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The best and most orgasmic sex toys.

Aaron Dennis3 days ago
A Loose History of Sex Toys
I have the flu. I am absolutely avoiding all contact with human beings until I get better. Fortunately, I have a computer, an internet connection, and a bunch of sex toys. Naturally, I began to wonder...
Teela Hudak6 days ago
How to Choose Your First Penetrative Toy
So you're thinking of buying your first vibrator or dildo... how exciting! Sex toys can be great fun, and a way to really enhance your sexual pleasure. They can be used just by yourself, or you can ad...
Katrin with Love13 days ago
Tiny but Mighty Vibes
I have a confession.
Nadia Weissa month ago
How to Start Selling Sex Toys
Sex toys are being more accepted in our society within each day. The topic of buying and using sex toys is no longer a taboo, which resulted in sex toy business becoming a very profitable option for a...
Steve Fernandes2 months ago
Top 3 Reasons Why Egg Masturbators Are Better Than Hand…
We all masturbate—and without exception. Most of the time, it’s “tension relief” that’s more comfortable than sex. You do it alone, as you wish, and without adapting to a partner’s needs. And since we...
serry serry2 months ago
Do Sex Dolls Have Different Personalities?
Sex robots will soon have warm skin in “all the right places” because sex doll robots will become more lively. Since its inception in 1996, sex doll companies have sold more than 4,000 varieties. Cust...
Aaron Dennis2 months ago
Magic Wand Masturbator
Evidently, people still think that sex toys, and masturbators especially, are for single people who either don’t have a sex life or prefer not to have one, but that’s a skewed view. I like masturbator...
Kink Journals2 months ago
Restraint can play quite a large role in some BDSM scenes. It has the power to be used to achieve different effects, it can be used to: • Show dominance—the dominant can use restraint as a way of show...
Aaron Dennis2 months ago
Sex Doll Maintenance
Anyone who’s considered owning a sex doll has probably done research, perused a few sites, maybe even read through some doll forums. Some of you might have even seen my articles where I give an introd...
Aaron Dennis3 months ago
Sex Doll Scams
I've written before on the wondrous joy of owning a sex doll. If you so desire, you can peruse that article here: An Introduction to Sex Dolls. It's a delightful little article where I discuss the typ...
Aaron Dennis3 months ago
Sex Dolls
In a society where women are taught that no man can please them, no man can find a G-spot, nor care how to find it, no man can last more than two minutes, and all men do is watch degrading porn and be...
Kink Journals4 months ago
Blindfolds, Gags, and Safe Words
Just a Few Tips and Ideas
Kink Journals4 months ago
My Top 10 Sex Toys
I obviously talk about sex toys quite a bit. So here are my top 10 favourites:
Lena Bailey4 months ago
Bondage Play
Before I dive into this topic, I have to say that this is one of the types of play or fetishes where you have to know what you're doing. Someone can get hurt, so be careful. So what is bondage play? I...
Marta Gajin5 months ago
Top 5 Most Favored Models of Vibrators
You probably already know that there is a great variety of vibrators in the market. The great advantage of that variety is that today you have the opportunity to experience the pleasure of vibrators t...
10 Bondage Sex Toys You Can Try Out
Ladies, non-binaries, and gentlemen, we live in a golden age of sex. At no point in history has sex positivity and experimentation been more common. BDSM, in particular, has become far more commonplac...
Skunk Uzeki5 months ago
10 Obscure BDSM Sex Toys You Didn't Know About
When I was an 18-year-old newbie to the extreme party scenes I rolled in and I quickly learned that no one parties for free. No one crashes for free, or gets a free lunch, either. This was true for mu...
Chris Dee5 months ago
Must-Try Vibrator Styles That Belong in Every Woman’s Toy Chest
Every woman has to start her personal journey toward sexual self-empowerment somewhere, and a vibrator is as good a place as any. Not all vibrators are created equally, though, so you may not want to ...