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The erotic industry is booming. Learn about its past, present, and what the future has in store.

"I Just Want to F**k!"

Kai Storm
in Fiction

ME: "Wait...what?" MY GIRL GIGI: "I'm so serious. I got to the point where I was tired of being a good bitch to these sorry ass motherfuckers, I didn't want to date and keep getting hurt, I was horny as fuck all the time and I didn't want to pay for dick so I thought this way I'll get all the dick I can stand and get paid for it. It seemed perfect for me and once I was done I walked away clean...or so I thought." ME: "Okay girl, spill that hot tea on me because I'm thirsty for every drop. By the...

Penthouse Founder Bob Guccione’s Life Being Turned Into TV Series

Jeremy Frommer
in Entertainment

Penthouse founder Bob Guccione’s rise to the top of the media landscape and fall into financial ruin will be the subject of a new television series, Variety has learned. Jerrick and Maven Pictures are...

Best Porn Star Autobiographies

Lizzie Boudoir
in Buyer’s Guide

Whether or not you're a regular pornography watcher, the very notion that such an industry exists means something to everyone. For some, porn is a perfectly normal, perfectly healthy ode to human sexu...

The Ultimate Guide to VR Porn

Anthony Gramuglia
in Buyer’s Guide

Digital media has always been on the front lines of providing new forms of porn for the masses, so, when virtual reality first hit the market, many speculated how long it would be before they could ex...

Did I Kill Playboy?

Sarah McDaniel
in Entertainment

This is a statement that still blows my mind, but I am the only person on the planet that can say it honestly: I was on the cover of Playboy's first non-nude issue. After 63 years of showing every pos...

The Death of Playboy

Terry Osterhout
in Culture

So, it isn't news that Playboy magazine abandoned actual nudity a year ago, but it is important that we examine the collateral damage of that decision on our culture. For many of us in the 30-60 year ...

Natural Breast Porn Stars

Caesar Finkle
in Entertainment

Let’s face it, it often seems as though having fake boobs is a prerequisite for becoming a porn star when you look at the girls who make a name for themselves in the industry versus the ones who do a ...

9 Non-Pornographic Films Starring Pornographic Actresses

Alejandro Guillú Mendoza
in Entertainment

Porn stars have short acting careers and most of them cannot make enough cash to retire for the rest of their lives. The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama in London seems like a good long term in...

Interview With Anne Bancroft, The Original Cougar

Filthy Media
in Entertainment

Her iconic role as Mrs. Robinson was an older married woman that tried to seduce the much younger Benjamin Braddock. Her role in The Graduate set the standard for what every cougar would be judged by:...

7 Reasons Feminist Porn Is Better Than Real Porn

Lizzie Boudoir
in Culture

To many people, the idea of “feminist porn” is an oxymoron. Porn is often viewed as degrading towards women and some feminists, like second wave feminist Andrea Dworkin, believe that all porn, regardl...

Call For A Good Time

Beca Sayers
in Entertainment

As a young adult, I can honestly say that being financially stable is quite a dream for myself. And it stays as that, a dream. Now don't cut me down just yet. I work a full time job and pick up overti...

Sensory Speed Dating: Or That Time Someone Sniffed My Armpit And Maybe I Liked It

Natasha Sydor
in Science

Instant gratification. A term we have all come to demand through life’s daily trivialities. Fueled in part by technology’s content expansion, we have become creatures of consumption; where, thanks to our personal pocket A.I.s, knowledge isn’t a privilege, it’s an expectation. However satisfying instant gratification may be, it should not be applied to every aspect of our lives – especially our dating lives. My advice to you: get off of Tinder, Grindr, and overpriced dating sites, and tune into G...

Interview with Model and Actress Alissa Bourne 

Natasha Sydor
in Culture

Before her days in Hollywood, Alissa Bourne attended the University of Maryland on a soccer scholarship and received a double degree in finance and accounting. Today, she is a world-wide recognized model and actress. Although she has a Marilyn Monroe vibe about her with her red lips and blonde hair, she describes herself as a “model, bibliophile, minimalist.” She has maintained her youthful glow by appreciating the smaller things in life and busying herself with her new found love of cosplay. Mo...

Write For Filthy Today

Filthy Media
in Culture

Filthy has now joined the Vocal platform, letting people from all over the world contribute their thoughts, recommendations, advice, and stories to the edgy community.

Evolution of The Guccione Collection

George Gott
in Culture

The man behind Penthouse, one most controversial men's magazine of all time, Bob Guccione, was not just a media mogul, but a man of many facets. He was an artist, photographer and avid art collector. ...

Stripper Problems

Samantha Bentley
in Humor

Since everyone seemed to absorb so much enjoyment from my 'Pornstar Problems’ I thought I would continue the theme. Shortly prior to taking my clothes off on camera, I took my clothes off on stage… an...