The lives of celebrities, from what makes them sexy to their secrets and confessions.

Winners Only17 days ago
100 Sexiest Women of the Decade
As the decade comes to a close we take a moment to remember and celebrate the women who through their accomplishments, talents, looks and actions were the world's sexiest from the years 2010-2019.
Don Anderson II10 months ago
Women's Legs Are So Beautiful
When I was 19, I had to go with my father figure to drop something off for my younger brother and sister at their school. We met the principal of the school and she was really pretty, but she wasn't m...
A.O. Monka year ago
10 Notable Figures Who (Probably) Died Virgins
What do you think of when you hear “lifelong virgin”? Do you think of priests, nuns, or other ascetics? Do you think of a basement dweller, playing nonstop video games? What about a lonely cat lady wi...
Hugh Hefner Dies: Who's Going to Take Care of the Bunnies Now?
While I know the realities of our own human existence, I honestly was starting to wonder if a man like #HughHefner would ever die. I got my answer in the early hours of this morning, when I learned th...
Kevin McClintock2 years ago
Review: Kenneth Tynan – Diaries
Interested in swearing, smoking, spanking and the theatre? Then this is the book for you. Otherwise, it’s still interesting. Tynan met almost everyone (who’s anyone) noting it all down in his diary.
Ninfa Bi2 years ago
Curvy Women Are Hot Again
We can see all kinds of women in the media, but women with curves are the ones who take all the attention. They are on television, movies and music videos. Sofia Vergara (45) is the highest paid actre...
Connor Certa2 years ago
Shia LaBeouf and Me
To a certain degree, I grew up with Shia LaBeouf. From his crude beginnings on the Disney Channel as Louis Stevens on Even Stevens and film roles like Stanley Yelnats in Holes; to his more *ehem....gr...
Mickey Finn2 years ago
Equal Op-porn-tunity
The porn community is working harder all the time to change their culture into a respectable industry like any other. One of the problems they are going to have to deal with is Equal Opportunity. I do...
Alison Nastasi2 years ago
Five Questions with Feminist Porn Pioneer Erika Lust
In 2016, there were more than 23 billion visits to the streaming pornography website Pornhub. Nearly 92 billion videos were watched over the course of the year. The mainstream adult film business is a...
Paul Levinson2 years ago
Review of American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story
Binge-watched American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story on Amazon Prime the past few days. The 10-episode documentary-docudrama was excellent, and not just because of the pictures. Hefner himself plays ...
Matt Cates2 years ago
7 of the Internet's Most Insanely Viral Photos!
Everyone loves viral photographs, which is why they go viral in the first place. And there's an ark full of creatures out there spending resources studying the science of online virality, their mole e...
Vera Roja2 years ago
Destination: Cougar Town
Introducing the sexiest cougars in US entertainment- women who will ONLY date hot men, who are young enough to be their sons!
Frank White2 years ago
History of Penthouse Magazine's 1969 American Launch
Penthouse began publication as a British magazine, founded on a shoestring in London in 1965 by Bob Guccione, a relatively unknown American artist with no publishing experience. With the assistance of...
Frank White2 years ago
Penthouse Founder Bob Guccione’s Life Being Turned Into TV Series
Penthouse founder Bob Guccione’s rise to the top of the media landscape and fall into financial ruin will be the subject of a new television series, Variety has learned. Jerrick and Maven Pictures are...
Holly P.2 years ago
Best New Lingerie Brands to Shop Now
There is a sacredness in discovering new lingerie brands. Similar to finding obscure new brunch spots that you just know will become wildly popular one day, you don't know if you should share it or ke...
Caesar Finkle2 years ago
Hottest Lesbian Celebrities
It is an open secret that the world wants to know which of the hottest celebrities are lesbians, and frequently try to rate lesbian celebrities based on who they think is the hottest. These women are ...
Caesar Finkle2 years ago
Hottest Girls on Instagram
With a combined millions of followers, it is safe to say that the hottest girls on Instagram are redefining what it means to be instafamous. Today we are in an age where more people become famous thro...
9 Non-Pornographic Films Starring Pornographic Actresses
Porn stars have short acting careers and most of them cannot make enough cash to retire for the rest of their lives. The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama in London seems like a good long term in...