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ASHLEY SMITH5 days ago
To Give or Recieve
The question doesn’t refer to any sexual practices between same sex couples; it refers in this case to giving each other sexual pleasure. In the cases where straight sex either doesn’t bring simultane...
Tanisha Dagger10 days ago
What's Your Preferred Sex Act?
What is your favourite sexual act to perform? Well, here are some of the favourite sexual acts of today. Some you may have heard of and others you may have even tried.
Blow Jobs: Yes or No?
So I know several women that dislike giving their partners, husbands, boyfriends, bit on the side, whatever oral sex and honestly it baffles me. They say it's dirty, he pee's from there, what if he do...
Sophie 18 days ago
A Girl’s Guide to Enjoying Anal, from a Girl Who Loves It
It arises every few weeks, sat down with the girls or out after a few drinks. The topic of many a drunken conversation where everyone is a *little* more open than they usually are: yeah, anal. Althoug...
ASHLEY SMITH25 days ago
Being Naked
This will be a piece that sounded in my head like a good idea but I have no idea where its leading and what I will write, so please bear with me. So, after being inspired to write part 2 of a story ab...
Chandra Harrisona month ago
Women and Anal Intercourse
Plenty of women are asked by men to try anal. The problem is that if it is a first time for both parties (or just one), it is not going to be enjoyable. This is just a basic how-to guide in case you e...
Kara Sutraa month ago
How To Give A Tit Job
When it comes to sexual acts, tit jobs are often one of the things I’m asked about on a regular basis. In practice, it’s a relatively easy thing to pull off, though it can admittedly be a little uncomfortable, awkward, distracting, oddly funny, and weird at first… especially if you’ve never done it before or aren’t that comfortable with trying new things. If it’s something you’d like to try, or if you’d simply like to be better at it, feel free to check out the video above and read the content b...
Lena Baileya month ago
Minors In Kink
I am not sure if I will lose or gain readers by saying this but I will never support minors in the BDSM or kink world. Hell a lot of the times I don't think that anyone under 20 should be in the lifes...
Kat kaya month ago
Red Flags
When you are first starting to talk to people, it may be hard to know who to believe, trust, and listen to. Sadly there are a lot of men and women out their who will use your lack of knowledge against...
ASHLEY SMITHa month ago
Safety Tips for Watching Porn Online
Whether you decide to watch pornography online secretly or with another person, like I do, then you need to consider a few things.
Ossiana Tepfenhart2 months ago
How to Have Quiet Sex
Good sex is often not quiet. It's loud. There's moaning, beds squeaking, the sound of skin hitting skin... Well, let's just say that there's a lot going on in the bedroom. Unfortunately, loud sex is n...
Ossiana Tepfenhart2 months ago
Everything You Need to Know About Eating Her Out
For many women and men, cunnilingus is a bit intimidating. Men tend to wuss out, because they think it's not masculine. Women often wonder if they really know what they're doing, despite being proud v...
How To Make Anal Sex More Enjoyable
Anal sex is not for everyone. In fact, there's a pretty large percentage of the population who are absolutely not about assplay of any sorts. There are others, though, who like the concept of anal — b...
Skunk Uzeki2 months ago
Best Sex Positions You Need to Know If You Want to Have Sex in a Car
If you were like many teenagers, you broke your virginity in the backseat of a car. Cars, for many of us, have a little bit of history as being a sex venue that we've used before we could afford a hot...
Jessie Cole2 months ago
Let's Talk About Sex
Sexual expression is an extremely personal thing. For example, I don’t mind people knowing I watch porn at all, but I would have to be extremely close to someone for them to know the type of porn I wa...
Tanisha Dagger2 months ago
Sexual Displeasure
Most people are obsessed with sex these days, whether that’s having sex with other people, having sex toys, being a Dominant or a Submissive. Most people have had the experience of sex in some kind of...
The Safeword Debate
(I'm channeling my inner Miranda Priestley for this piece. They don't make Tops like her anymore.) "I don't like using safewords, because I don't want to have control." "Why do I need a safeword when ...
Ossiana Tepfenhart2 months ago
Sex Rules for People in Long-Term Relationships
Having a long-term relationship isn't easy. You will see your partner in ugly positions, and have to deal with lots of drama involving daily life. As bad as the drama and occasionally unflattering asp...