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Zachery Lee2 years ago
Sex Files: Brittany 3, Truck Fucks that Knock Up
This will be the last of the Brittany tales, every other encounter to follow was more of a vacation for her, and we didn't really fuck when it came too. But I did choke her out with my dick in the bac...
Edward Anderson2 years ago
Tug a Lug
There are a few pet peeves I have. Slow Wifi, chewing with your mouth open, MAN BUNS, and men grabbing their crotch in public. In the privacy of their own home, that's one thing, I have a choice as to...
Meaningful Relationships in a Hook Up Culture
Why do we still consider penetrative sexual intercourse to be a “home run,” or the ultimate goal of a burgeoning relationship? The end all, be all, alpha and omega, pinnacle? College Humor addressed t...
Rachel Rossi2 years ago
Grief in Sex Work
She was an online friend that I knew did phone sex work; I chatted to her via MSN and she kept strange hours. One day, she came out to me about her job. I laughed and didn't think much of it. A couple...
Alex Smith2 years ago
The Bathroom Debate
Every couple of weeks you may come across an article or a headline about some trans person trying to use the bathroom and getting stopped for some ungodly reason. Maybe it's to protect people, which i...
Julie Rae2 years ago
The Longing
The Ms-Adventures of Me
Phoenix Roronoa2 years ago
Surviving Emotional Abuse
First off I would like to tell you just how badly you hurt me. I know you probably won't care because by now you're either balls deep in your new hoe (assuming you can get it up and keep it up) or you...
Chas C. Smith2 years ago
The Denigrating Effects of Pornography on Society
We live in a society where women wear rape whistles and children are sold into slavery and raped for some sickos' pleasure. You can very well put this aside and say "Well, that's not happening to me or here. It has nothing to do with me." Well, let me ask you, how much porn do you watch? How much erotica do you read? How many nude photos do you look at? And how often do you masturbate to any of these? Let's put this in a financial look. For every click onto a website, that website gets money whe...
Let's Talk about Sex, Maybe
At the risk of making myself sound like quite the prude, I want to take a more holistic and spiritual view of sex. I feel like sexual expression is in need of a dramatic transformation within our soci...
Why Do We Find It So Difficult to Talk About the Important Things in Life?
After being contacted this morning by a fellow Twitter warrior; I felt it necessary to write this piece. He like myself has a "cause", his being that person who brings awareness to Herpes and the fact...
C.A. Reynolds2 years ago
Casual Civilians
"I know it's been a hard few days, but hopefully it gets easier from here." Kaylee said, smiling at Love as she helped her lug her luggage into Kaylee's house. Love smiled sadly, pushing the bottom pa...
Bree Kane2 years ago
Slut Chronicles - Catching Up To The Present
I've never been much for the dating scene. Well, that is to say, I never really dated. Since I was about 15 I've had one long-term boyfriend or another pretty much straight through, with maybe a month...
J.C. Marie2 years ago
Abstinence Smabsitnence
Abstinence is an incredibly hot topic in the sex ed community, especially in regards to whether if it is or is not a proper teaching method. I went to a high school where we had a health class that fo...
Lizzie Boudoir2 years ago
How Sinful Are You?
Sin just isn't what it used to be. Ever since the I'm-okay-you're-okay mentality settled on us like a mist of molasses a while back, the fun's gone out of it. Practically no one worries about hellfire...
L A Easton2 years ago
A Real Man
They do still exist 
Cheeky Minx2 years ago
Cursed, Period
I grew up in the 70's and 80's in an Italian Catholic home with parents who never talked about S-E-X. The topic, never brought up intentionally but sometimes penetrating the impervious genetically inb...
Gareth Johnson2 years ago
The Case Against Circumcision
It's almost one year since Jonathon Conte committed suicide. At the time of his death, Conte was 34. He lived in San Francisco. He suffered from depression. His depression was reportedly linked to his...