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Short Story

Olivia's eyes fluttered open, her heart pounding. Unable to scream, she makes a hoarse whisper. "Leo." Tears are going down her checks. She slowly sits up and picks at the blanket.

Leo whispers sleepily, "Did you have the dream again, honey?"

Olivia gulps, nods and makes a quiet, "Yes," as Leo pushes himself up in bed.

"Oh, honey! We will figure this out." He gives her a big tight bear hug with a lingering kiss on her forehead. Olivia and Leo try to go back to sleep but toss and turn all night until morning.

Leo walks into a large open office with floor to ceiling windows lining the whole room. He approaches a beautiful solid cherry oak wood desk, with several items scattered over the top. He reaches for the phones paging button. "Mary, please make an appointment with Dr. Brack for Friday at noon."

Mary answers the page, "You got it, boss! Anything else?"

Leo gets comfortable in his large plush chair. "That is all, Mary. Thank you." Leo shuffles papers trying to make himself look busy as he exhales a long sigh.

Olivia and Leo walk into Dr. Brack's office on a sunny Friday afternoon. A tall, slender woman in dark-framed glasses and freckles calls their name and asks them to follow her. The woman leads them to another office with two chairs in front of a large desk, books and diplomas hung all over the walls. An older, short, balding man walks into the office fumbling with papers without looking at Olivia and Leo. "Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Summers. We are here to discuss options to get you a pregnant, correct?"

With big smiles on their face and joy in their voice, they say, "Yes, that is all we have ever wanted is to have a family of our own."

When Dr. Brack finally looks up at them, he smiles with a sparkle in his eyes. "Well, You have come to the right place."

Olivia and Leo leave the office with uncertainties. "If Dr. Brack says this is our only option, then this is what we have to do," Oliva says with a cracking voice as she tries not to cry. 

"Sweetie, I know how much you wanted to get pregnant and carry our child, but if we need a surrogate to have our dream of a family to come true..." Leo tries to comfort Olivia. 

"We better get started researching this." Olivia begins to walk to the car quickly. They head home staring out the window without saying a word to each other.

Later that night, Leo sits at the computer looking up surrogacy and Olivia cooks dinner. "Yum, that smells delicious," Leo says as he makes his way to the kitchen carrying the laptop by his side. "What are you making, sweetie?" 

Olivia has a slight smile on her lips. "Cheddar broccoli soup and a side salad." Leo has an inquisitive look on his face as he raises his left eyebrow. 

"Are we vegetarian now?" Leo says with a bellowing chuckle. 

Olivia flatly says, "Yes," and she looks at Leo for a reaction. When he doesn't, she looks back at the soup cooking. "I am joking; WE are not. I am, but you are free to join me." 

Leo sighs, "I guess I will try it." He smiles and kisses Olivia on the cheek. "When you are done here I need to show you what I found on surrogacy." Olivia nods calmly.

After dinner, Olivia joins Leo in the living room with the laptop. Olivia waits for what he has to show her. Leo brings up a page for an agency which matches intended parents with surrogates. "We fill out this form about us, our like, dislikes, dreams, and what we want in someone who will carry our baby to be like." Olivia is silently looking over the webpage without a word. Finally moments pass. 

"Hmmm, we should do this. Let's do this!"

Leo answers the questions out loud: "Name. Leo and Olivia Summers. Age. 34-years-old. What do you want more than anything?" Together they answer, "to complete our family." Smiling at each other, Leo reaches over to gently brush the strands of hair out of her face and behind her ear. Leo kisses Olivia gently, they part, and Olivia kisses back more passionately. Leo slowly moves his kisses down her neck to Olivia's collarbone. Olivia releases a gasp. Leo leans her back on the couch as he continues to kiss her. Olivia begins to help him undress as she runs her hands all over his body and feels his muscles flex. Leo gets Olivia undressed as Olivia feels his hands trace her body. Olivia shivers as she feels his colossal bulge pressed against her. Leo gently slides inside Olivia and Olivia arches her back, feeling a warm glow wash over her.

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