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Top 20 Cutest Sex Toys Ever Created
Tokyo designers certainly capitalized on the undeniable fact that women all around the world possess two things when they created the Kawaii Macaron Rechargeable Vibrator: A sweet tooth & undying love...
Delaney Moore16 days ago
Daddy, Please
I shouldn't be doing this... Daddy will get mad at me, but it just feels so good I can't stop. I rubbed the vibrator against my clit and suddenly snapped. I came hard all over the purple toy I'd been ...
Yiveah Divine 22 days ago
Losing Control
Awaking to turn naturally in my sleep I find myself restrained. Desperately pulling at all sides, I find my hands and feet splayed out before the bed, each one tied to a post, leaving my body in a vul...
Rowan Marleya month ago
Best Sex Toys for LDRs
Long distance relationships, also known as LDRs, are difficult. It's rough, because you often can't feel their embrace and even keeping intimacy alive can be difficult. Assuming you can't handle the h...
Beth Gibbonsa month ago
How to Keep Your Relationship Alive
It can be hard to stay interested in certain conversations for longer than 5 minutes, so how does one stay interested in their significant other for 50 years? Well, here are some secrets to help you k...
JUDITH Da month ago
The Bullet or The Egg
The main issue for a woman cumming every time is that you need to get on top, cowgirl style, and get your clitoris pumped. One fast easy way is using a bullet or egg vibrator during sex. I know that f...
Anne St. Mariea month ago
Wacky Sex Toy of the Week: The Foot Fetish 'Feet You Can Bone' Roundup Edition, Part #1
So. Feet. You may love 'em, you may be indifferent to 'em, or you may be the kind of person who regards having to touch a foot as being akin to having to shake hands with someone who's obviously just ...
Wendy Adamsa month ago
Ask Wendy: About Alternative Lifestyles
You know you have always wondered about it. You are at a party and you see a hot man or woman and wonder what it would be like to go at it with them. But then, of course, you are standing there with y...
Ossiana Tepfenhart2 months ago
BDSM Terms You Need To Know
BDSM isn't just a fetish; it's a community, a lifestyle, and a concept. Really, it's what you make of it. Among community members in the BDSM world, there are a number of terms that you may have heard...
J.C. Marie2 months ago
Learning Curve
Masturbation is a very important time in a young woman's life. However, it is very easy to get overwhelmed by the experience, especially when one is ready to upgrade to sex toys from fingers. There ar...
Wendy Adams2 months ago
Ask Wendy - Sexual Foreplay
Ask Wendy: Wendy, why do I have such a hard time having orgasms with my husband? My friends claim they can have multiple orgasms with their lovers and I can barely have one, if not at all. I am not th...
J.C. Marie2 months ago
Love Yourself
I was twelve when I first learned what masturbation was. I was watching an episode of the British TV show Skins. There was this one character obsessed with a (gay) guy. She snuck into his bedroom and ...
Wendy Adams2 months ago
Ask Wendy: About BDS&M
I am intrigued by BDS&M upon inventing my sex toy and going into the underground world of all things sexual and erotic. Having the perception that only hardcore, biker types were involved in this fasc...
Wendy Adams2 months ago
Ask Wendy: About Staying in Love and Lust
Have you ever had someone ask you and your loved one, “What is your secret for staying married so long?” I have heard it a lot and had to take a step back to figure that out, as we live day to day and...
Wendy Adams2 months ago
Ask Wendy: Sexuality and Pleasure Sensors
Sensory receptors are all around the human body and are in your eyes, ears, mouth, skin, and your nose (Issue, 2015). As one approaches sexuality as an erotic lover, the more senses you titillate the ...
Wendy Adams2 months ago
Ask Wendy: Ordinary Objects
When I was young I did not look in the mirror and say, "Oh yes! When I am an adult I will invent a controversial sex toy"! Of course, not. I was doing what every other girl did. Chase boys, play house...
Wendy Adams2 months ago
Ask Wendy - Masturbation
Have you ever wondered if there were differences in masturbation patterns between men and women? If you thought that men masturbate more frequently than women you guessed right. Did you also wonder if...
Wendy Adams2 months ago
Ask Wendy: About TEDDY LOVE and Medicinal Benefits
The TEDDY LOVE BEAR was launched successfully as a novelty gift that provided sexual benefits to those that were fortunate to receive TEDDY. TEDDY LOVE was created by chance and the utility of TEDDY L...