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Walter Cox2 years ago
Hottest Latina Porn Stars
There are hot porn stars and then there are hot porn stars. Mamacitas are putting in serious work in the adult film industry. From Penthouse magazine to Playboy magazine, from Brazzers to Pornhub, Lat...
Dixon Steele2 years ago
Most Beautiful Black Porn Stars
Once you go black you never go back. The Nubian princesses of porn have come a long way since the civil rights movement. From Vanessa Del Rio, the Afro Latina adult icon, to Skin Diamond, the ebony El...
Filthy Media2 years ago
Sexiest Redhead Suicide Girls
You know she’s a keeper if the curtains match the drapes. Redheads have a certain sex appeal that blondes and brunettes just don’t understand. Plus, when it comes to being a Suicide Girl, redheads rea...
Glenn Kenny2 years ago
Most Beautiful Porn Stars Ever
It is a universal truth according to The Big Book of Porn, that an effective porn star must be beautiful. The second most important truth is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Hotness and beau...
Chelsea Pullano2 years ago
Vintage Sex Advertisements
How do you sell sex? The golden age of Mad Men-esque advertising gets all the credit for the "sex sells" mantra. Riddled with sexual undertones, those mainstream advertisements sold the American dream...
Filthy Media2 years ago
Bob Guccione's Favorite Penthouse Pets
Bob Guccione’s muses manifested themselves as Penthouse Pets. His photography of these beautiful women defined erotic art for the latter part of the 20th century. At one point in time, muses were the ...