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Taken by the Biker Gang 2: Initiation (Pt. 5)

Part Five

He led me out into the main room and almost all the guys were there, but none of the girls. They looked at me like a pack of wolves eyeing prey.

Liam put his hand on my lower back and guided me to the door. The men closed ranks behind us. He led me out front toward the bikes and I stopped when I saw what bike he was leading me to. It wasn’t like the other bikes. On the back of the seat, a thick, six-inch dildo was mounted.

Liam gently nudged me forward and I walked. I straddled the bike, my skirt fanning out and covering the dildo. My bare pussy hovered just above the wide tip.

Liam’s strong hands gripped my hips from behind and he slowly lowered me onto the dildo. I gasped as its wide girth filled me and stretched me. It didn’t hurt, though, thanks to Liam’s prep work. With the dildo and plug inside me I felt so full and so aroused.

Men all around me whooped and guffawed. I blushed, feeling so exposed even though at the moment it just looked like I was sitting on a bike. “Good job, babe,” Liam whispered in my ear. He pressed down harder so my pussy was pressed against the seat and the dildo was entirely in me before removing his hands. Fabric rustled, as if he was taking something out of his pocket. “Open your mouth.”

Shivers of anticipation and trepidation ran through me as I obeyed. I saw a flash of something red before a ball gag was fitted into my mouth and tied behind my head. Someone handed Liam a motorcycle helmet and he put it on my head. It covered my face and the tinted visor was spray-painted black so I was completely surrounded in darkness. Night was falling, though, and no one would see how dark the visor was, even in the middle of a traffic jam. I was gagged and blindfolded in a way that would look completely natural on the back of a motorcycle.

“Lyla, how are you, babe?” Liam was whispering, but I could hear him loud and clear through speakers built into the helmet. I flashed him the okay sign.

“Good girl. When I get on the bike, put your arms around my waist.”

His jeans brushed the inside of my thighs as he got on. I wrapped my arms around his waist. They were shaking a little as I did so. Liam grabbed my hands with one of his own and a cold leather strap slid around my wrists, binding them together. I whimpered. I felt so deliciously helpless. My body was trembling so hard it felt like it would explode at any minute.

Liam revved the engine, sending shockwaves of pleasure through me as the seat and dildo vibrated. I whimpered as we pulled out of the lot. I heard a symphony of bikes roar as the rest followed us.

We drove for hours. As we did so, I came hard on the bike, making me feel like jelly. With my arms securely bound around Liam’s strong body, I knew I wouldn’t fall off. I slumped against his back and closed my eyes as the dildo and butt plug inside me teased me back into arousal.

I was getting close to climaxing again as we finally stopped. I heard wind rushing through the trees and twigs snapping as men dismounted around me. I guessed we were in the woods.

Liam untied my hands, but held my wrists as he dismounted. “Lean forward.” His voice was rough with lust.

I obeyed, feeling my asshole get exposed the more I leaned forward. The dildo moved with my body, staying inside me even as I bent forward. My skirt rode up. By now probably everyone saw the butt plug protruding from my ass.

“Grab the handlebars,” Liam growled. I wondered where he was, if he was looking at my ass like everyone else surely was.

My hands were shaking as I grabbed them. Strong hands grabbed my wrists and held me in place as I was tied to the bike. I moaned slightly. Being helpless and exposed felt so good. For some reason I wasn’t afraid even though I barely knew these men and I didn’t know what they were going to do with me.

“Good girl,” Liam breathed. I gasped slightly. I loved it when he said that. I felt the butt plug slowly being removed and inserted again, stretching out my ass even more. I heard whistles faintly beyond the helmet. Then the plug was pulled out completely. The man slapped me on the ass and I squirmed. Damn, that felt so good.

He positioned himself behind me and the tip of his cock touched my asshole. I forced myself not to move as he slowly entered, stretching me out so well. I moaned, loving the feeling of being filled so completely.

The other men cheered when he took me, fucking my asshole roughly, thrusting over and over. I moaned, unable to help it as I got pushed closer and closer to the brink. The man’s hot seed shot into me and I came, my cum soaking the seat of the bike. The man pulled out of me and patted me affectionately on the butt before moving aside. He was replaced by another who grabbed my breasts roughly under my jacket as he positioned his cock against my ass and thrust in quickly. He was rough, pinching my nipples and thrusting quickly. The man let out a low growl as his hot seed shot inside me.

Every single one fucked me. As it happened, I got more tired until I felt completely exhausted. My body ached from the position and my ass and pussy were so sore. After the last one had finished, my hands were untied and my helmet was taken off. I blinked in the light caused by the motorcycle headlights. Liam was next to me, his face hidden by shadow. He took off my gag and gently lifted me off the dildo. It slid painfully out and I winced as my pussy contracted around it. Liam rubbed comforting circles in the small of my back as he helped me dismount and I slumped against him.

Applause and whistles rose up from the men around me. They grinned, looking satisfied with themselves and me. I smiled back, feeling a little shy, but mostly tired.

“Good girl,” Liam whispered in my ear. I leaned against his shoulder and closed my eyes, barely aware of the men calling out compliments and welcomes. I didn’t want anything but sleep at the moment.

Amora Jones
Amora Jones

I'm an erotica writer living in Florida. I love writing stories that have great characters and hot love scenes, and I love reading them too. You can check me out on Smashwords:

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