Love, sex, single, committed.

S: Soulmate Sam
I’m not one to believe in finding a soulmate. I always invested everything I had in people and expected that in return. Looking at my history in this book, I never got everything from someone. That ma...
TRAILBLAZER !a year ago
The Exquisite Pain
It seemed like yesterday when we would sneak secret glances at each other. My face feels so warm, and red. The electric energy would pull me towards him. Our eyes would meet and do a sensual kind of d...
Joshua Paula year ago
Me, Pam, and Molly
The “typewriters” sound was what alerted me when I got an email on my phone. I got the notification and given how OCD I am I always immediately check and clear those fucking red dots off of my homescr...
Being a 17-Year-Old Virgin
I’ve always been the one to search online for answers on questions I was curious about. I read stories on people losing their virginity. For some of them, it was the best decision they’ve ever made, a...
Lena Baileya year ago
BDSM Slaves
It is really hard to talk about roles in BDSM because everyone does each role their way. The way you do a role is up to you because it's what you are comfortable with. I recently talked to two very mi...
vee .a year ago
In Search of Self-Satisfaction
Sometimes it’s better to keep to yourself. There comes times when you're lonely and you think you need somebody there, but you only end up hurting yourself. It’s hard when you meet somebody and your w...
Bonny Alboa year ago
My Girlfriend Doesn't Want Sex Anymore. Help?
Julian asks: "I have been dating my girlfriend for almost a year now, and since the beginning, we have been having sex. All of a sudden though, she tells me that she does not want to 'disrespect' her ...
Milo Goyala year ago
We were complete strangers. Well, that's how almost every story begins, isn't it? I had just broken up with my boyfriend of three years and was ready to smash my way through my hoe phase. (You may int...
R: Rebel Roger
Not wearing a leather jacket, but rebellious in a different way.
Nicole Katiea year ago
Co-Workers Squared
Have you ever heard the expression "don't shit where you eat?" Well, that's what I did. Apparently, breakups are a perfect time for people who have been "friends" to try to slide out of the friend zon...
Neal Litherlanda year ago
10 Signs You're Actually a Dom
In D/s relationships there is a dominant and a submissive. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about the qualities it takes to make someone a good dominant. Because, contrary to the Hollywood p...
Faith Heplea year ago
Confessions of a Married Virgin
I was married once, technically I still am. I am in the middle a divorce. By the time our divorce court date comes we will have been married a year and a half. 18 months, 18 months too long if you ask...
E: Experimental Eli
It isn't my normal cup of tea...
G: Good Guy Gus
The one everyone should find.
D: Douchebag Donnie
I guess there's no secret to what's going to happen here...
A: Artist Alex
With a different view of the world comes a different view in the sheets.
Sierra Ia year ago
What's Sex Got to Do With It?
I've heard so many people ask this question, and it drives me crazy; "What does sex have to do with being in love?" The two have become separate. I'll admit, just because the sex is fantastic, it does...
B: Best Friend Brad
Let's start at the very beginning; in this case, a very good place to start.