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Bethany Ashlyn7 months ago
Tips to Achieve Your Ultimate O
What is something that humans and animals have in common? That would be sex. The difference between us and most animals is that we actually can enjoy this act recreationally instead of using it just a...
Dr. R.Y. Langham7 months ago
Things You May Be Doing Wrong When It Comes to Sex
While sex offers some pretty fantastic "wonderfulness," there can also be some pretty unpleasant "drawbacks." For instance, it can be "messy" and stinky, because, let's face it, you never know exactly...
Edward Anderson7 months ago
Does Size Matter?
Does size matter? It’s a question that I am asked more often by straight guys than anything else. After they ask, they always want to show off what they’re packing, either via picture or in real life....
Jean-Paul Tibbo8 months ago
One Night Stands
If you haven't had a one night stand yet, you better sit yourself down and have a serious conversation with yourself. One night stands are just one of those things in life that everyone should experie...
G M8 months ago
My First Time Trying Anal
Okay so here I go... my first time trying anal was two years ago with my boyfriend of four years. It was something he wanted to try especially during that time of the month, but I was always hesitant ...
Micky Thinks8 months ago
Eat It Like You Mean It
Make it sexy. Make it exhilarating. Make it nasty. If you’re familiar with my recent writing on how to perform the best blowjob, you understand the emphasis I place on nastiness. It doesn’t mean you h...
Micky Thinks8 months ago
Tips on Giving the Best Blowjob
I don’t like receiving oral sex. I derive no pleasure from it. I’ve had a number of enthusiastic individuals volunteer to change my attitude but I politely turned them down. I’m content with my prefer...
Rick Vermunt8 months ago
Things You Should Know About Sex After Pregnancy
Well, I have recently returned to work after giving birth to my third baby, I wrote an article sex and pregnancy a while back, before I gave birth about having sex during pregnancy. I thought I would ...
Chloe Piers9 months ago
How to Eat Your Girl Out Like Never Before
If you haven't read my blow job tips you should do so here. However, as a Bisexual blogger, I thought I owed it to the vagina-loving crowd to post some tips for you too. Here are 10 tips for eating yo...
Chloe Piers9 months ago
How to Give a Mind-Blowing Blowjob
Nervous about going down on your man? Not sure what you're doing? We've all been there. Here are 10 ways to drive your man wild!
Dr. R.Y. Langham9 months ago
Anxiety and Sex—What You Should Know
Anxiety has a habit of triggering a variety of issues—from keeping you from fulfilling your career aspirations to making you avoid social events. Therefore, it makes total sense that extreme fear, wor...
Fisher King9 months ago
Body Language
Hello people. Do you know how to read body language? Like really know? When having sex, understanding body language is key... If you want to be any good at it, that is. I’m not a medical professional....
Dr. R.Y. Langham9 months ago
Here’s Why Not Lasting Long Enough in Bed Could Ruin Your Relationship
Did you know that premature ejaculation (PE) is the most common male sexual dysfunction? Well, it is. In fact, approximately 30% of men experience “early releases” at some point in time. The truth is,...
What to Do When Your Partner Suddenly Can’t Get It Up
If you’re having regular sex you’ll know only too well that it doesn’t always go to plan. Accidental injuries, furniture malfunctions, broken condoms and unexpected guests…everyone will have a story o...
Ossiana Tepfenhart9 months ago
Weirdest Sex Positions Everyone Should Try At Least Once
Most people tend to have a handful of sex positions that they stick to when they're looking for a roll in the hay. It's just human nature to want "tried and true" positions like Doggy Style, Missionar...
If you search for a word "Cunnilingus" on Wikipedia you'll get the following definition: "Cunnilingus is an oral sex act performed by a person on a female's genitalia (the clitoris, other parts of the...
Francis Y. Algonkin10 months ago
Why so Many Young Men Can't Get It Up
As I was listening to the Depeche Mode song "Just Can't Get Enough", I noticed that they're almost saying "I just can't get it up." Repeatedly. And I've asked myself always the same question since. Di...
Lizzie Boudoir10 months ago
Best Sex Positions for Curvy Women
Almost everyone can enjoy sex, no matter your height or weight. What makes intercourse a steamier experience is figuring out which positions are best for you and your partner. Whether it’s doggy or co...