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Brianna Price4 months ago
The Fundamentals of Sex
Walking down the street is supposed to be easy. You walk by people every single day and never look them in the eye or pay them any mind. But when it's someone you know.... Someone your body knows… Tha...
Don Anderson IIa year ago
Women's Legs Are So Beautiful
When I was 19, I had to go with my father figure to drop something off for my younger brother and sister at their school. We met the principal of the school and she was really pretty, but she wasn't m...
Yannick Taylora year ago
Black and Naked:
I have been a naturist since the age of fourteen. I had a knack for being naked. I didn't understand why I hated clothes, but I knew that I felt better without close pressuring my mind, body, and soul...
ASHLEY SMITHa year ago
Shaven Havens Part 3
This is part three of shaven havens as we have moved to a new level of trust, we have shaved each other. Previously my girlfriend did all her own shaving while I did most of mine and she tidied up. Th...
Kai Storm2 years ago
Chocolate Souffle
The thing is....I'm a big girl...always have been...well, to be clear I became a big girl after my first child and for me it was a while before I was comfortable with my newfound curves and extra jigg...
ASHLEY SMITH2 years ago
Shaven Havens
After dropping enough hints about how I would love her to shave her pussy, my girlfriend did the deed. I couldn’t resist a lick straight after and loved the smoothness she created. The sex after was g...
Aurea Gonzalez2 years ago
Time Stands Still
This wasn’t the first time I was meeting Jacob. I have Skyped a few times with him, just to get a better idea of what he was like before I decided to go and shoot with him. We went over ideas, wardrob...
Tylee Mills2 years ago
Things I Love
So soft, just like ripe peaches. They're thick and supple, they come in different colors and textures and all of them are beautiful. Even the ones that looked to be damaged, those are the sweetest and...
Tanisha Dagger2 years ago
To Shave or Not To Shave?
Here goes, most women have different opinions about being shaved down below. Some women prefer to be soft and smooth where as some other women prefer to have a little bit of hair growth to other women...
Sheera Lee2 years ago
50 of the Hottest Women Wearing the Sexiest Sneakers
Question: What's better than staring down at your crisp, new pair of Yeezys? Scroll down to reveal the answer.
Ninfa Bi2 years ago
Curvy Women Are Hot Again
We can see all kinds of women in the media, but women with curves are the ones who take all the attention. They are on television, movies and music videos. Sofia Vergara (45) is the highest paid actre...
Shaunna Nelson2 years ago
Science Encourages Women to Go Bra Free
Science has had women believe for centuries that a bra is a necessary component of our everyday wardrobes and that free breasts are offensive—yeah right! Some of the biggest stars like Rihanna, Kendal...
Sarah Sparks2 years ago
Posing Nude
I am a large woman and as many of my friends and enemies know I am a rather frequent nudist. Now nudity isn't something all large women and men are particularly comfortable with. The majority of nudes...