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To increase your and your partner's pleasure.

Alice's Secrets6 days ago
How to Become the Sexiest Person in the Room
I've suffered with some self-esteem issues, too. My hair was never quite long enough, my skin didn't seem soft enough, my stomach wasn't flat enough, and I was never happy enough. I didn't ever feel c...
Skunk Uzekia month ago
How to Find a Threesome Partner
I remember when I had my first threesome. I was 18, in high school, it was my first boyfriend, and the partner was our mutual friend who just so happened to have a crush on me. It all came about prett...
Tips on How to Spice Up Your Sex Life
Experiencing a fantastic sexual life is a vital thing in every couples' daily routine. However, for many different reasons including the exhaustion and anxiety of modern times, the fact that we are to...
Edward Anderson3 months ago
Dick Pic Etiquette
“Can you believe he sent me this?” Girls will often ask, thrusting their phone in the faces of their gay friends. Most of the time it is a picture of a man’s penis. More often than not, the man sendin...
Lizzie Boudoir4 months ago
How to Have Shower Sex the Right Way
You want to give shower sex a try, huh? Of course you do! It's the subject of all of your romance novels' steamiest scenes. With beaded droplets dripping down the hero's chest, the heroine's fingers l...
Ellowen Ophelia4 months ago
How to Make $10,000-A-Week Selling Nudes
In recent years and still to this day many people are finding nudes to be a sort of taboo subjects. Some people send them frequently. Others have stayed stern with their genuine disgust for them. In g...
Alicenaraa Naraa4 months ago
4 Easy Ways to Get a Threesome
A threesome is every man’s wet dream. Regardless of age or sexual preferences, having sex with two women is every man's idea of walking on cloud nine. No wonder those who have had the pleasure or clai...
Alicenaraa Naraa4 months ago
How to Find a Threesome: A Girl’s Guide
Coming to terms with the fact that you want to feed your ménage à trois fantasies is by itself challenging. Well, it is undoubtedly the most popular of sexual fantasies that is in the bucket list of a...
Lizzie Boudoir5 months ago
How to Master the Art of Spanking
Should you spank your partner? If you catch yourself staring at your girlfriend and imagining her over your knee, if hearing phrases like "Daddy, I've been a bad girl..." makes your hands tingle with ...
Beer'yani Bae5 months ago
Anal Sex - 101 #NSFW
Let us talk about anal sex. Yes, I said it.
G M5 months ago
How to Better Your Sex Life
Having been with my partner for four years now, our sex life has been greater than ever. It wasn't always that way, though. In fact, it kind of sucked. I just didn't know it yet. Below I will list som...
Chloe Piers5 months ago
How to Have Multiple Orgasms as a Man
We've all heard that women can have multiple orgasms but I'm here to tell you so can men! Below is the concept and then some ways you can work up to achieving mind-blowing orgasms, one after another!
Anna Greenflower7 months ago
How to Give Her the Best Cunnilingus
Cunnilingus is a an art that takes on many forms. There is no one correct way to go about eating a girl out; creativity is the best part when it comes to eating pussy. There's not really much you need...
Ossiana Tepfenhart8 months ago
Best Oral Sex Positions
Did you know that oral sex is one of the few sexual actions that's considered to be more intimate than sexual intercourse by a large portion of the population? Surprising, isn't it? Well, it is until ...
Ailish Delaney8 months ago
Best Female Masturbation Techniques
As Cyndi Lauper once said, "Girls just wanna have fun." And while it is fun to have a playmate, it's also fun to do our own thing. No offense, guys or girls—sometimes it's nice to shut the curtains (o...
Ashara Armand9 months ago
How to Reconnect With Your Lover
Do you remember the first time you had sex with your lover and actually communicated on the things you wanted in the bedroom that turn you on the most? Do you feel that sometimes you were shy and that...
Lena Bailey9 months ago
Poly and Similar Dynamics
Monogamy is not for everyone and that's fine, but other dynamics have to be done right. If polyamory and similar dynamics aren't done right you're breaking trust and possibly cheating. Polyamory, swin...
Tucker Rodriguez9 months ago
How To Sex
How to sex, like a hopeless romantic. Like a hornball with intense urges to—excuse my language—fuck any living thing. Let me rephrase: any living human...thing. First, understand. If you desire a part...