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Safe sex is the first step to enjoyable sex. Advice on improving your sexual health to improve your sex life.

Tara Roberts4 hours ago
Bringing Up The Rear
I've heard it all, and then some, as to why women don't like or won't try the great taboo that is anal sex. Many of the reasons I have heard seem to be little more than masking tape slapped over excus...
Tanisha Dagger4 days ago
Sexual Desires
Knowing other people's sexual desires can have a thrilling affect on your own sexual desires. Knowing what people like, what people enjoy, and what people do and give ourselves ideas or fantasies abou...
Alison G12 days ago
Sexuality and Mental Illness
Being sexually active has its perks. However, it is not always a walk in the park. Let us all take a minute and reflect on our own sexual preferences. Let me preface this by saying I do not condone in...
O 14 days ago
When the guy you are casually sleeping with pulls out a condom in accordance to your rule about him using a condom if he has sex with another girl, it ruins the mood a little. For me, not enough to st...
Dangers of Anal Sex
Anal sex has become incredibly popular over the years, and to a point, has become a 'sex status symbol' of sorts. Guys like to brag about being let in the out door, and rates of people trying out butt...
Kai Storm21 days ago
I Touch Myself!
Do you touch yourself? Of course you do! We all do. It's one of the greatest feelings you can have all by yourself because you know exactly what you want, you know how you want it and you know to get ...
Timothy Rowlanda month ago
Male Sexual Performance and Smoking
Every guy — of course — should be (and generally is) concerned about male sexual performance, namely their own. Now, I admit that I haven't been able to get myself to quit smoking either, but I wanted...
Lady Lucka month ago
Optimizing Your Orgasms
The female orgasm is often regarded as elusive and complex, but it's surprisingly simple. If you've struggled to have consistent orgasms, all you need is a bit of willpower (and a willing partner).
Zachery Leea month ago
Sex Files: Brittany 3, Truck Fucks that Knock Up
This will be the last of the Brittany tales, every other encounter to follow was more of a vacation for her, and we didn't really fuck when it came too. But I did choke her out with my dick in the bac...
Sarah Sparksa month ago
Abreast of the Breast
No matter what my weight has been in my life, smaller or larger, there has been one constant. I have big breasts. I sprouted breasts before all the other girls in my class and had to start wearing a t...
Kimberly Groff2 months ago
Love Lost but Found
Kelsey had been feeling low for a few years now. Ten years ago, she couldn't stop thinking about one guy that had her affections. His name was Allen. She claimed he stole her heart, and now she was ba...
Emily Adams2 months ago
Are You With Your Sexual Soul-mate?
Sex isn't always completely serious, romantic or "Fifty Shades" of intense. When you're with "the One," there's all kinds of emotions.
THE AFRICANA2 months ago
5 Reasons She's a Virgin in Her 20s
Let's start off like this. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a virgin in your 20s! Adult virgins are tired of being called PRUDE for not having sex at a certain age or following the social ...
Rachel Newcombe2 months ago
Researching Our Way to Better Sex
When in doubt, grab a Cosmopolitan. No, I'm not talking about the sickeningly sweet pink drink. I'm talking about the magazine that will tell you "How to Make Your Sex Longer and Hotter" or "He Got Hi...
Devyn onEarth2 months ago
Making Peace with the Penalty Box
There’s a deafening silence at the intersection of slut-shaming, toxic masculinity, and stigmatizing mental struggle, a hole where a conversation ought to be. Bacterial STIs happen. From experience, I...
Zachery Lee2 months ago
SexFiles: Part 3 (Brittany)
After Savannah, I was broken, I spent a while in and out of Juvi, found myself in a mental hospital on more than a few occasions, and basically gave up on love altogether. Then, I met Brittany. It IS ...
Iris 2 months ago
A Nineteen-Year-Old's Sex Diary Part 1
The first time I ever had sex I was sixteen years old. My parents think to this day that I am a virgin, probably due to the fact that my first love was a boy so Christian he went to church service twi...
Celina Calma2 months ago
Is Depression Ruining Your Sex Life?
The short answer? Probably. The long answer: It's complicated. There is no doubt that the mind plays an integral role in sexual activities. In a successful sexual encounter, the mind and body are sync...