Erotic in nature. Content that discusses erotic acts, films, art, or fantasies.

Alixia A.12 days ago
A Day in the Wife (Pt. 1)
“Did you ever think it could be like this? That there could ever be something so pure but so nasty? My God, I feel like the filthiest little tramp there ever was, but I know I’ve done nothing wrong! I...
Amora Jones12 days ago
Taken by the Biker Gang 2: Initiation (Pt. 6)
The roar of the motorcycles started up and I opened my eyes. Did I really have to ride again so soon? It would hurt, especially on the slave bike. But Liam didn’t make any move toward the bike, nor di...
Brandi Payne14 days ago
Our First Experience
The other day while my husband and I were out vacuuming our car at a local car wash, I happened to look up and over a few cars, noticing a black girl that was sexy. She had velvet black hair, longer t...
Velvet Shodun14 days ago
Constant Distraction—Part 5
Abigail I couldn't stop thinking about it the entire ride home, this had to be one of the worst dates I've ever been on, and I've been on quite a few bad ones recently. I'm not letting my sister set m...
Amora Jones14 days ago
Taken by the Biker Gang 2: Initiation (Pt. 5)
He led me out into the main room and almost all the guys were there, but none of the girls. They looked at me like a pack of wolves eyeing prey. Liam put his hand on my lower back and guided me to the...
Amora Jones16 days ago
Taken by the Biker Gang 2: Initiation (Pt. 4)
Liam delivered me to Tony who gave me a pair of booty shorts and a crop top to wear before leading me to the bikes. He grinned at me as he handed me a helmet. “Don’t look so miserable. I’m not that ba...
Sharlene Alba17 days ago
I think I still make you nervous. Palms sweaty, pulse racing against your burning skin. Your eyes watch me carefully from across the room. They've been undressing me from the moment I stepped foot ins...
Brandi Payne18 days ago
Kelsie's 21st Birthday Present
In a few days it would be Kelsie’s birthday and she was very excited to be turning 21 years old. You would assume because she would be able to drink alcohol, but that is not the reason why. She was be...
Kait Bates 18 days ago
How I Lost My Virginity
Now I get it. Losing your virginity is supposed to be a big deal and many wait till their wedding day. I, however, didn’t grow up in a heavy Christian family and didn’t go to church. It’s not that I w...
Kai Storm18 days ago
For Her to Cum!
"I have a surprise for you tonight so cum home on time for it!" This is the text message Mo sent to me 10 minutes before I left work yesterday. I wasn't sure what he meant by it, but I did catch on to...
Amora Jones18 days ago
Taken by the Biker Gang (Pt. 3)
After leaving the gas station, we left the town behind us, heading down a back road into the middle of nowhere in the woods. I gasped when we pulled up to a huge house, at least six bedroom windows, m...
Amora Jones18 days ago
Taken by the Biker Gang 2: Initiation (Pt. 3)
Liam gathered me up into his arms and took me upstairs. I buried my face in his neck, hiding myself from seeing the gazes of his men. I didn’t look up until I felt soft, cotton sheets beneath me. I wa...
Oynx Blú20 days ago
Will & Rain
Sara Bevins20 days ago
Friendship to Orgy
Lilly and Edward wanted to have a little party for New Year's. Nothing major, just friends gathering around to bring in a great year. A bunch of friends came to the party. The couple didn't expect it ...
Edwin Betancourt20 days ago
Echo the Escort: 'Good Bye' (Pt. 9)
11/1/2018 “Recovering from a gunshot wound wasn’t as easy as TV shows and the movies make it seem. It’s painful as fuck! Sure, the doctors prescribed me painkillers, which probably would’ve helped in ...
Amora Jones20 days ago
Taken by the Biker Gang 2: Initiation (Pt. 2)
He escorted me downstairs where several people were around. I didn’t recognize anyone from the night before. All of them were guys. Tony introduced me to them, but I couldn’t remember any names. They ...
Xena Warrior22 days ago
My whole body jumps as your fingers titillate my nipple. I can't help it, I'm sensitive. Your hand roams under my shirt as we spoon, NOT watching the movie on your TV. "Be nice to me!" I whine. You se...
Brandi Payne22 days ago
2 Breasts One Hard Cock
Yesterday was a big fetish day for my husband and I because he loves playing with his big tit pillows. He is always groping them and giving them a big squeeze. I do carry a size of forty-two DD’s and ...