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Sex Life Gone? I Understand!
So, why do we sometimes end up in a bottomless pit of sexual frustration yet not try solve it and go sometimes weeks without having sex? I don't think anyone truly knows their answer, I don't. I can s...
Michaela Brenham22 days ago
Sex and the ... Baby?
So, of course, if you have a child you are someone who is or has been sexually active, unless you're the main character in a soap opera. However, let's assume you are not. This also means that there i...
Heather Wilkinsa month ago
Sex Tips for Men: How to Be More Sensual in the Bedroom
I've been with the same man for six years. Let me make it clear I know what I am talking about here. In the six years I have known to be with this guy, prepping myself for sex or getting me in the moo...
Kenz K.a month ago
The Softball Stud (Pt. 2)
The silent tension broke as he suddenly admitted, “I was jealous of my roommate for having you.” Empowered by his brashness, I cooly asked, “And why was that?” He didn’t miss a beat, “I wanted you for...
Kenz K.2 months ago
The Softball Stud (Pt.1)
Summer isn’t summer to me without a softball team to play on. This year was no different. I was new to town, but I wanted to be able to play some ball in the mountains. The roommate of a guy I was see...
Andrew Hurst2 months ago
Tips to Spark up Your Relationship
Few years with your partner and you forget all about the adrenaline rush that you once used to have with their mere presence around. You no more feel that spark and those butterflies in the stomach th...
Michael Thielmann2 months ago
The Sanctity of Sexuality
Let's take about sex, maybe... I am not exactly known for being a sex guru of any kind, but my own experiences have taught me a thing or two about the nature of love, lust, and the struggle between ou...
Hannah Payne2 months ago
Welcome Home
It had been much too long since they had seen each other. Chloe waited impatiently for him to show up, pacing around in frustration. Why wasn’t he here yet? Finally, with an exasperated sigh, she call...
Natalie Fraser3 months ago
Love, Lust, and Lies Chapter 4
As the week went on, Cassie became more and more nervous and doubtful. Her over active brain began forming hundreds of possible reasons why Andrew hadn't given her a definite answer there and then. Th...
Kanani Jackson3 months ago
It's Complicated
When explaining to others my relationship with my lover, most people end up giving me a judgmental look You know, the look of confusion when you tilt your head and you squint your eyes, trying to make...
Stephanie B3 months ago
Surviving Suicide—Part Four
This is a very raw, deep, and completely honest account of my progress from the time I received the call that James (my boyfriend of almost one year) killed himself. I will post two or three days at a...
J. Su3 months ago
High Libido, His Low Sex Drive
3 Different Ways to Sexually Getting on the Same Page
Jane Scott3 months ago
A Modern Love Story Pt. 2
Go to Part 1 before reading this section. WARNING ***This section has NSFW content. Read at your own risk.***
Kembrah H4 months ago
Porn Made Me Hate Myself
Porn made me hate myself. It's true, in every way shape and form. Being in love with a porn addict has hurt me more than anything in this whole world. I have never experienced the type of hurt that I ...
Jaylene Hernandez4 months ago
Selfish Desires
She had been working for a month now at Cafe La Vida and she had already caught the attention of a formidable costumer. Everything had changed for him ever since she had been hired. The grand CEO eyed...
Daniel Ruiz4 months ago
You Found Your Knight in Shining Armor, Your Mr. Right! Tall, Dark, and Handsome, but He Uses a Wheelchair. What Now?
This is an extremely common question that is probably asked under breath rather than straight-out in casual conversation more often than not. I know this because I've been in this position many times ...
So You Want to Be a Sugar Baby?
I was a sugar baby for 2 years and honestly, it was the most stressful yet insightful time of my life. I got interested in the sugar bowl when I was 23 years old. I was a broke college kid and I heard...
ASHLEY SMITH4 months ago
Too Much Sex?
Can you ever have too much sex in a relationship? I am two years into a relationship that remains strong to this day and am very happy with what happens. And if my girlfriend reads this, very, very ha...