spend the night with me.”

His mouth dropped open, surprised. “You want me to spend the night with you?”

“Yes.” The bed would feel cold and lonely without him. I didn’t even care if it meant fucking him. I wanted him next to me.

“Okay.” Liam undressed and put on a pair of sweatpants as I finished eating. He slipped into bed beside me, his eyes intense with desire. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to him. I laid down on his chest, enjoying the solid feel of him. He massaged the back of my neck. “You were amazing tonight, Lyla,” he said. “You know I could hear every single sound you made. There was a mic in your helmet, too. I heard every moan, every sigh. It was so fucking sexy.”

“Really?” I couldn’t imagine that being sexy. I tended to be loud, but that had just annoyed Jack. He would tell me to shut up so the neighbors wouldn’t complain.

“Yes. I want you, Lyla. Everything you do, every sound you make just makes me want you more.”

I moved my hand to his pants and felt his hard cock through the fabric. “You have me. I’m your slave, remember?”

He groaned. “Babe, I can’t ask you for that tonight. More guys have fucked you tonight than many people get in a lifetime. I’ll just hurt you.”

“Please.” I kissed his neck as I stroked his cock. His hips started moving. “I want to please you.”

“You do please me, babe.” He groaned as I rubbed his head with my thumb. “You don’t have to do this.”

“Please let me,” I whispered. “Please. I’m begging.”

Liam cut me off with a kiss, finally surrendering. I stroked him harder and faster, squeezing his cock and spreading his precum over it. He groaned, his entire body shaking beneath me as he came. “Thank you,” he whispered, pressing his lips to my hair. “Oh god, thank you.”

I smiled. Making him lose control like that had been amazing, but it had taken the last of my energy. My eyes flickered shut as my body went limp and sleep took hold of me.

“I love you,” Liam whispered as I fell asleep.

At least I think he did. But that was probably just wishful thinking.

Amora Jones
Amora Jones

I'm an erotica writer living in Florida. I love writing stories that have great characters and hot love scenes, and I love reading them too. You can check me out on Smashwords:

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