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Losing Control on the Landing

Come get me

I run off up the stairs with you chasing close behind. You catch my foot about halfway up. Giving me a little yank, I fall back a step and you land on top of me. Turning over underneath you, I wrap my arms around your neck and my legs around your hips. I pull myself up to you as you move forward, up the stairs. Your cock slides right into my wet and waiting pussy. I hold on tight, riding you from underneath, my pussy squeezing your cock, pulsing in rhythm, as you make your way up the stairs... carrying me the rest of the way.

You stop at the top of the stairs and set me down on the landing. Moving a few steps back down you flip me over so my top half is on the landing and my bottom half is going down the stairs. With my legs together, you run your fingers down between my legs feeling my clit and pause to slide a couple fingers in and out before grabbing my hips and nibbling on my ass. You make your way up my body, kissing my thighs just below my tush, teasing gently between my legs, caressing up my backside to my lower back. You nuzzle your head under my arm and kiss on my side and the side of my breast. It tickles and I pull my arm down, curl in and turn away. You nuzzle your head under my other arm, caressing my side as you kiss the side of my breast.

You climb the rest of the way up me. I lift my ass up as you guide your cock into my pussy from behind. You kiss the back of my neck as your cock glides all the way in and then tries to go further, wants to be further inside me. Reaching under me you grab a breast in each hand. Squeezing them, you use me as leverage as you slowly thrust in and out of me. You find my clit with one of your hands, massaging little circles around my slick nub until I'm bucking back, pushing against you, orgasm pulsing through me while I shake beneath you.

You flip me over and put my legs up on your shoulders plunging your cock deep into me. Surprised to find out how flexible I am, you lean forward so you are laying on top of me on the top landing, your knees on the top step, my legs on your shoulders up by my shoulders. You have me folded in half fucking me, you go in deeper than you’ve ever been, thrusting faster harder deeper.

“Please fuck me harder... baby, fuck me faster, oh, God yes, deeper,” I whisper in your ear.

You pick up speed, fucking me as fast, as hard and as deep as you can... the fire in your groin trying to hold out. As you nail my g-spot, my fire starts building again from deep within; a whole body orgasm is on the brink. I moan loudly as you thrust over and over again. My body begins to shake and shiver, almost convulsing through the pleasure... my nipples get hard, my toes curl and I scream out, “Yes, oh God yes... please don’t stop, please don’t stop,” as my fire explodes and I cum, shooting juices that drip down your cock and balls.

Watching me lose control gives you permission to let your fire go. It builds sending shocks throughout your body. My pussy contracting and pulsing on your cock calls to your fire and you let go. Moaning loudly, you shoot your love deep inside my convulsing body.

“Ahhh yes, mmmmm, God yes,” you hear me moaning in the background, your heart pulsing in your head loudly as you cum with your entire self. You wrap your arms around me as we collapse on the landing, in each others arms, completely satisfied, fulfilled, exhausted, connected.

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JLM fantasies
JLM fantasies

I’m a closet nympho who works out her built up sexual aggression by writing erotica short stories & collections about fantasies. Let me tickle your mind for a minute. 

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