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Stepmom Takes off Her Pants!

Bianca doesn't want to slow the traffic tonight.

With her model good looks, stepson Cody is finding it hard to resist his stepmom.

"Bang My Stepmom" seem to do some pretty decent casting when it comes to their porn scenes. They tend to go for little known actors and actresses which seems like a deliberate attempt to make the fantasy a reality. By using actors and actresses that are not plastered all over the web seems to remove the "pornstar" tag and makes the situation all that more believable. In this particular scene, Bianca Breeze has been taken home early from her one year anniversary party by her stepson Cody. On the "Bang My Stepmom" website they've actually made a load of mistakes when describing this scene. They say Bianca has been brought home from her own birthday party and that she's been aching for her stepson's cock for years. In the actual scene itself it's her one year anniversary party to Cody so its a couple of administration errors but won't detract from the viewer's enjoyment of the scene. As Cody stops the car, Bianca lays unconscious in the passenger seat as she has drank to much alcohol. In all the carnage, she's taken off her g-string which Cody finds on the dashboard. While Bianca is unconscious he decides to take a quick sniff instantly regretting it stating "his Dad would kill him."

Cody wakes Bianca up who is clearly still intoxicated cheering 'Yeah are we at the party!'

Cody quickly bursts her bubble by saying "No we're at home, Dad told me to take you home."

Bianca is a bit angry because of this but is too drunk to care at this point. Cody gives Bianca her underwear to which she starts giggling. She looks at him smiling "Are you taking me to bed?"

Cody tells her to knock it off as they both proceed into the house, it's clear Bianca has promiscuous intentions for Cody. Bianca Breeze is really sexy in this scene sporting a long black dress which shows off her natural curves. The 36-year-old babe is a dual citizen of both Switzerland and the USA. With statistics of 26B-24-36, she was actually a member of the Swizz Volleyball team that went to the Olympics. Its seems she has a bigger passion for sex on film though as she he orientation is bisexual and entered the porn business late in 2013. The shot changes to Bianca masturbating in the living room. Cody isn't present and she's lifted up her skirt to rub her hairy, open pussy. It's a very nice looking vagina and am sure most men wouldn't mind their wicked way with it. Bianca's very model looking and her natural look is a welcome sight in an industry full of women with fake enhancements. Cody enters the room and hes shocked with what his stepmom is doing stating "Woah, here's your water."

Can't handle your drink?

Bianca has taken off her pants in the car for reasons yet unknown.

He hands her a bottle of water and attempts to leave to which Bianca says "Aren't you gonna stay with me?"

Cody knows the drama this will cause but is turned on at the sight of Bianca's pussy. She continues to be seductive stating "Don't you want to play with me? Your Dad's getting drunk at the party."

Cody is reluctant but Bianca slowly moves her backside in his direction and up lifts her skirt. She has a delicious looking rump and Cody can't help himself to lick it clean with his tongue. The action from here is excellent and Bianca has one of those bodies where everything looks good. As a man you wouldn't mind kissing any part of it which seems to be the case with Cody as he tongues her arse hole.

Family Benefits

Bianca has her stepson pleasure her

Cody is a solid performer here but his full name isn't credited. He does a good job in the acting and performing part of the scene. He then proceeds to lick Bianca's hairy pussy which looks just as appetizing as her rump. Bianca Breeze is one of the few pornstars that goes unshaven and it works to her credit as she seems to a unique commodity in the industry. The acting doesn't stop as when Cody has Bianca in the cowgirl position he starts slapping her ass as she rides his cock.

Bianca starts being cocky saying "You like that little boy?"

Cody clearly does and Bianca sounds just as slutty when she declares "Little boy with a big cock!"

It's all great action and Cody finishes the scene blowing his load on Bianca's ass which personally I think is a great choice. I think fans will enjoy this scene but a few errors on the website and a lack of acting spoilt it a little bit for me. You can get it on Bang My Stepmom but I managed to get it for free on

I give it 3 out of 5, good models, good shots, great sex but lack of narrative and errors bring it down two points.

3 out of 5.  

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Stepmom Takes off Her Pants!
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