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Sugar Baby or Sex Worker?

My Time in the Sex Industry

Before I dive into this just know, yes I was over the age of 18 at the time. No, I'm no longer in the industry. And would I do it again?... Maybe.

I was 24, broke, and in college. The thought of becoming a sugar baby or stripper or porn star had always interested me. Since I was a teenager, sex always intrigued me. I would sneak and watch the Playboy channel late at night in my room. It didn't turn me on, but it excited me. So you know once I lost my virginity it was all over for me! (If you want to hear the story about my first time, comment below.) 

I had been seeing all kinds of videos on YouTube about sugar dating and the perks of being a sugar baby. Let me tell you, it sounded way more glamorous than it was! I did my research and made free profiles on a few sites. I uploaded my sexiest pictures, wrote the most lust-filled description possible, referring to myself as the "BBW Goddess." My opening line was "Sweet, Sassy, Sexy and Sensual BBW." I'm thicker than a snicker and I was told that it was hard for plus-sized women to have a successful time in the sugar bowl. I, 5'6, caramel brown skin, thick thighs with a matching waist, and bright red curly hair wasn't the typical sugar baby. For hours I would like daddies' profiles and send messages showing interest but nothing came from it. 

Until one morning someone favorited my profile and sent me a message. The message read, "You are so beautiful and just what I'm looking for. Hopefully, you can help me." After a brief conversation, he informed me that he was looking for a thick, BBW black woman to dominate him. And when he said dominate he meant hardcore! Handcuffs, ball gag, whips, walking him around on a leash and finally pegging. The man wanted me to take him from behind. He was clear that he wanted to ease into it. He didn't want to jump into anything too hardcore too fast, but he wanted to experiment with everything. He wanted me to treat him like my bitch, and I had every intention to!

I want you to understand that this man was 50, white, about 5'9, overweight, and very dominant. So it took me by surprise that he would even be interested in such a thing. We discussed what they call an "arrangement," basically what we both were expecting out of each other. I had the awesome idea to draft a contract of terms, sort of like how Christian Grey did for —my own take on the 50 Shades of Grey submissive contract. I did my research thoroughly, made sure I checked every BDSM, sex, and kink website I could find on the web. I drafted the rough draft of the contract which included things like:

  • Submissive must only refer to his dominant as "Goddess," anything else will result in punishment.
  • Submissive is not allowed to look at or speak unless told to do so.
  • Submissive will be allowed a treat of his choice as a reward for obedience. 

These things clearly excited him but he had one concern. He didn't think I could be mean and aggressive enough to be his dominant. He didn't think that I could make him submit and turn into my little bitch boy. Oh, boy was he wrong. He signed the contract and we agreed to a fee per appointment. He would come to see me on weekends and purchase the room. He always brought a bag of toys with him, the bag included things like vibes, handcuffs, rope and ties, lube, buttplugs, and claps, ticklers, and other things. Our sessions would last for about an hour and during them, he would be under my complete control. 

Our first session was a warmup, just to see if he really wanted this. I walked into the room and he was stripped down to his boxers and positioned on the ground on his knees. I was dressed in an all black teddy, with six-inch black stilettos on. At that moment I became the BBW Goddess, and I made sure he treated me as such. I put his studded gold leash around his neck and proceeded to walk him around the room. He followed my orders with no issues at all. I told him how much of a dirty, filthy boy he had been. How he didn't deserve to walk on the same ground or breathe the same air as me. I made him my little bitch boy and it felt great! He kissed and massaged my feet, and when he spoke without being spoken to he received four hard spanks as punishment. He was eating all of this up. He was so into it, he begged me to spank him harder. He wanted me to tell him how much of a filthy bitch boy he had been. 

By the end of the session, I had made $150 and gained my own personal submissive. This lasted for about three months, and each session got hotter and hotter. If you want to read about our next session comment and let me know. I was in the Sugar Bowl for about two years before I called it quits. He wasn't my only run-in with BDSM and kinky fun. I have plenty of stories if you want to hear them.

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Sugar Baby or Sex Worker?
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