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From friendships to love and sexual relationships, relationships are in every aspect of our lives, from being single to being married.

How To (Gently) Introduce Rough Sex in Bed

Anthony Gramuglia
in Culture

The average person is into some kinky, rough things in bed, yet so often people are content to indulge in casual, vanilla sex. An individual may be into some rough stuff, want to be thrust into the pi...

How To Fix a Dead Bedroom

Skunk Uzeki
in Culture

Most of us would never knowingly commit to a romantic relationship which had absolutely no sex going on whatsoever. In fact, it's one of the most common fears men have when they're walking down the ai...

Ride Her Rough

Samantha James
in Culture

As I sit like a queen on my flesh throne, I am thriving. Everything in me is full of light and I am shining. This makes me feel alive. I am living every moment fully and recognizing every feeling, thi...

Attraction isn't a Choice

Madison James
in Culture

I’m sure at some stage we’ve all asked the question of a potential suitor - “so what do you look for in a guy/girl?” The more I think about it, the more this seems like a pointless question. The answe...

My Secret Life

Angel Harrt
in Fiction

My eyes are open and I feel the tugging on my middle section. The only way to awake is by a blowjob. Even better was Leandra doing her 'thang' on my dick. I spoil her, she handles me. It's our deal. I...

What to Do With Your Nice Guy When She Begs For Your Bad Boy

Galen Fous MTP
in Culture

Women's sexuality and its overt, liberated expression is on the rise. It is pouring out of the once forbidden, obscured shadows and into the sexual mainstream. For many women this means learning about...

Simplifying 'Crazy'​ Women

Nannette LaRee Hernandez
in Culture

Think all women are crazy and complicated? Then it’s only because you’ve wasted your time and money bedding the wrong ones. The object of this article is to quickly simplify women, so that you will ne...

3 Things That Before-Sex Glow Teaches You About Loving Your Body

Paige Vahla
in Culture

Preparing for sex is more than just working on your external appearance. The process truly does begin from within. That before-sex glow can be the ultimate confidence booster and is just as important ...

"Using Constructive Sex-Positive Techniques to Combat PTSD in Military Men"

Nannette LaRee Hernandez
in Science

Many people have contacted me in anticipation of this book's publication, so I’ve posted an Excerpt from my First Draft. Since the question I’m most asked when emailed, is: “How do you know that this ...

15 Sexy Roleplays for Nerdy Couples

Bethany Tiamat
in Entertainment

Nerdy couples can sometimes share some of their favorite fandoms, but maybe, with a few clever roleplays, they can share more than just that. There are many jokes about nerds and their sex lives, but ...

Men Only Want Sex and Their Freedom

Nannette LaRee Hernandez
in Culture

Every day thousands of women get dumped by good men, and never understand why. Cosmo and Glamour magazine usually advise women that it’s all the guy’s fault; he was just a jerk who couldn’t commit. Me...

Sex Positions That Use All Five Senses

Bethany Tiamat
in Culture

Our world—be it our day-to-day conversations or sexual exploits under the covers—is a product of the five senses. So often, the sexual world remains restricted to tactile sensations. We long to touch ...

Wall of Kiss by Gina Ranalli

Robert Bayley
in Buyer’s Guide

I want to be a wall... Others have described the plot in great detail – woman falls in love with wall. But that doesn't begin to do the story justice. The full relationship arc is in the plot and it's...

Do They Hear Me?

Samantha James
in Culture

Sure, my posts are sexual. Yes, I love my body. Maybe, I do want you to look at me. None of these things make me a bad woman OR irrelevant. As I watch that man watching me walk down the street, I put ...

Do They See Me?

Samantha James
in Culture

The thoughts always start the same. "Are they looking at me?" "What part of me are they looking at?" "Did they see me?" As I walk down the streets of my downtown, scroll through my Instagram feed, and...

What She's Really Thinking While Watching Porn with Her Man

Jus L'amore
in Humor

What porn is to men, Romcoms are to women. Both involve fantasy, unnaturally proportioned actors, and of course the most unlikely of outcomes. Which is why couples don't always see eye to eye when it ...