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Tanisha Dagger3 days ago
Sexual Intent
Sexual intent can mean many different things to different people. I suppose some people’s sexual intent depends on their state of mind, what they believe in and what they have experienced throughout t...
O 5 days ago
When It Ends
The thing with casual relationships is that it always goes one of two ways. It's either going to be you decide to get serious or you decide to break things off and move on. I'm not going to lie, I did...
My Shitty Hookups #2: How I Got Stranded In the Bronx While Armed with a Vase
I have had a really shitty, ridiculous dating life. This is just a fact I've come to cope with via the gratuitous use of various substances. As luck would have it, one of my shitty hookups happened wh...
O 10 days ago
Hints Dropped
Being in an sexclusive, monogamous relationship with a person that also isn't a relationship and it's casual is bit confusing... And by a bit, I mean a lot. Especially when the guy you happen to be in...
O 12 days ago
I've stated before that Hershey had every intention of our casual arrangement remaining casual. He had no interest in dating, not just me, but anyone ever. Really it wasn't until he was told that he p...
O 13 days ago
Don't Fall
Prior to seeing Hershey again, we texted for about two weeks. He was still getting acquainted with his new place and I was giving him the space to do that. However, when we were encroaching on that th...
My Shitty Hookups #1: Buddy and Adam
I decided that it's time to air some horror stories from my absolutely appalling dating life. Why? Well, because they make good stories, because I'm burnt out from trying to find love conventionally, ...
BDSM: Playing Fair
In the BDSM Community, we use terms like "play", "game", "toys", and "scene". Maybe we use them for lack of better words to describe what we do. Maybe it's to make newbies (new people) more comfortabl...
O 17 days ago
Moving On (Quickly)
Most people would probably say that twenty-four hours is too soon to be getting back into the dating world after breaking up with your boyfriend. To be honest, I’m too young to care. Twenty-two is far...
Megan Le Stum 19 days ago
The "Out-cum" of Pornography
Pornographic movies were once shown as a “part-comic, part-serious” tool to educate soon-to-be-married men. Today, pornography has become a $56 billion industry. Overall, the increase in accessibility...
Jus L'amorea month ago
Judge His Bedroom Style by His Shoe Style
We have all been told to never judge a book by its cover, but what about judging the passion of a man by the style of shoe he wears? That’s right folks, I’ve got the inside guide to predetermining the...
Zachery Leea month ago
Sex Files: Sarah 2, Dayum.
Sarah, one of the few virginities I had taken. After years of unspoken time between the 2 of us, I ran into her and we clicked right up. Sarah had looked a LOT different this time around, having gone ...
Zachery Leea month ago
Sex Files: Brittany 3, Truck Fucks that Knock Up
This will be the last of the Brittany tales, every other encounter to follow was more of a vacation for her, and we didn't really fuck when it came too. But I did choke her out with my dick in the bac...
LP Steinbecka month ago
Promise To Be Tender: Part Ten
There was no way Kris hadn't heard Jenny and I making love in the shower. Yes, I said, 'making love', and I figured it was the good-bye I wanted to give her. Fuck tenderness, I put my soul right in th...
Zachery Leea month ago
Sex Files: Holly 2, Shower Sex and Bed Play
Another really intense Holly story takes place at my dad's condo. She had spent the whole day there while I was at work. When I got home, she was laid out on my bed giving me this look. I was feeling ...
Peter Rosea month ago
Love and Sex: Are They Related?
Why all this emphasis on physical appearance? Why is “love” accepted as necessary for sexual intercourse? Why is sharing affection without commitment viewed as a sin, a crime, a morally bad thing? The...
Zachery Leea month ago
Sex Files: Part 12, Holly
There was this girl, Holly, long time ago. She is another one of the few I met online and, while I cared about all of them, I didn't care about how things turned out, and or the way my life was at the...
LP Steinbecka month ago
Promise To Be Tender: Part Eight
So, here I was, a fully grown man with a fully grown case of "morning horny" and headed into Kris' backyard to play in a fort made from blankets, sheets, and dining room chairs...with two women. I hop...