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Learn about feminism, how sexuality plays into the feminist movement, and how the fight rages on for gender equality.

A Perfect Future?

Alexa Martinez
in Fiction

I slammed the phone down on my desk and breathed in. Three deep breaths, I told myself. Calm down. I pressed the intercom to my secretary. "Hold my calls for five minutes, Candy." "No problem," came t...

The Weird, Sexualized Art of 'Grace and Frankie' by Nancy Rosen

Frank White
in Culture

Grace and Frankie is a hilarious, albeit obscure Netflix comedy starring two longtime Hollywood favorites - Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. Grace, played by Jane Fonda, is a retired upscale cosmetics mogu...

Millennial Men and Nudity

Liz LaPoint
in Culture

There’s a trend I’ve noticed in recent years: A subgenre of porn called “Ignore” videos, in which the stars are fully clothed and do regular activities (such as talk on their phone or read a book) whi...

Ye Olde Kinkery

Mickey Finn
in Humor

Bondage and Domination didn’t begin with 50 Shades of Grey any more than pornography began with Deepthroat. The practices, as we know them today, go back over a century. To be fair, they go back much ...

Must Have Bras for Every Woman

Carlotta Arona
in Buyer’s Guide

Every woman should include some must have bras in her wardrobe. Most of the female population on the planet wears a bra every day. But shopping for a bra can be a real challenge. There are so many dif...

Best New Lingerie Brands to Shop Now

Holly P.
in Buyer’s Guide

There is a sacredness in discovering new lingerie brands. Similar to finding obscure new brunch spots that you just know will become wildly popular one day, you don't know if you should share it or ke...

Feminist Misandry and the Sexual Terrorism of Men

Nannette LaRee Hernandez
in Culture

The war against men and the slow cancerous spread of misandry began with 2nd Wave Feminism and its consensual 6 ½ decades of misplaced rage, hysterical incrimination, and Sexual Terrorism against men....

What Is a Multiple Orgasm?

Alicia Springer
in Science

There often, as a woman, seems to be an unconscious rejection of the possibility of having more than one orgasm. If men can only have one, perhaps it seems greedy, aggressive, or challenging to want m...

Did I Kill Playboy?

Sarah McDaniel
in Entertainment

This is a statement that still blows my mind, but I am the only person on the planet that can say it honestly: I was on the cover of Playboy's first non-nude issue. After 63 years of showing every pos...

Do Orgasms Feel Different Without Sexual Intercourse?

Alicia Springer
in Science

“Do orgasms with the presence of a penis feel different from those without? In what way?" One reason the clitoral-vaginal controversy remains with us is that the mystique of orgasm during intercourse ...

7 Reasons Feminist Porn Is Better Than Real Porn

Lizzie Boudoir
in Culture

To many people, the idea of “feminist porn” is an oxymoron. Porn is often viewed as degrading towards women and some feminists, like second wave feminist Andrea Dworkin, believe that all porn, regardl...

Shere Hite On the Importance of Masturbation

Alicia Springer
in Science

"Masturbation has helped me to know how to have an orgasm, and to recognize the stages of arousal I go through." My mother recently gave me a book she said changed her life in the late 1970s. Masturba...

Why Foreplay is Slowly Becoming a Thing of the Past

Anne St. Marie
in Culture

Foreplay. The word quickly brings to mind a certain couple and situation . . . usually, a man taking a few minutes to ‘warm up’ his lady before the actual act of penetration, perhaps with slow and ind...

Sexiest Movies of 2016

Eddie Wong
in Buyer’s Guide

Sexy movies come out every year, but the definition of a sexy movie in a particular year evolves and fluctuates with public sentiment. In a sense, sexy movies come to define the sexual sentiment of th...

Most Empowering Victoria’s Secret Angels

Ed Green
in Culture

We often see ads featuring the Victoria’s Secret Angels and notice the most beautiful or the sexiest among them. Believe it or not, when it comes to these models, there is much more than meets the eye...

Pam Grier's Best Blaxploitation Films 

Eddie Wong
in Entertainment

She is the original blaxploitation queen. Part of a small group of women who defined the genre. They set the tone for much of African American urban cinema in the 1960 and 1970s. Pam Grier has been st...