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Weirdest Erotic Fanfiction on the Net
Anyone who's followed my writing career can tell you that I've had to read — and write — a lot of weird stuff in my days. Just recently, I've had to write about the weirdest porn genres out there, str...
Hope Nasworthy2 months ago
Questions Every Cam Model Gets
While answers may vary dramatically between every cam model, here is just a short list of questions that I always get when I talk about my job.
Caesar Finkle3 months ago
Hottest Instagram Stories to Follow
Right now, Instagram is exploding — in both popularity and quality. Some of the sexiest people on the planet are promoting themselves via Instagram stories, and they're showing plenty of skin while do...
Sandra Baker3 months ago
Top Sexiest Women In Sport
It’s great to see these stunning athletes in all their glory. How will men ever get to meet such stunning beauties though? There are plenty of chances of doing just that if you go to this dating site....
Kate Lynn3 months ago
What's Your Number? #8
Jordan was a mistake; a mistake I made several times. He was also completely wrong for me in every possible way a person can be. And although I was fully aware of this, I still found myself going back...
Kate Lynn3 months ago
What's Your Number?
A friend of mine asked me what my “number” was the other day. Let me just start by saying I really don’t like this question. I mean, I don’t mind it so much if a friend asks. But if I’m with a guy and...
Filthy Media4 months ago
Best Nude Snapchat Stories to Follow
Snapchat has quickly become known as a nude photo Mecca online, especially when it comes to models who love to show tons of skin. With all the nude Snapchat stories floating around the net, it's prett...
Filthy Media4 months ago
Sexiest Porn Star Instagrams to Follow Right Now
Attention everyone! Gorgeous adult film stars are taking Instagram by storm, and that means that you may end up seeing your favorite porn star on your favorite social media platform. That being said, ...
Sheera Lee4 months ago
50 of the Hottest Women Wearing the Sexiest Sneakers
Question: What's better than staring down at your crisp, new pair of Yeezys? Scroll down to reveal the answer.
Mackenzie Kennedy4 months ago
Common Fetishes You Didn't Know the Name For
Fetishes were, at one point, considered to be a taboo. Even now, they are considered to be taboo by most peoples' standards. In psychology, fetishes actually used to be universally categorized as para...
Mackenzie Kennedy5 months ago
Best MMF Threesome Sex Positions
Threesomes are fun, and part of the fun they offer is in variety. There are tons of different ways threesomes can happen, and even more ways to get it on. The biggest challenge with most threesomes, e...
Jus L'amore5 months ago
Best Sex Positions for Fuller Figures
As a curvy woman like myself, I know what it's like to be in the middle of a romp, twisted in a position that I know has to be unflattering. Now, bless my lucky stars that my husband thinks I am perfe...
Jus L'amore5 months ago
The Best and Most Bizarre PornHub Comments
I love internet porn. OK, maybe that statement is a bit embellished, but there is one thing I do love about it (other than porn stars with great boobs, obviously) is internet porn commentators. That's...
Danielle Banner5 months ago
Hottest Male Porn Stars
One of the most overlooked categories in the porn industry's rankings are male porn stars. Often reduced to a prop, male porn stars actually have quite a lot of work on their plate that isn't as glamo...
Rowan Marley5 months ago
Best Sex Toys for LDRs
Long distance relationships, also known as LDRs, are difficult. It's rough, because you often can't feel their embrace and even keeping intimacy alive can be difficult. Assuming you can't handle the h...
Yadim Shmaltz5 months ago
Sexiest Movies Ever
If there's one thing that the film industry has always worked tirelessly to create, it's sexy movies. In fact, the porn industry is totally dedicated to making sexy movies. Some Hollywood movies even ...
Anne St. Marie5 months ago
Wacky Sex Toy of the Week: The Foot Fetish 'Feet You Can Bone' Roundup Edition, Part #1
So. Feet. You may love 'em, you may be indifferent to 'em, or you may be the kind of person who regards having to touch a foot as being akin to having to shake hands with someone who's obviously just ...
Caesar Finkle5 months ago
15 Kissing Videos That Are Hotter Than Porn
Few things can carry as much raw passion, build up, and sexual tension like a genuine kiss. It's why people adore good kissers, and why so many people use kissing as a guide on what to expect when bed...