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To increase your and your partner's pleasure.

Bea Norton3 years ago
Flirting Tips for Women
Have you ever been on a "sex audition"? Do you believe flirting is the same thing as texting? The science of flirting is maintaining a balance between attracting through engagement and never seeming t...
James A. Brussel3 years ago
What Does Facial Hair Say About Your Sex Life?
For over a century, anthropologists have worked to identify character traits and their specific relevance or relationship to facial hair. Throughout the world, it is a universal belief that a long, gr...
Filthy Staff3 years ago
How to Use Butt Plugs
Butt plugs are the next big trend in adult toys. Although using a butt plug can sound intimidating, once you’ve learned how to use butt plugs correctly, many people find them to be stimulating enhance...
Danielle Banner3 years ago
How to Make a Sex Playlist
Make sure you can still hear the safe word over the sounds of the stereo. When it comes to knocking boots, the perfect sex playlist can do wonders to stimulate you and your partner. However, making th...
Filthy Staff3 years ago
How to Give the Best Blow Job
Giving the best blow jobs requires practice. Yet, I have been shocked to find out that many of my female friends refuse to indulge in oral sex. Therefore, I'd like to take this opportunity to tell our...