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The best and most orgasmic sex toys.

Filthy Staff4 years ago
Nothing Gets Her Off Like LELO
You wont find these LELO products in the night stand of a room at a Motel 6. LELO is more interested in the discerning connoisseur of the erotica. Targeted at a privileged explorer at the sex bazaar, ...
Filthy Staff4 years ago
How to Use a Vibrator
It takes practice to become a skilled masturbator. The bottom line is that whether a woman has had difficulty achieving an orgasm or not, knowing how to use a vibrator works wonders. It just does, and...
Filthy Staff4 years ago
Best Bullet Vibrators
Pack an orgasm in your purse. Bullet vibrators are a great addition to any sex toy collection. Bullets offer added fun to your relationship. They send one of two messages: keep out, or better I am pre...
Filthy Staff4 years ago
Ridiculous Geek Sex Toys
Some toys don’t need to be signed at ComicCon. Clark Kent isn’t likely to show up on your Tinder. Batman isn’t on any online dating sites. Wonder Woman isn't taking care of herself in her Invisible Je...
Filthy Staff4 years ago
Sex Board Games That Will Get You Laid
Go beyond Naked Twister or mind numbing Sex Monopoly; Use these erotic board games to bring new meaning to the phrase "game night." Some games can only have two players, some two couples and some much...