How sexuality plays into the feminist movement.

Lizzie Boudoir3 years ago
Amy Schumer’s Sex Comedy
Dick is funny, orgy humor hilarious and big balls make us giggle. Amy Schumer’s sex comedy and horny humor has turned comedy upside down. The inside joke is that she is pointing a finger at men who ha...
Filthy Staff3 years ago
Sexism in Language
Language is sexist. It has never met the equality needs of women. As gender issues move to the forefront of society's eye, it will continue to combat equality. A male-dominated language cannot meet th...
Filthy Staff3 years ago
When She Should Say No
Many women have a hard time saying no. Perhaps the difficulty lies not, as some archaic scientists once believed, in the fact that women have difficulty saying no to men due to their alpha presence. I...
Natasha Sydor3 years ago
Looking Up the Skirt Club
I watched three girls make out at an all-exclusive sexually charged event. And yes, I would watch it again. Skirt Club is the one night of the month where women can embrace their primal instincts with...
Kathy Keeton3 years ago
Suicidal Consequences of the Feminist Movement
Do women’s rights include the right to commit suicide? All of us concerned with the welfare of American women must answer no. We may hold different opinions on methods and ultimate goals, but we can a...
Lindsie Polhemus5 years ago
What is Femen?
“Our mission is protest! Our weapons are bare breasts!” The first thing you’re going to notice about a FEMEN protest is naked bodies, covered in slogans painted on skin and crowns of flowers in their ...