Explore common and little-known fetishes. Learn how to satisfy a fetish and how to interpret the fetishes of your partner.

Brandi Payne3 months ago
The Oral Fixation That I Have
One night as I was walking to a dance, a guy I knew from the neighborhood stopped me and asked me to come inside for a beer. I didn't really drink being that I was under the age of eighteen. He coerce...
Lena Bailey3 months ago
Sub/Dom Drop and Aftercare
So sub and dom drop is a drop that occurs after an intense scene. Some people also experience a drop after intense sex. This happens because adrenaline and endorphins spike during play, a scene and se...
Idle Reflection3 months ago
She Wouldn't Be Quiet
It started with a dispute. A heated argument where two bodies lost sense of their minds and were throwing each other against the wall - then she wouldn't be quiet. He thought he would teach her a less...
Casey Evans3 months ago
My Nail Fetish
My Nail Fetish Your nails ignite multiple, corresponding and cascading sensations. But they're not just sensations, because my soul is left torn. I'm sitting, doing something, anything that requires m...
Jason J. Honz3 months ago
First, a little background on the relationship between my submissive, Blanche, and I. We've known each other for almost eight years. She trusts me, and I her. I know her safe words and mannerisms, and...
Ossiana Tepfenhart3 months ago
13 Signs of a Fake Dom Every Submissive Should Know
I used to be active in the fetish community—very active. Though I still love BDSM, I no longer associate with fetish circles and people often ask me why that is the case. The fact is that my aversion ...
Lena Bailey3 months ago
My BDSM Horror Story
So this happened at least two years ago and I was so stupid for not ending things sooner. I was on a certain site (I don't think they want this kind of publicity) and I was posting ads looking for a d...
Lena Bailey3 months ago
What BDSM Isn't Part 4
Even after doing other posts about this topic, I still found more myths about BDSM. You can say no. You don't always have to do whatever your partner wants. You also always have rights. I have heard s...
Lena Bailey3 months ago
What BDSM Isn't Part 3
If you have not read part one or two click on my name to go to my page to do so. One myth that I haven't heard but heard similar ones to is that BDSM is about hurting people and making them do things ...
Lena Bailey3 months ago
What BDSM Isn't Part 2
If you hadn't read part one click my name and do so now. So let's get back into this. We all know people judge or make up stuff about stuff they don't understand. Dominates controls the submissive. Th...
Charlee Love4 months ago
My Journey Through Dominance and Kink
Sex has always been a large part of my life. A LARGE part of my life. At 14 years old I lost my virginity to, whom my small-minded 14 year old self though was, the love of my life. Of course, at 14 ye...
Killian Nichols4 months ago
Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh!
On a particularly uneventful Saturday in September, I was lying in bed watching my favorite movie—Pretty Woman—when my phone went off. Grudgingly, I tore my eyes away from Richard Gere begging Julia R...
Stephen Green4 months ago
In the Land of Giants
I was working as a freelance writer on a site called Upwork, trying to pay a few bills and work my way through a masters degree in general psychology. Over time, I received a variety of different comm...
Edward Anderson4 months ago
Why Gay Men Lust Straight Guys
Can we take a moment and just look at the hotties in the picture? For the purposes of this article, we are going to pretend one is straight and one is gay. Either way, they are beautiful men and just ...
Reaux Tinkleflower4 months ago
He Watched Her... (Part 2)
She stared out of her kitchen window while washing the dishes. Life had gone back to normal; the hustle and bustle of life. The weekly PTO Meetings, soccer practices, football practices, and running k...
Edward Anderson4 months ago
The Daddy Complex
"Who's your daddy?" It's a question that is used in and to indicate sexy times (especially in pop culture). There is also a group of people, a growing group, that sexualize men who are fathers or who ...
Lena Bailey4 months ago
What BDSM Isn't #1
So in one of my past posts I talked about how BDSM isn't abuse but there are so many more lies that people believe about the lifestyle. If you don't understand something you shouldn't judge it. There ...
Soulless Sugar4 months ago
The Line Between Learning and Using
Sometimes, we don't give submissives enough credit. As Dominants, we often mistake a submissives need for leadership for a lack of knowledge. Yes, these people must be lead in the right direction, but...