The erotic industry is booming. Learn about its past, present, and what the future has in store.

Roy Jones4 days ago
My Friend's Hot Mom
"My Friend's Hot Mom" is probably the staple that put Naughty America scenes on the map and it's easy to see in this scene. The series was born from the film American Pie where one of the characters h...
Brandi Payne10 days ago
My Life as a Phonesex Operator
For eight years, I enjoyed being a phonesex worker and made pretty good money. When I first started out, I was not privy to all the fetishes that there were in the world. I say world because I had qui...
Roy Jones19 days ago
Till Death Do Us Part
Another classic from Naughty America, one of their early scenes in the My Dad's Hot Girlfriend series, this one stars Madelyn Marie and Tom Byron. There have been some really rubbish scenes in this se...
Modern Sex Work Is More Popular Than You'd Think
Evidence of sex work can be traced throughout history from as early as the beginning of the third millennium. In a time where men dominated the world (more so than today), women's bodies belonged to t...
Ellowen Opheliaa month ago
Weird Ways to Make Money in the Sex Industry ($2,000 to $10,000 a Month) *MUST READ*
There are many ways that people have made money in this world. Tons of people go to regular nine to five jobs with their boring white picket fences. Sometimes people like to think outside the box to create a better income situation for themselves financially. While sex is considered to be an act that is private, many use the act as a form of income. Get your freak on AND make bank!
Laura Brunsa month ago
More Spice from the Sex Shop
I've been working at the sex shop for a little over five months now, and in that time, I have harvested quite a few stories. Every day is incredibly colorful, but I don't expect anything less. Sometim...
Laura Brunsa month ago
Spicy Stories from the Sex Shop
When I tell people I work in the adult toy industry, they often assume I give handjobs to strangers in a dark room or I clean booths after strangers jack off. My experience has been nothing like that,...
Art Sancheza month ago
Here's What Happened When I Stopped Watching Internet Porn for a Month
It's no secret that people watch a lot of online porn today. Porn site PornHub earlier this year released some stats for 2017. The numbers were impressive: PornHub said that for 2017 the site recorded...
Dixie Codera month ago
Welcome to Jack and Jill!
I spent my entire life as an animal caregiver and veterinary technician, but what do you do when you can no longer work your life-long career? In December of 2017, I was attacked by a patient and I ha...
Sugar Baby or Sex Worker?
Before I dive into this just know, yes I was over the age of 18 at the time. No, I'm no longer in the industry. And would I do it again?... Maybe. I was 24, broke, and in college. The thought of becom...
Amelia Mora2 months ago
From Exotic Dancing to Motherhood
At the age of 21, I decided to quit my hostess job and work at a local strip club. My boyfriend, at the time, fully supported me. I auditioned, got the job, and started that upcoming weekend. I shoppe...
Rykah Bee3 months ago
Sugar What?
So here's the deal on being a sugar baby. A lot of girls online post memes about wanting a sugar daddy but at the end of the day they would never do it. Being a sugar baby took a lot of work. I used v...
Brooke Wherry3 months ago
What I've Learned from Selling Nudes
I know that just from the title I am probably going to receive a lot of judgment from sharing this with people. However, I am not ashamed nor will anyone make me feel as though I should be. I feel lik...
Edward Anderson3 months ago
Sex Sells
“Sex sells.” It’s an old advertising adage. It might be shocking that at one point, I had considered advertising as a career. The answer to the question, why is because I wanted to do something creati...
Katia Braun4 months ago
My First Scene in Porn
I remember getting a message on Fetlife about an ad that was posted looking for models for a porn shoot. I replied expecting for it to get nowhere, and mostly did it as a joke. Two hours after I signe...
Charlie McGnarly5 months ago
Stories of a Stripper
The highs. The lows. On my first night, I made a decent amount. The second night, though: bombed. What changed? My naive sense of wonderment faded? The new girl vibe died? Or maybe I got too drunk. Ev...
Charlie McGnarly5 months ago
Stories from a Stripper
I have a regular. I don’t know his name. He just walked in, spotted me, roamed the room while sipping a cocktail, and waited for me to approach him for a champagne room at least two times a month for ...
Claudia Sanders5 months ago
Cam Model Diaries
That adorable couple in the picture above is my husband and I. We are just like every other couple. We work hard to pay for our home and take care of our kids. We both work full time 40 hour a week jo...