Love, sex, single, committed.

Nicole Katiea year ago
Co-Workers Squared
Have you ever heard the expression "don't shit where you eat?" Well, that's what I did. Apparently, breakups are a perfect time for people who have been "friends" to try to slide out of the friend zon...
Neal Litherlanda year ago
10 Signs You're Actually a Dom
In D/s relationships there is a dominant and a submissive. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about the qualities it takes to make someone a good dominant. Because, contrary to the Hollywood p...
Faith Heplea year ago
Confessions of a Married Virgin
I was married once, technically I still am. I am in the middle a divorce. By the time our divorce court date comes we will have been married a year and a half. 18 months, 18 months too long if you ask...
E: Experimental Eli
It isn't my normal cup of tea...
G: Good Guy Gus
The one everyone should find.
D: Douchebag Donnie
I guess there's no secret to what's going to happen here...
A: Artist Alex
With a different view of the world comes a different view in the sheets.
Sierra Ia year ago
What's Sex Got to Do With It?
I've heard so many people ask this question, and it drives me crazy; "What does sex have to do with being in love?" The two have become separate. I'll admit, just because the sex is fantastic, it does...
B: Best Friend Brad
Let's start at the very beginning; in this case, a very good place to start.
Alexandra Fa year ago
Organic Love (Continued)
A grin that makes me want to sit on it. He has one for when he’s making people laugh at something twisted, one for when he’s in the mood, the proud daddy smile that makes me want to hug him, the touch...
AdreAnna Sommera year ago
Friends With Benefits
Friends with benefits, AKA sleeping with a friend...sounds like a good idea, right? ...Ehhhh... The benefit of you being friends is the sex, and any time sex is involved, it complicates matters—even w...
Alyssa Horna year ago
Casual Sex
There comes a point in everyones' lives when they decide that they would like to have someone to constantly wake up with as well as cuddle with instead of asking “do you need a cab?” One-night stands ...
Miss Chaosa year ago
Sex Tears
Red roses. The universal symbol of passionate love. Tonight my boyfriend gave me three. One for each year we have been together. For the next couple of hours, work is nonexistent in our minds. The goa...
Colby Blacka year ago
Faults and Cracks
My ventures into the fetish culture started in my young adult years. A friend of mine started dating a girl that invited him to a fetish event that took place in our town. In order to attend this even...
Laura Rodrigueza year ago
It all started, ironically, when I joined Tinder. Made a profile, swiped right a few times. I chatted with some guys. But one dude stood out from all the others. I remember the first thing he said to ...
Dirty Little Liar
Sex is what makes the world go round. Without sex, there'd be no way to repopulate. I mean, how many times have you had sex just because you were bored? I would have sex all the time if I could. When ...
Joy Erganga year ago
What is he doing to me? We should know better. He's a married man. Yet the sexual tension got the best of us. His touch. His kiss. His irresistible body. His body against mine feels so good. At first ...
Lydia Catherinea year ago
SubSays: The "Dom Look"
If there are any fellow submissives reading this, you know exactly what I'm talking about already. It's that look. That domineering, predatory stare that feels like He's taken arrows and shot them thr...