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Tabitha's Secret to the Fountain of Youth

A semen facial always works.

Tabitha was a middle-aged woman who had a secret from everyone in her community. She was tall with long grayish-blonde hair and tight shiny skin. She did not even look her age because of how well she took care of herself. Her skin especially. There were no wrinkles on her face or neck and her eyes were magnificent.

Every other woman in town wanted to know her secret of ageless skin, but Tabitha would never reveal her secret. It was something that she would take to her grave. She found the fountain of youth so to speak. Men have even bartered and wanted to buy her secret, but she would not allow it.

People often wondered why so many men were seen going and leaving her house, but it never dawned on the why? No one had any guess to her mischievous ways. They thought it mostly due to her appearance and the women in town were sort of jealous of her.

Women have been seen creeping around her house looking inside windows while men were there to see what was going on but were often ran off by others or the police. She kept every part of her life a mystery and hardly ever visited any of their social events because of how the women in town despised her because of her beauty.

One day, young Jonathon was sent over to her house to see if he could get the secret she has kept hidden by some of the women in town. They wanted him to get her secret or still whatever it was she used on her face. He agreed to do this just so they would stop harassing each other and the town would calm down.

He walked up to her door one afternoon after the last gentleman left and knocked. Tabitha answered the door in a lovely dark blue gown and asked if he was there for a donation? He stated that he wanted to do what all other men have been doing over here for her. Tabitha was pleased because he young the youngest man to approach her door.

She allowed young Jonathon to come inside and with the women watching they got excited to see him go inside her house and knew that soon they would have her secret. Tabitha led him inside to her sitting room and they sat and had a small conversation first.

She asked him if he knew what all the other men were doing here? He quickly answered, “no ma’am." She then asked him why he wanted to participate if he didn’t even know what it was he would be doing? Jonathon answered that he had been watching men come and go and since he was a young man he wanted to participate himself.

Well, Tabitha thought about it a few minutes before giving him an answer. She looked him up and down and saw that he was physically fit enough to handle it, but would he reveal her secret to anyone? She decided to allow him to participate, but he would have to sign a contract stating that he would not reveal anything he does here or her secret to her beauty?

Jonathon was happy that she would allow him to participate and he agreed to sign her contract to not reveal anything he does during his visit. She brought out the contract and he was happy to sign his name at the bottom. She also informed him that if he did reveal anything to anyone, he would be severely disciplined. He again agreed to not say anything.

Tabitha then took him by his hand and walked him into another room where there was a table with two holes inside it. She quickly told him to get undressed and lie on the table. It puzzled him for a minute, but he did what she asked. Once his clothing was off and he was completely naked, he walked over to the table and started to lay on it before she mentioned that he had to lay on it face down.

He stopped himself from laying down and turned himself around to where he would be laying face down into one of the holes. He almost questioned her on what the purpose of the second hole was until he felt his penis fall through the hole. It felt a bit weird, but he was doing as she says.

Tabitha came back into the room with a large glass pitcher and was wearing something a little less full. She had on a pair of shorts and a large loose-fitting t-shirt. She walked over to him on the table and placed straps across his body to hold him down before placing that glass pitcher beneath the second hole.

Jonathon was now more curious as to what she was going to do and just sat quietly watching. Tabitha sat down on the floor and scooted underneath the table and told Jonathon to just remain relaxed, which he did. He was fine until he felt a warm hand grabbing his penis through the hole and stroking it.

He could not believe what was happening because it felt so good. He laid there and felt her masturbating his penis like she was milking a cow. Which this was what she was actually doing. She milks every man who comes to see her and bottles up his semen.

She usually milks them until they have orgasmed at least three to four times and then she bottles it and places it in her refrigerator until she uses it. Once the milking process is over, she feeds them peanut butter to rebuild their strength before they leave her house.

The bottled semen is her fountain of youth. Every night she covers her face and neck with it before going to bed and then the next morning she washes it off and her skin has been renewed by the protein in the semen. So, her semen face mask is her fountain of youth and if she ever told anyone they would think her nasty or crazy, so it is her secret.

Once she was done with Jonathon who was very fatigued, she took him into the other room once he was dressed and fed him peanut butter for about thirty minutes until he could walk right and stable before escorting him out the door reminding him of his contract.

Before walking off, Jonathon turned to Tabitha and stated that he will be back and she just smiled. He walked away and was on his way home when the women caught up to him asking about her secret? He just looked at them and made the statement that it was just that, a secret and it was her secret before turning to walk towards home.

To this day, Tabitha’s secret is still a secret and she looks awesome for her age. A semen facial does wonders for a woman’s skin. Maybe you should try it, I do.

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Tabitha's Secret to the Fountain of Youth
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